Vikrami Samvat 2079 [ Year 2022-2023  ] Future For India

Vikrami Samvat 2079 [ Year 2022-2023  ] Future For India

Vikrami Samvat 2079 [ year 2022-2023 ] or Hindu New Year is starting on 1April 2022 at 11:59 hrs New Delhi .With Gemini sign  is rising as an ascendant and lagna lord Mercury is posited in 10th house in Pisces sign conjunct with Sun,3rd lord and ,Moon 2nd lord aspect by Saturn as 8th and 9th lord from 8th house. .Three planets have combination with lagna lord mercury  by conjunction and aspect  on  lagna lord mercury in  Nav Samvat 2079 [year 2022-2023].

Nav Samvat 2079[2022-2023]

King of the year is Saturn and minister is Jupiter.

Signification of king of the year Saturn
:Saturn is not benefic planet so as king of the  year it is very badly afflicted in 8th house as 9th and 8th lord conjunct with mars planet of violence ,aggression  Saturn is ninth lord afflicted in 8th house due to  conjunction with mars is not good indication for Indian foreign policy and religious peace .secretly anti national forces will disrupt communal harmony in India. Underground wealth may be discovered as Saturn karka for underground wealth is in 8th house with other technical planet mars whose  11th lord of  gain is  in 8th house. Saturn aspect to 10th house from 8th house shows change in cabinet minister. Reshuffle in cabinet may take place by replacing  out inefficient minister from PM Narendra Modi cabinet,

Jupiter as  minister in celestial cabinet in Nav samvat 2022 is good sign because Jupiter is well posited in 9th house  conjunct with 5th and 12th  lord Venus. Some complication is created by conjunction of venus with Jupiter. But overall influence over Jupiter is good .Jupiter influence over 9th house and aspect lagna  and 5th house of Nav Samvat 2079 [2022-2023] clearly indicate rise of Sanatan Dharma over other sect of religion of India. Jupiter is afflicted in navmasha  d-9 posited in 3rd house as 9th and 12th lord aspect by Sun 5th  lord moon 4th lord. Saturn also aspect to this combination as 10th and 11th lord..This combination is navamsha shows sharp difference on different matter in India over religious issue due to  Rahu –Ketu axis in 3-9 axis .Aspect of Saturn over Jupiter shows PM Narendra Modi  will over rule different discussion of judiciary to satisfy majority community religious issue.

Now We Will Analyze  The Horoscope Of Nav samvat 2079 [2022-2023]  House By House Result For India.

First  House; : First house represent inner strength of nation. It also represent nation strength to overrule its opponent or its enemy .Central cabinet is also represent by this house. This most important house represent the general happiness and condition of the country as a whole. Disposition of the planet in the first house will show the shape of events to  come in future .Since no malefic influence are noticed on lagna it indicate smooth passing of this running samvat2079[2022-2023].Presence of lagna lord in 10th house conjunct  with 2nd lord moon and 3rd lord Sun indicate generation of funds or making 5 Trillion Economy Dream for India will be on its way to get fulfilled by PM Narendra Modi government.

Affliction to lagna lord mercury in 10th house  due  to  debilitation ,combustion  and aspect by Saturn from 8th  house  shows in action of PM Narendra modi government or slow action on big national issue will in lime light, specially aspect related with minority community will dealt with carelessness or taking inaction by central government will send strong negative reaction in majority  community .Saturn aspect from 8th of secret enemy will definitely going to cause  trouble for king and his cabinet this year.  

Second house :Second house is concerned with financial condition ,finance ministry ,.Influence of malefic like Saturn and mars on second house is not good .Second lord moon in combust in 10th house in nearness with sun 3rd lord. Finance ministry will have fluctuating fortune this year. High rise in inflation due  to rise in price of petrol will be cause of worry to the general public .Bankrupt or privatization of public bank or their performance will be  the major cause of worry for central government .Saturn as 8th lord  aspect to 2nd house and 2nd lord moon is also source of trouble for central government..

Third house :Third house indicate relation with neighbor  countries. Third lord sun in 10th house with debilitation lagna lord mercury indicate media , news channel and broad casting industry or social media like twitter will be a major cause of worry for central government .Central information and broadcasting ministry  will remain ineffective to deal with left media which is source of embarrassment to India. Third lord sun in 10th house also hamper the growth of communication and media ,internet ,etc .See  in navamsha d-9 the position of 3rd lord mercury in 8th house of trouble and controversies aspect by Saturn and mars from 6th and 5th house respectively.

Fourth house :Fourth house represent home ministry and agriculture ministry. Fourth house and 4th lord debilitated in 10th with sun and moon as 3rd and 2nd lord respectively speaks a lot. But aspect of 4th lord mercury on its own house saves these two areas  for much controversies  . In d-9 navamsha fourth lord moon in 9th house conjunct with sun [5th lord of emotion of general public and] rahu and 9th lord Jupiter in rahu-ketu axis give very clear picture of communal difference  between majority community with minority  community will lead to disturbance of peace which represent by 4th house and 4th lord moon in d-9 navamsha.

Fifth house::Fifth house relates to education ,entertainment  ,children .Here 5th house and fifth lord venus is well placed in 9th house of luck and 5th house is aspect by Jupiter is good .Rise of sanatan dharma education values in society specially related to majority community .Aspect of Saturn from 8th house indicate tarnish the image of spiritual value by some part of media and film  industry .Ketu in  5th house is good .it will give rise to rich spiritual value in children and also entertainment media.

Sixth house :Foremost important house as it represent defense industries ,and defense ministry .fight and legal battles also represented by this house. territorial fights ,public health,working classes ,strike,army,navy,war like condition,attack and plots by enemy .Sixth lord mars  is 8th house conjunct with Saturn a good indication by funding private sector to develop by Research and development of arms and ammunition by making India self reliant  .In navamsha d-9 sixth lord mercury in 8th house aspect two malefic  planets Mars and Saturn indicate lot  of trouble at border of India because mercury is also 3rd lord of border country.

Seventh house.: Seventh house represent foreign countries ,dispute ,international affairs ,marriage and divorce .Seventh lord Jupiter in 9th house with 5th and 12th lord is good system of perfect foreign policy. Our foreign minister Shri S .Jai Shankar  will excel  as foreign minister .His foreign policy will be  a master piece for other which will be recognized by opposition  Also. foreign policy of India will be very well in this present Nav  Samvat 2079.   

Eighth  house :Eighth  house signifies mass death ,underground wealth ,fall of government ,death of important persons  ,earth quake ,epidemics .Mars ,Saturn conjunction in 8th house is not good .This  indicate clear case of some national mourning or death of some important person may take place in this Nav Samvat 2079.Here Saturn aspect from  eighth  house to tenth house clearly shows obstacles in central government due to this national mourning. Eighth  house also represent secret enemy. Eighth  lord aspect to 10th and planets  conjunct  in 10th house mercury, Sun, moon has deep meaning .Secret  plots will be undertaken  many organization of minority community which will create problem to PM Narendra Modi government by creating communal riots between majority community  with minority .One good point of Saturn ,mars conjunction in 8th house will be this under ground  wealth will be discovered. More and more money be funded by central government to do research  and development of arms industry to make India self reliant..

Ninth house: Ninth house contain Jupiter and venus which indicate superb foreign policy of India which will help India to counter balance Pakistan  and China .Twelfth lord Venus conjunct  with 7th and 12th lord Jupiter in 9th house has deep meaning .Indian government may  introduce common civil code due to  position of Jupiter in 10th lord in 9th house of religion with 5th lord venus will raise a controversies all over India. Ninth  lord Saturn [ religion ] in 8th and with 6th lord mars [some legal law] may be common civil code or some other law passed by judiciary will  raise a storm all over India..  

Tenth house :Tenth house in most important house. It represent King ,Chief executive ,Prime Minister ,nobility ,national honour .Conjunction of sun, moon with mercury or lunation of Sun,Moon taking place in this house moreover it is aspect by Saturn from 8th house will cause trouble or problem to king of the country .It is indication of some trouble to PM Narendra Modi government . Conjunction of Sun 3rd lord and moon 2nd lord mercury lagna and 4th lord indicate PM Narendra Modi will do his best to curb inclination which will be by product of Russia –Ukraine war will be effectively handled .Tenth lord in 9th house will cover the negative impact of aspect of Saturn from 8th house.

Eleventh house. Eleventh house and eleventh lord  mars in 8th house conjunct with Saturn 8th and 9th lord speak of  parliament legislation.  Some religious bill which will be tabled in Parliament which will raise storm in India in this presenr running samvat 2079. Eleventh house also represent earning as national revenue by export and also Forex Reserve. will fluctuating  after moon –mercury mahadasha and anter [which will run from 5-7-2021 to4-12-2022] in the  foundation horoscope of India. Eleventh lord mars conjunct with Saturn also indicate major earning of national revenue will spent on defense sector specially on research and development which will be successful.


Twelfth house :Twelfth house represent national expenditure. Twelfth lord of Nav Samvat chart 2079 is Venus which conjunct in 9th house with 7th and 10th lord Jupiter Indian government  will start new project and will spend heavily on religious cause for upliftment  of majority community .Twelfth lord in 9th house also indicate expenditure no good cause. Venus twelfth lord in nakshatra of mars which technical planet and also 6th lord of defense sector or armed forces So maximum expenditure will take place for defense sector to counter balance China and Pakistan.