Longevity of CM Uddhav Thakray government

Longevity ofCM Uddhav Thakray government

High voltage drama or crises to form government in Maharashtra has been over now with Uddhav Thackery leading Shive sena has been successful in forming government with the support of Congress-I and Ncp with Sharad pawar as king maker. This  is the first time when  two different opposite current has been united  to form government  in Maharashtra with secular and non secular in nature. But there is always remain a question that whether this government will complete its five year tenure. For this we will see the  horoscope of CM Udhhav thackery given below.

Horoscope of CM Uddhav thackery

Uddhav thackery the head of Shiv sena now chief minister of Maharashtra has  Virgo lagna with lagna lord retro in tenth house, aspect by Jupiter and Saturn retro from fourth house and papkatari yoga forming around lagna lord Mercury. Native has Aquarius lagna forming in navamsha d-9 sixth house of d-1 chart not a good indication. Now comes to issue how much long does this Uddhav thackery government in Maharashtra will survive.

Vimshotari  mahadasha  and antar dasha running at time of government formation  Jupiter –ketu 7-11-2019 to 13-10-2020

CM Udhhav thackery is running Jupiter mahadasha and antar of Ketu from 7-11-2019 to 13-10-2020. Jupiter the mahadasha lord in seventh lord of markesh with Saturn sixth lord of enemy in fourth  house of throne of king aspect by Mars eight lord of enemy. Due to this reason CM Uddhav has to form his government with opponent Congress-I and Ncp.But question how long does this government will survive. For this issue we have to focus on the antar of  Ketu which is running from 7-11-2019 to 13-10-2020.Ketu antar is posited in sixth house of enemy ,problems and obstacles aspect by Moon the  eleventh lord of friends in Rahu Ketu .affliction to Moon by rahu ketu axis  always provide a line of suspicion between CM Uddhav  thackery and his coalition partner Ncp and Congress-I .See affliction to Ketu in navamsha d-9 badly afflicted  aspect by Mars from twelfth house ,Saturn retro  twelfth lord and Sun seventh lord of opposition from ninth house  in navamsha d-9 chart. In the antar of Ketu and prtatyanter of Saturn starting on 2-7-2020 will boomerang onCM  Uddhav thackery government  and brought down fall of this government in form of withdrawal of support by congress-i.In congress –I horoscope the antar of Moon will start in mahadasha of Jupiter from    20-6-2020 which will provide the rift between shiv sena and congress-I which will result in  fall of shiva sena coalition government in Maharashtra.