Covid -19 controlled influence is slowly –slowly converting into uncontrolled influence all over india.India is tallying with forth position in world order  on 23-6-2020.On 30-6-2020 jupiter will be entering Sagittarius in retro motion will conjuct ketu in eight house.This   is  inauspicious conjunction in eight house of india which indicate uncontrolled influence of covid-19.Eight house also indicate mass deaths .This Jupiter will be two twelfth to retro satrun in Capricorn which is  also not a good indication.

Kark or cancer sankranti


Kark sanskranti will start on 16-7-2020 at 11-11-am delhi with  kanya or virgo lagna rising .Lagna lord mercury  placed in tenth house own house with the aspect of Jupiter  conjuct  Rahu –ketu is not good .Lagna or ascendant,  lagna lord mercury is aspect by one malefic mars eight lord from seventh house .So lagna and lagna lord both are afflicted  by mars and mercury in rahu –ketu axis.Covid-19 influence will take  a negative turn with worst affected state in western india and central capital.Death toll will rise in these states unexpectedly high  .Opposition both in term  with in idia and outside india will be linked to seventh house .Affliction to seventh house by mars and aspect of satrun on seventh house and seventh lord Jupiter in rahu –ketu axis will definitely  worsen the relation of bjp and congress-I to hit the lowest this year .Relation with neighbour countries  will scale a new low with the worst as low as in 1962 we has faced .Relation with china Pakistan,Nepal will be lot of worry for centre .Seventh house has mars and aspect of saturn as sixth lord will add fuel to this matter. Monsoon will be good or rainfall will exceed the limit resulting in floods  in some parts of india , specialiy the western states  will receive the excess of rainfall resulting  into floods .In kark sankranti very tough action will be taken to repel both enemy countries and also opposition who is not united with centre.

Navamsha or d-9 of kark sanskranti.

Navamsha d-9 is not improving mesh or aries lagna is rising with lagna lord mars in eight in rahu ketu axis with aspect of saturn tenth lord is adding fuel to mars for violence ,  Rahu is outcast so  relation with Pakistan will deteriorate in karak sanskranti will lead to war with pakistan in coming months.its foundation will be lead in kark sanskranti.Pakistan will be backed by china who will in long stand off against    india in ladakh.Kark can ignate fuel of war between india and Pakistan backed by china