Carona Strikes Back Again 2022-2023

Carona Strikes Back Again 2022-2023

Now  corona strikes back again from its source China .With easing  its lock down on 07-12-2022 in China  which result high rise in spreading of Covid variant BF.7 sub variant of Omicron in China. This sub variant will result mass infection  in China and also spread  to the other part of the  World too. What will the result of this sub variant of corona on different countries of World will be assessed by the mutual horoscope of  different countries of world. …….


China :Origin of Covid or Corona was first spread   in September 2019 in China .Now same Corona with sub variant of Omicron BF.7 is providing havoc in China .China has Capricorn lagna with lagnd lord in 8th house of secrecy has always put China under scanner of democratic countries for blunder it produced on the name of secret  weapons to destroy its enemy. With same biological  weapons which it create secretly to destroy its enemy ,China happens to its own victim of biological weapon which is  called as corona virus .China Saturn position in 8th house is not praised by classical  text of astrologically. At present China is running vimshotari mahadasha-anter-pratyaanter of Mercury-Ketu-Saturn from  31-10-2022  to27-12-2022 .We are concentrating on pratyanater of Saturn in the  horoscope  of China. Saturn is lagna and 2nd  lord in 8th house of mass deaths which is caused by Pandemic covid happening at present in China. Saturn is again in 6th house of disease and pandemic in d-9 navamsha chart.Now coming pratyanater is coming of Mercury retro from 27-12-2022   to  17-2-2023.Mercury is eclipsed by natal Ketu and conjunct with 8th lord  Sun which  will create more worst situation in future than present. Mercury is also 6th lord of disease that too retro will result  mass deaths  in China.


America: America has Leo lagna with lagna lord Sun in 11th house of gain.At present America is running vimshotari mahadasha-anter –pratyaanter of Rahu-Jupiter   -Venus running from 2-9-2022 to 26-1-2023 .At present we are concentrating  on pratyaanter dasha lord Venus which is running from 2-9-2022 to 26-1-2023 .Venus is 3rd and 10th lord conjunct with Jupiter 5th and 8th lord and Mars which is  4th and 9th lord,Sun lagna lord with aspect of Saturn which is  6th lord disease from 2nd house.Jupiter anter and Venus pratyaanter will not be good in preventing covid  spreading in America. These are period of illness. Moreover Venus is 6th lord of navamsha d-9 which will result loss of life in America and also put pressure on health care system of America. Coming pratyanter of Sun lagna lord from 26-1-2023 to  11-3-2023 .Sun is lagna lord aspect by Saturn 6th lord from 2nd house will provide pandemic to spread in America from full speed. But exhaltation of Sun in 5th house in navamsha d-9  will provide good immunity of native Americans from Corona. Saturn  will transit  in 7th house in Aquarius from 23-1-2023  will see the downfall of Corona in America as compared to Capricorn 6th house of disease in America. Next month from entering  of Sun in Capricorn on 14-1-2023 in,  transit in 6th house in  the horoscope of America will help corona to spread in America with full speed.


England: England has Virgo lagna with lagna lord Mercury posited in 3rd house aspect by retro Jupiter and Mars. Chinese corona  spreading in all over the  world will spread in England too.At present England is running mahadasha  –anter-pratyannater of Rahu-Mercury-Jupiter from 21-9-2022  to  24-1-2023.We will concentrate only on running pratyaanter of Jupiter which will run upto 24-1-2023.Then Saturn retro will start  24-1-2023 to  20-6-2023  will create  lot  of trouble of corona in  England. Saturn retro is 6th lord of disease [Corona ]in 12th house of foreign land[China].As 6th lord Saturn retro upto 20-6-2023 will full spread of Covid in England. Saturn retro in navamsha d-9 chart is again in 12th house badly afflicted in opposition with Mars  from 6th house. In this  axis disease in 6/12 house Jupiter retro 8th lord  is also participating which indicate lot of deaths due to  pandemic .Saturn retro debilitate in 12th house totally shatter the medical system of England to counter Chinese Corona. Saturn  transit will enter on 23-1-2023 in 6th house in Aquarius sign of disease will provide long drastic effects of Covid in England .


Germany :Germany has Cancer lagan and lagna lord Moon is posited in 8th house aspect by Saturn from 6th house of disease .At present Vimshotari mahadasha-anter-pratyaanter  is running in the  horoscope of Germany is Mercury-Venus-Venus from 1-11-2022 to23-4-2023 .We will concentrate on pratyaanter of Venus which is running from 1-11-2022 to23-4-2023.Venus Is posited in 3rd house in the house of neighbor countries from corona is going to spread in Germany .Venus in d-9 navamsha is posited in 6th house of disease exhalted as lagna lord and 8th lord of navamsha d-9 which indicate trouble to Germany from Covid which spread in present pratyaanter of Venus  fast .But Venus is exhalted   so enough immunity  will help  Germans  to coup effectively from this pandemic .Saturn in transit will enter Aquarius sign on 23-1-2023 will aspect natal Jupiter in lagna as 6th  lord of disease .Jupiter  transit  in Pisces in 9th house and 9th lord  will aspect to natal Jupiter in lagna as 6th lord of disease  indicate start of Covid in Germany .


France : France came into existence  on 6-10-1958,  6:30 pm ,Paris,[France].France has Aries  lagna with lagna lord posited in 2nd house aspect by Saturn from 8th as 10th and 11th lord.In the  horosocope of France vimshotari mahadasha-anter-prtyaanter  is running at present for timing start of this pandemic Covid in France is Venus-Saturn -Sun from 30-12-2022 to  26-2-2023 which will crucial for deciding the spread of Covid in France.   Sun is 5th lord in 6th house of disease conjunct with 6th  lord  Mercury and prime Maarkesh debilitated Venus  and Rahu.I find no possibilities which could protect France from spreading Covid pandemic on large scale.

Summary of countries for spread of Covid in timing from  Vimshotari Pratyaanter in their horoscope.

1]China:pratyaanter of Mercury 6th lord in 9th house eclipsed by Ketu

2]America:Pratyanater of Sun of lagna lord aspect by 6th lord Saturn from 2nd house.

3]England:Pratyaanter lord Saturn retro is starting from 24-1-2023 to 20-6-2023 is 6th lord in the  horoscope of England will lot of  trouble in England due to Covid

4] Germany :Pratyaanter of Venus which is 6th lord of navamsha d-9 as lagna and 8th lord will crash the Germany from  fresh wave of Covid.

5]France :In the  horoscope of France  pratyaanter of Sun will  run in coming time from 30-12-2022 to  26-6-2023 will help in spreading of Covid on full scale.

In the above summaries  of different countries of the  world every pratyaanter of vimshotari  dasha is concerned with 6th and 6th lord which indicate spread of pandemic of Covid in these countries. .