PM Narendra Modi,s Mission Loksabha Election 2024

PM Narendra Modi,s Mission Loksabha Election 2024

Next Loksabha election will be going to held in 2024 second quarter with united BJP under PM Narendra Modi . Opposition is much disintegrated even before Loksabha election of 2019.Now PM Narendra Modi has a strong lesson in front of people of India with stable government there  will long stability in India under for long run. But one thing is noticeable that Rahul Gandhi has produced strong message as leader of opposition of India that he is not mere puppet but strong  contender for  the post of P.M in opposition in India against PM Narendra Modi.

But what star foretell about PM Narendra Modi,s  future in coming Loksabha election of 2024 will assessed by his horoscope ,Sudershan Chakra  of seventy forth year starting 17-9-2023 ,Varshphal of 74th year .


PM Narendra Modi :PM Narendra Modi will start 74th year on 17-9-2023 at 12:09hrs,vadnagear Gujarat.

Suderashan chakra



[Sudershan chakra work  in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

From lagna :From lagna 74th  year will start from 2nd house which contain Sagittarius sign with sign lord Jupiter posited in 4th house of king of throne. Jupiter is aspect by Saturn retro 3rd and 4th lord and Venus 7th and 12th lord. Here parashari Rajyoga between Jupiter retro  as 5th and Saturn as 4th lord is participating in 4/10 axis of profession.  Jupiter as 2nd lord in 4th house in seat of king will definitely help PM Narendra Modi to win next Loksabha election and becoming PM of India in year 2024.Since this calculation is not one sided I have already discussed the horoscope of CM Nitish kumar of JDU for the  post of nextP.M of India.CM Nitish kumar is not meeting all parameter  to become next PM of india. In sundershan chakra running progression which is Sagittarius has 10th lord Sun in 10th  form Sagittarius lagna conjunct with 11th retro Mercury and Ketu in Virgo sign 11th house which is tenth house from Sagittarius sign.

Making Sagittarius sign as lagna 10th from has Virgo sign which contain 10th retro Mercury with 9th lord Sun forming excellent Rajyoga for PM Narendra Modi in this running progression.

From Moon lagna :Same as from lagna progression.

From Sun Lagna:From Sun Lagna 74th  year in progression reaches to 2nd house from Sun lagna which is Libra sign.2nd lord Venus is conjunct with Saturn 5th and 6th lord from Sun lagna in 12th house from Sun lagna.12th house represent overseas travelling  and name and fame in  overseas .Jupiter 4th and 7th lord also aspect Venus and Libra sign running progression from Sun lagna. Venus is forming Rajyoga with Saturn and Jupiter in 6/12 axis of running progression in 74th year. aspect of Jupiter 4th lord in 6th house aspect to 2nd Libra in progression is good combination because Jupiter 1st rate benefice is aspect to Venus  Libra sign lord of running progression .

PM Narendra Modi’s Varshphala for coming 74th year when Loksabha election  will in operation may be 2nd quarter of 2024


Coming Varshphala of 74th year  rising will of Leo lagna in which one point is striking 10th  lord is posited in 12th house in Cancer sign. In navamsha d-9 progression 10th lord is Mars in 12th house aspect by Saturn retro from 6th house indicate hard efforts win at the  time of Loksabha elction of 2024.Now comes to Leo lagan with Lagna Lord Sun conjunct with Mars Yogkarka for Leo lagna .Lagna has got Mercury 3rd and 12th lord indicate name and fame overseas. Jupiter retro also aspect Lagna and Mercury in lagna which will  save PM Narendra Modi from ill effects of ,Mercury 12th Lord in lagna. Since Saturn as 7th and 8th lord retro in 7th house so opposition all over India will give tough fight to PM Narendra Modi but PM Narendra Modi will win despite of all odds it is due to reason divine intervention will come to save PM Narendra Modi due  to weakness of 10th Venus in 12th house.PM Narendra modi has divine coverage of lord Mahakaal [lord Shiva ] which will gave divine grace in form of  saving his prime minister ship at the time of Loksabha election of 2024.

Some Important Points of varshphal of 74th year.

1]Leo sign 10th house of birth chart  coming as Lagna  of Varshphal  of 74th year.  

2]Lagna lord Sun conjunct with Mars Yogkarka for Leo lagna but 1st rate malefic Saturn retro aspect lagna.

3]Year lord is Jupiter own house retro conjunct with Rahu in 9th house good .Rahu is sign of Mars  aspect by  Mars sign lord of Rahu is strengthening Jupiter. Jupiter aspect to lagna is good.

4]Muntha is posited in 5th house aspect by Jupiter sign lord of Muntha and Mars Yogkarka for Leo lagna.

5]Janma Lagna pati is Mars well placed and posited in 2nd house shows aggression of PM Narendra Modi which roar like a lion  from his voice.

6]Varsh lagna Pati is  Sun well posited in 2nd house conjunct with Mars friend of Sun

7]Trirashi Pati is Sun well posited in 2nd house conjunct with Mars friend of Sun

8]Dina Rashi Pati is Venus ill posited in 12th house.

All factor of 74th year varshphal are giving brighter  future for PM Narendra Modi to win next Loksabha election of 2024 .Still 10th lord position Venus is only posing treat for winning favourable  seat in next Lok Sabha poll in 2024.

Vimshotari mahadasha and anter of birth chart running at the time of Loksabha election of 2024

Mars –Saturn  from 27-4-2023 to  5-6-2024

Mahadasha of Mars: Mars mahadasha lord is Lagna and 6th lord conjunct with 9th lord Moon debilitated in lagna is good Rajyoga of long life name and fame for PM Narendra Modi. Since mahadasha Lord Lagna lord Mars will let go PM Narendra Modi not  to loose next loksabha election of 2024.Lagna lord Mars own with 9th lord Moon give enough stamina to PM Narendra Modi to fight and win in all tough situation may arise .Mars is also 6th lord so enough enemy  will grow and turn to ash in front of him. Since it  is only due to divine intervention given to PM Naendra Modi. Mars is posited in Vishakha nakshatra of Jupiter which is posited in 4th house of king of throne or seat if king well placed.  Mars in d-9 navamsha chart is placed in 9th  house directly aspect by 10th lord Sun and 8th and 11th lord mercury retro from 3rd house of efforts. Mars in d-9 is debilitated but aspect of retro Jupiter from lagna gives divine grace to PM Narendra Modi to win against his enemy in coming election of Loksabha in 2024.

Saturn : Saturn anter lord will running from  27-4-2023 to  5-6-2024 is 3rd and 4th lord posited in10th house of profession conjunct with Venus 7th lord of position and 12th lord of foreign journey .Jupiter 2nd and 5th lord is aspect to natal Saturn anter lord and Venus  in 10th house. There is Sukshma Raj yoga of 4th lord Saturn with 5th lord Jupiter is involved in this combination .Saturn in d-9 navamsha chart is posited in 2nd  house aspect to natal moon 9th lord in 11th house of gain here Saturn is also participating Parashar Raj Yoga with Saturn 4th lord aspect to 9th lord Moon in 11th house of gain. Saturn in d-10 dashmansha chart in posited in 6th house of enemy with 10th Sun and 11th lord mercury .Saturn in d-10 dashmansha chart is destroying enemy of PM Narendra Modi in coming Loksabha election of 2024 in coming time.

Transit: Saturn  transit in Aquarius sign in 2024 Loksabha election aspect to 10th house .Jupiter will be in Aries in 6th house 2024 will aspect to 10th of profession.

Double transit of Bhrigu is complete

bhrigu jeeva nadhi

Bhrigu muni in conversation with hi son sukryacharya ABOUT PM NARENDRA MODI

PM Narendra modi has bright future in coming time,He will win loksabha election of 2024.He will sit on throne of prime minister by defatting his enemy. He will face some hard time after from mid june-2023.even he can face some physical trouble in this period.