Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh  Yogi Aditya Nath indeed a true yogi ,after true lineage of  yogi ascent after PM Narendra  modi  , Yogi adtiya nath is the chief Minister   of uttar  pradesh  from BJP party.His actual name is Ajay Mohan Bist born in pauri garhwal . Adityanath is also the   mahant or head priest of  , a hindu temple in  Gorakhpur[UP], a position he Held after the death of his Guru the death of his guru, Mahant Avaidynath, in September 2014..He became chief minister of uttar pradesh on  19-3-2017.


Verification of horoscope of CM Yogi Aditya Nath by timing event:CM Yogi Aditya Nath became Chief minister  of Uttar pradesh on 19-3-2017 in vimshotari mahadasha of mercury-saturn-rahu starting from 28-2017-to24-6-2017.

1]Mercury mahadasha lord  is eleventh lord of gain in tenth house with sun lagna lord and Saturn seventh lord of position or padd Praapti[Attaining a position]  in tenth house  of post of chief minister.

2]Saturn anter lord is  seventh lord of position in tenth house of post of chief minister.

3]Rahu  anter lord  is in sixth of efforts and defeating enemy, as malefic is good in 3,6,11,houses .Rahu depositor is natal Saturn in tenth house of position indicating the horoscope is right.Rahu is also aspect b y yogkarka mars from eleventh house of gain.

Transit: Saturn in transit in fifth house of position aspect  natal tenth lord Venus in eleventh house.

Jupiter in second house in Virgo  in transit aspect tenth house of position.

Mars  is in aries  is in ninth house third from moon lagna aspect tenth house from moon lagna.

Transit moon in Scorpio is  in fourth  house  aspect tenth house from lagna.

Silent feature of horoscope of CM  Yogi Aditya Nath:

Lagna :Singh or  leo Sign royal sign of sun signifies government .Leo lord sun in tenth house forming raj yoga  with Saturn and mercury from moon lagna  signifies person born to rule. There is also another bhrigu raj  yoga  conjunction of Saturn  karamkarka the lord of profession is with sun royal planet .Person is born as a  king.

Sanayas yoga :.Fifth lord Jupiter  retro aspect mars ninth lord in eleventh house and ninth house is a combination of sanayas yoga. Moon of CMYogi adtiya nath is in Aquarius sign of Saturn aspect by Saturn gives native ascetic order to live the life of sanayasi

Another raj yoga :Jupiter fifth lord aspect venus tenth  lord in eleventh house in which yogkarka mars is also participating. These yoga confer high position in life in their mahadasha and anter dasha .

Now we will analyze the future of Chief minister Yogi aditya nath  through present varshphal ,vimshotari running at present and sudershan chakra  and through bhrigu transit

At present CM Yogi adtiya nath is running  the progression of  Scorpio lagna in forty ninth year varshphal .Scorpio is forth house of natal horoscope  which represent peace ,happiness in life. As we have also experienced that this year is quite comfortable for CM Yogi aditya nath.With the onset covid-19 epidemic all over world which include india also .The impact of covid-19 is  not spreading havoc In  utta r pra desh due the effective handling of covid-19 by CM Yogi Adittya Nath. Silent feature of varshphal of forty ninth year, Scorpio lagna with lagna lord in forth house. Lagna lord is sixth lord also indicate disease, enemy ,dealing with bad elements ..CM Yogi aditya nath’s effecting handling of covid-19 and mafia elements in uttar pradesh is well praised all over india .This efforts and fight against disease and mafia will continue whole year in forty ninth year. Varshphal year lord is venus in seventh house in own house with tenth lord sun .Venus is aspect by moon ninth lord and mars lagna lord, indicate,CM Yogi got the opportunity  in his life  time to have building of Ram mandir in his first tenure as CM  in his forty  ninth year. Moon indicate  ninth lord which indicate Ram mandir.Sun tenth lord indicate profession which conjunct with venus year lord. Muntha is in leo sign tenth house and muntha pati sun in seventh house with venus .Muntha sign leo is un aspect  by any malefic .Only mars lagna lord  Aspect   muntha sign and muntha lord sun. .Mars influence on  tenth house lord indicate tough stand against mafia and bad  elements as mars is sixth lord also.


Varshphal for fifty year is Aquarius lagna  which is seventh house of his horoscope .See affliction to tenth lord .Ketu in tenth house ,aspect of sun on tenth house and  tenth lord mars in debilitation in sixth house aspect by its enemy Saturn  .All these combination indicate difficult year in gaining position to win assembly election with lot of opposition and trouble in 2022 in uttar pradesh.


Sudershan chakra:forty ninth year from lagna ,sun,moon

[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]


From lagna:From lagna forty ninth year comes to lagna which is quite comfortable because lagna lord sun is in tenth house of position, name and fame .Lagna has aspect of moon again a benefic planet .Lagna is aspect by Jupiter rajyoga  karka planet for leo lagna .So lagna and lord sun are well placed by position ,aspect and conjunction .Forty ninth year of CM Yogi aditya nath is smooth sailing.

From sun : From sun forty ninth year comes to sun  lagna . Conjunction of sun with  Saturn and mercury in forty ninth year lagna and conjunction of forty ninth year lord is venus  conjunct with mars that to retro but aspect of Jupiter from eighth house reduce the malefic influence over  sunlagna ,sun lagna lord venus. Tenth house from sun lagna is quite impressive .Through  difficulties CM  Aditya Nath  yogi will gain name and fame all over india  and will become favourite of PM Narendra  Modi.

From moon lagna :From moon lagna  forty ninth year comes exactly over moon lagna .Moon  in lagna  will dominate the forty ninth year .Moon is sixth lord  from itself which indicate signification of sixth house .disease ,enemy. All  events indicate by sixth house and sixth lord moon will handled  effectively  by CMYogi aditiya nath in forty ninth year.

Vimshotari dasha running at the moment ketu-rahu:2-10-2020 to 21-10-2021

Ketu mahadasha : ketu mahadasha lord is in twelfth house in moksha bhava in sign of moon..Ketu is in pushya nakshtra of Saturn  in tenth house of karma .CM Yogi aditya nath comes into power as CM  just in the start of mahadasha of ketu and ending mahadasha of mercury.Ketu natal depositor  is moon in seventh house of attaining  position. In nakshtra of Saturn seventh  lord of position in tenth house conjunct with sun lagna lord and mercury eleventh lord of gain. This ketu mahadasha will continue upto 2-1—2024 which will promise him second term of chief minister ship of UP. Ketu in navamsha d-9 is in forth house of throne of king. Its natal depositor  sun in third house with benefic mercury and Jupiter. Saturn tenth lord of navamsha also aspect ketu. Tenth house and tenth lord is related  with power and profession. In d-10 dashmasha ketu in d-10 is in eight house with seventh lord of position  Jupiter .Ketu is aspect by its depositor mars which aspect tenth lord also mercury in twelfth house. Whole mahadasha of ketu is promising elevation after elevation in its mahadasha. Then come  mahadasha of venus which tenth lord for leo lagna forming powerful  rajyoga for leo lagna.In its mahadasha he is  in queue  after PM Narender modi to lead india.

Rahu anter:Rahu is in sixth house of disease and enemy. In rahu anter CM Yogi aditya nath  efforts will be praised for his effective approach to deal with covid-19 and bulldogging  mafia occupy properties  .This efforts will continues in anter of rahu . Rahu natal depositor as sixth lord in tenth house with mercury indicate that his enemy try to downgrade or put every  efforts to destabilize his government. But rahu in sixth will destroy his enemy from roots..Rahu anter is in navamsha is in tenth house of profession its natal depositor  natal Saturn  in d-9 navamsha well placed in second house .Rahu in d-10 dashmasha in second house with moon eleventh lord of gains .CMYogi aditiya nath will gain name and fame in anter of rahu.

Bhrigu transit: Saturn in Capricorn in sixth house own house will destroy his enemy .His natal depositor   natal saturn is in tenth house of profession with lagna lord sun and mercury this good combination win over enemy after struggle.

Jupiter jeev is in sixth house over natal rahu in debilitation sign indicate health trouble and professional trouble. Transit Jupiter is jeev in transit whenever passes over natal rahu time of health and mental trouble. Natal depositor  of transit Jupiter is in tenth house indicate opposition and trouble from opposition.