Farmer protest

Farmer protest

The Indian  farms reforms refer to the three agriculture bills passed by government of india on 27-9-2020.After that  farmers started  protest  against this bill with first bharat bandh  which  take place on 25-9 -2020 in  all over india. All this happens with the transit of rahu-ketu from Gemini –Sagittarius axis to Scorpio- Taurus  axis. Scorpio-taurus  axis is one seven sensitive axis of india. After that this protest take a centre  stage with the transit of Jupiter again a slow moving planet in Capricorn on 20-11-2020 joining Saturn in transit who is already occupying Capricorn .Here both Jupiter which is called jeev in bhrigu astrology is joining Saturn karam  karka According to bhrigu astrology combination of both Jupiter and saturn is going to  bring both good and bad result for india and world. 

Since this farmer protest started on 25-9-2020 with first bharat  bandh so we  have to study five  sankranti virgo ,libra ,scorpio ,sagittarius and Capricorn sankranti  with present  varshphal of  Independent  horoscope of India  with nav samvatsar 2020 to analyze the present  situation..

virgo sankranti

Virgo sankranti i  :Virgo sankranti started on 16-9-2020 at 19-07 hrs Delhi with Pisces lagna rising with lagna lord in sagttarius in rahu –ketu axis afflicted. For assessing the parameters  for farmer protest against agriculture bill ,we have to see the position of fourth house forth lord which represents  for agriculture land and concerned activity .In Virgo sankranti rahu is posited in forth afflicting fourth house, forth lord mercury is with sixth sun in seventh house. Sixth lord  indicates  strike ,violence  etc when it is  connected with forth then this indicate the strike and violence is undertaken by farmer  against proposed bill agriculture bill. If we see retro aspect Saturn is also aspect mercury in seventh house with mars too retro in second house aspect forth house and forth lord mercury in seventh house indicating the rising of storm on agriculture  bill passed by PM Narendra  Modi government on 27-9-2020.See the aspect of Saturn and mars on filth house .Fifth house represent mind ,sensitivity.

In Navamsha d-9 of Virgo sankranti Sagittarius lagna is rising .Forth lord here is Jupiter in eleventh house in rahu-ketu axis .aspect of Saturn on forth house forth lord Jupiter is  putting fuel to fire.

libra sankranti

Libra sankranti :Libra sankranti is starting on 17-10-2020 at 7-05am delhi with Libra lagna rising see affliction to lagna and both luminaries sun and moon from Saturn, mars to hard core malefic .Since forth has own house Saturn but affliction to lagna is bad .In navamsha d-9 Sagittarius lagna is rising with forth house has debilitated  retro mercury with  ketu . Jupiter forth lord in twelfth house with eight lord debilitated moon .Again indicating a trap of anti national forces on the name of farmer protest.    

Scorpio sankranti

Scorpio sankranti  Scorpio sankranti started  on 16-11-2020 at 7hrs delhi with Scorpio lagna rising with sun and moon conjunct in Scorpio in which moon is debilitated and both luminaries are afflicted in rahu-ketu axis in lagna .Forth house is in pap katri with  Saturn in third house and mars in fifth house .In navamsha d-9 lagna is badly afflicated with sun is in opposition to Saturn from seventh house and Saturn is conjunct with mars in seventh house. Forth lord venus in third house in debilitation.

Sagittarius sankranti

Sagittarius  sankranti: In Sagittarius sankranti  cancer lagna is rising with sun and moon both luminaries in sixth house that is  bad house. See the position of forth house aspect of mars,Saturn on forth house and forth lord venus in fifth house in rahu-ketu .In this Sagittarius sankranti maximum farmer began   approach and surrounded delhi in order to put pressure  on centre  government .But what PM Narendra  modi do always comes right at end .in this protest only opposition and enemy of PM Narendra  modi is protesting in this protest. They will lose importance at the  end and so called farmer agitation will comes to  an end .

Capricorn sankranti

Capricorn sankranti :Capricorn sankranti is rising on 14-1-2021 at 8-18 hrs delhi with Capricorn lagna rising .in this sanskranti. Capricorn lagna has five planet..Both luminaries are afflicted sun and moon are afflicted by Saturn and debilitate Jupiter.  See the position of forth house .Own house mars indicate disintegration  of farmers  protest. in lagna five planets   indicates  some resolution will be sort out  which will put an end to this protest .Central government will be very hard against  the bad elements which capture the centre  stage of this protest. In navamsha d-9 forth house has rahu .Its dispositor in ninth house aspect by venus  benefic and jupiter another benefic aspect forth house put an end to this protest.

varshphal 74year

Significant evidence of farmers  protest in  seventy four year varshphal of independence horoscope of India: Seventy fourth  year varshphal has Sagittarius lagna rising with lagna lord Jupiter in lagna in rahu ketu axis.  See the position of forth house and forth lord Jupiter. Forth house and forth lord represent agriculture and affliction to these two parameter will lead to unrest in farmer .Forth house  has mars and aspect of retro Saturn. Forth lord Jupiter in rahu -ketu axis.Forth  lord under aspect from venus sixth lord shows some kind of legal dispute.

Muddha dasha of venus sixth lord:Muddha dasha of venus started  from  26-10-2020 to 26-12-2020 of sixth lord which represent strike ,dharna ,violence represent by venus who is in aspect to Jupiter forth lord represent agriculture.

tripataki chakra 74 year

Tripataki chakra:in  Tripataki chakra sun .moon , Saturn ,mercury ,venus  muddha dasha lord all are in Pisces  sign afflicting Jupiter in Gemini  by aspect. Since benefic are also participating in this combination due to this  protest will not go violent .

navsamvatsar 2020

Navsamvatsar 2020:position of planet in navsamavatsar 2020 is indicating this protest. Navsmavatsar -2020 has rising lagna  cancer with forth as libra sign aspect by Saturn and Libra lord venus aspect by mars shows unrest of forth house which  represent agitation by  farmer s which is aspect by Jupiter sixth lord represent strike, protest etc.