Pakistan A  Country  Heading Towards Disintegration In 2023 Onwards

Pakistan A  Country  Heading Towards Disintegration In 2023 Onwards

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that the banned Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militant group has  7,000 to 10,000 fighters in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area.

Mr. Sanaullah also revealed that the rebels were accompanied by 25,000 members of their families. His remarks  come at a time when the TTP has stepped up its countrywide attacks, including the first suicide bombing in the capital Islamabad since 2014.

The TTP has increased the attacks on security forces since November when they ended a months-long cease-fire with the Pakistan government. Mr. Sanaullah pointed out that some locals were also involved in crimes such as extortion and blackmailing  and alleged that the provincial government had failed to stop them,

Above are series of events which indicate start of trouble for Pakistan in coming time .But whether Pakistan as a country will default economically and disintegrate  further.

Astrological analysis from the  horoscope of Pakistan what star have store  for Pakistan about present state of political instability which will lead to disintegration  in coming future which is curse to world. This is due to nuclear weapons of Pakistan will come in hands of Taliban and different terrorist organization of Islamic  world

horoscope of Pakistan

Pakistan came into existence on 14-8-1947 .00:01hrs,karachi ,Pakistan. Pakistan has Aries lagna and Gemini moon sign which is  2/12 to lagna and moon sign of India .That’s why India and Pakistan has never cordial relation right form its birth .India is running mahadasha of moon which is placed in 3rd house Pakistan. This house represent India in the  horoscope of Pakistan. Pakistan is running Venus mahadasha which is in 4th house of Pakistan and in 3rd house of horoscope of India which represent Pakistan and  which is again 2/12 in horoscope  of Pakistan.

We taking  mahadasha of  vimshotari for timing event for the  future of Pakistan.

Present Pakistan vimshotari mahadasha and anter-pratyaanter

At present Pakistan is running Mahadasha-anter-Pratyaanter of Venus-Saturn –Mars  21-11-2022 to27-1-2023

Mahadasha of Venus: Venus mahadasha is very crucial for Pakistan.Venus is prime maarkesh with both lordship of 2nd and 7th house. Venus is posited in 4th house of internal or domestic peace badly sandwiched with Sun degree wise ahead and Saturn behind. From Moon lagna Venus is 12th lord of rising inflation and loss of territory to TTP and afghan Taliban. Venus is navamsha d-9 is placed in 3rd house of neighbor countries like India and Afghanistan .Afghanistan  Taliban will provide full support of TTP in Pakistan to do massive attack on Pakistan army official and political leader in Pakistan. See in navamsha d-9 chart how bad Venus is paapkatri with malefic like Saturn which is 4th lord in 3rd house indicate change of territory .Venus has Mars in 12th and Rahu in 2nd house worst position of paapkatri that will divide Pakistan in many parts with competition of Venus mahadasha and start of Sun mahadasha. For more accuracy see position of Venus in d-60 Shashtimansha chart with venus is 8th conjunct  with Sun 6th lord and aspect of Saturn 12th lord. Worst debilitated Mars too aspect Venus.10th lord Jupiter debilitated will ruin Pakistan in ending of Mahadasha of Venus on 21-12-2027.

Anter of Saturn:Saturn anter lord is 10th and 11th from lagna and 8th and 9th lord from Moon lagna.As 8th lord placed in 2nd house from will totally bankrupt Pakistan in future.From lagna 10th and 11th lord placed in 4th house will be opposed by Sun its natural enemy.   It  sandwiched Venus mahadasha lord degree wise and primary maarkesh for Aries lagna. Saturn in 4th house opposed by Sun is not praised in classical text of astrology. Saturn in navamsha d-9 is not well placed dueto  paapkatri with Mars in 12th house from Saturn and Rahu in 2nd house from Sun .Jupiter aspect on Saturn will not remove  negative quality of Saturn. Venus mahadasha lord is also badly afflicted in this combination in navamsha d-9 with placement of Saturn. Saturn 4th lord in 3rd house will lead to change in demographic boundaries of Pakistan in future.[Some of its parts will be undertaken by Taliban In future.]Venus –Saturn period is not prais ed in Madhya Parashari for good results if both are afflicted in horoscope of nation .In d-60 Shastimansha Saturn as 12th in 9th shows introduction afghan Taliban Islamic Sharia law in Pakistan in future.

Coming Pratyaanter Of Rahu From 27-1-2023 to20-7-2023 Pratyaanter of Rahu is very ominous for Pakistan due to its position in 2nd house in the  Rashi of Venus. Rahu in 2nd house will break kutumb [Pakistan as country ]of Pakistan. Rahu is prime maarkesh for Aries lagna .Sign despositor of Rahu in Venus which is very badly sandwiched in 4th house between Sun and Saturn  degreewise.4th house is house of domestic peace. Rahu is in 2nd house represent finance which will worst in pratyanater of Rahu.Rahu in navsmsha d-9 is  in 4th  house of domestic peace .Rahu is not praised in 4th house by classical text of astrology .Rahu sign despositor  is 12th from its house in navamsha d-9 chart  which is loss of that house .Rahu sign despositor is Saturn in navamsha d-9.  

Coming anter of Mercury from 21-12-2023 to21-10-2026: Coming anter of mercury is very dangerous for and watchable for Pakistan: Mercury is 3rd  and  6th lord posited in 4th  house conjunct  with Sun,Saturn,venus This will indicate unrest in Pakistan and border fight with Afghan Taliban  and TTP                   of Pakistan Taliban finally ending up  losing its territory to Afghan Taliban ,China and India.  Mercury is in 2nd house from moon lagna conjunct  with Venus,Saturn,Sun ,indicate economically default even if America and western world may come to help Pakistan from preventing him becoming default. Mercury  in navamsha d-9 Is posited in 12th house of loss aspect by 3rd and 4th lord Saturn from 3rd  house. Mercury is 8th lord, 11th lord posited in 12th house is not a good  condition .What so ever earned by Pakistan will given away in loss by Pakistan in anter of Mercury in d-9 navamsha chart.

Present 76th Year Varshphal Of Pakistan:

varshphal of 76th year

Pakistan is running cancer lagna in 76th year varshphal  with lagna lord posited in 8th house of loss and danger zone.Lagna has  Venus ,Sun and Muntha opposed by retro Saturn  form 7th house which is 7th and 8th lord.

Some Notable Points In Running Varshphal Of 76th Year

1] Cancer sign is rising as varshphal lagna which is 4th house of birth  lagna which is afflicted,  represent domestic peace in the horoscope of Pakistan In running  varshphal cancer sign is also afflicted in Sun- Saturn  opposition in 1/7axis of 76th year varshphal lagna of Pakistan.

2] Muntha is afflicted in opposition in 1/7 axis with lagna lord of 76th Varshphal  Moon [muntha lord]  is posited in 8th house. Venus one benefic is too afflicted in Sun –Saturn retro opposition. 

3]Year lord is Saturn retro afflicted in opposition from Sun.

4Jjanam lagna pati is Mars unaffiliated.

5]Varshlagnapati is moon afflicted in 8th house.

6]Trirashi pati is Mars unaffiliated in 11th house .Due to this Pakistan receives small aid from IMF.

7]Dinratripati is Saturn retro afflicted in opposition from Sun in lagna.

Present running Mahadasha and Anter on present running varshphal of 76th year

Venus –Saturn  Vimshotari Of Birth Chart.

Venus mahadsha lord is 4th and 11th lord of present Varshphal. Venus 4th lord is badly afflicted in 1/7axis of Sun-Saturn  retro opposition. Venus as 4th badly afflict the internal domestic environment of Pakistan.As 11th lord due to  affliction it is not getting any grant from its international community .Venus in d-9 progression is debilitated in lagna afflicted again conjunct with Saturn retro 5th  and 6th lord of enemy and border fight. Saturn retro is opposed from its worst enemy Sun from seventh house of opposition .This will be the worst year for Pakistan.

Anter Of Saturn Retro: Saturn retro is 7th and 8th lord in 7th house opposed by Sun and Venus from lagna.7th house is the house of open war which  is happening in Pakistan by opposition by Afghan  Taliban and TTP of Pakistan Taliban which supported by Afghan Taliban.

Present Transit In the  Horoscope Of Pakistan.

Saturn  transit in Aquarius sign in 11th house from 17-1-2023 .Saturn retro

In 11th house  in Aquarius  is aspect  by 12th lord natal  Jupiter [Bhrigu Aspect] transit. Natal Saturn transit despositor is conjunct with 3 planets  in 4th house of domestic peace providing state confusion and restlessness in Pakistan. Transit Saturn also aspect to 12th house where transit Jupiter is posited in Pisces sign giving sign of disintegration  of Pakistan in future.

Note this article of bhrigu jeev nadi taken from article published in year 2021

[Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about Pakistan conflict  India  When  Mars  enter  Libra on 22-10-2021″The country named with alphabet “pa”which is ruled by Yavan is going to  enter in difficult  phase  in future..But before entering into difficult +

phase  it give too much  trouble  to rulers of India.When Mars will enter in Tula Rashi or Libra sign [on 22-10-2021] in samvatsar 2078 it will create  trouble for India. When Saturn will enter Aquarius sign on 29-4-2022 they will  create trouble   with the help of organization named with  alphabet “Ta”[Taliban]  will spread terrorism in Bharatvarsh [India] in state of Jammu and kashmir and Punjab. When Saturn will enter in Aquarius sign in samvatsar2079[] 2022the king of Bharat Varsh will deal these rogue elements with Iron hand.  .This kingdom with name of alphabet “p” Pakistan will start to disintegrate into Pieces  when Saturn will transit or enter Aquarius sign [29-3-2022]