Farmer protest-2

Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about farmer protest it future in india" In the horoscope of Bhartvarsh[India].In  samvat 2078-2079[2021-2022]whose king name  start by alphabet “na”[PM Narendra Modi].The farmer’s protest under   political influence … Continue reading Farmer protest-2

original bhrigu samithas reading-22

Bhrigu Muni is conversing with his son Shukracharya ji SHREE GANESHAAYE NAMAH The native born with such planetary combinations is blessed with all auspicious signs. She must have a very soft and spongy appearance. She can arrange multiple tasks at a time .She will be very loving of her parents. She can handle household work … Continue reading original bhrigu samithas reading-22

BJP; Really Bhartiya Janta Ka Pyaar?

BJP; Really Bhartiya Janta Ka Pyaar? Our dear PM Narendra Modi is leading BJP on national level .Otherwise BJP is slowing down its momentum on issue of lifting majority community or for the benefit of majority community .BJP is running in weak anter dasha of 10th lord Jupiter is mahadasha of moon. Since mahadasha lord … Continue reading BJP; Really Bhartiya Janta Ka Pyaar?

Coming lunar eclipse of 19-11-2021 and its impact on world

Coming lunar eclipse and its impact on world Coming lunar eclipse which will be coming on 19 November, 2021, Friday from 11:32 in the morning till 17:33 in the evening. This will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, and visible in India, America, Northern Europe, East Asia, Australia and some regions of the Pacific Ocean.This lunar … Continue reading Coming lunar eclipse of 19-11-2021 and its impact on world

Jammu and Kashmir crises 2021-2022

Jammu and Kashmir crises 2021-2022 Jammu and Kashmir is in picture again after the removal of article 370 and 35a  on 5-8-2019  is on fire .Pakistan is providing full support to infiltrate the terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir. Different terrorist  organizations  are  active today in Jammu and Kashmir which is targeting minority .I have indicated … Continue reading Jammu and Kashmir crises 2021-2022

original bhrigu samithas reading-21

Bhrigu Muni is conversing with his son Shukracharyaji ; SHREE GANESHAAYE NAMAH The planetary combinations of this horoscope is good. The native always try to keep happy other people by doing efforts and hard work .The native is very soft spoken person.He believes in justice and never be biased while taking any decision. He is … Continue reading original bhrigu samithas reading-21

Great discovery of Madhya parashari -2

Great discovery of Madhya parashari -2 Madhya parashari is great astrological  work may be some of disciple of Maharishi Parashar.According to  Madyha Parashari venus –rahu,rahu-venus, Saturn -venus,venus- Saturn  ,rahu- Saturn ,Saturn -rahu period are period of great rise and fall. Great scientist like Albert Einstein, madam curie ,Thomas Edison has done great discovery in these … Continue reading Great discovery of Madhya parashari -2