Indian Business Tycoon Gautam Adani Future In India 2023-2024

Indian Business Tycoon Gautam Adani Future In India 2023-2024

Indian Tycoon Gautam Adani has slipped out of the list of the  world top 10 richest people following a route  in company share prices in the aftermath of the US based short seller Hindenberg research report .

With a current fortune of $84.4 billion, Mr. Adani’s ranking has fallen from fourth place to 11th on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, with a personal wealth wipeout of $34 billion in just three trading days.

Gautam Adani  future is totally under control of his star position  that will be assessed by his horoscope .He was born on 24-6-1952,  5:15  hrs,Ahmedabad ,Gujarat .He has Taurus  lagna rising with lagna lord posited in 3rd house with Rahu. Aspect by Saturn retro from 9th house. Mars also aspect from 12th house. So many technical planet aspect to Lagna Venus in 3rd house indicate work technical in nature and concerned with sea ports. Since Venus is in watery sign cancer of Moon which represent water [Venus is also a watery planet.] Venus is posited in Pushya nakshatra of  Saturn.

So all glitch and problem started with entry of Saturn in Aquarius sign on 17-1-2023.Saturn  in Aquarius is over natal Moon and Jupiter which are malefic for Taurus  lagna as Moon is 3rd lord [ media report of short seller Hindenburg Research Report] which is represent by Jupiter 8th lord secret enemy.Sadh  Sati often leads to this problem.[I am giving some hints of Bhrigu Nakshtra technique predicting events through transit of Saturn].Saturn  transit is 4th Charan Dhanishta nakshatra   whose Lord natal is  Mars posited in 12th house which is aspect   to Venus  giving trouble from foreign agency giving him mental pains and trouble[12th lord Mars represent foreign agency]

Present Running Mahadasha –Anter-Pratyaanterof Venus-Rahu-Saturn from 15-12-2022 to  6-6-2023

Present Mahadsha Of Venus : Mahadasha lord Venus is posited in      3rd house conjunct with Rahu in cancer sign in Pushya nakshatra   badly aspect by Saturn retro 8th and 9th lord and Mars 7th and 12th lord .But see the positive influence of own house Mars and own Saturn 9th lord will help his business empire to estabilish overseas. See Venus is also 6th lord will also give growth of his enemy. Venus is posited in navamsha chart d-9 in Scorpio sign own house Mars and Rahu. This combination will give him lot of tension but not major impact on  business empire. With hard efforts he will be able to come out from this trouble in future. Moon 11th lord of gain aspect to this combination of Venus, Mars,Rahu in 3rd house which indicate lot of gain and acquisition  of property and rise of business in India and overseas ..Venus in d-10 dashmansha chart is in 10th as Lagna and 8th lord conjunct with 9th and 12th Mercury .Mars 2nd and 7th lord of dashmansha d-10 chart also aspect to  Venus in d-10 Chart  will help Gautam Adani to overcome this trouble. 

Anter Of Rahu: Rahu anter lord is posited in 3rd house conjunct with Venus aspect by Saturn retro and Mars from 12th house. Sign lord of Rahu is Moon posited in 8th house from its sign conjunct Jupiter 8th and 11th lord .Rahu nakshatra Pushya  its lord  is Saturn 9th and 10th lord posited in 9th house. Rahu in navamsha in d-9 chart in 3rd house conjunct with Mars sign lord  and Venus 2nd  and 9th lord, Moon 11th lord .Important points concerned with rahu.

1] Rahu in birth is conjunct  with venus lagna and 6th lord but aspect by  9th Saturn retro. Sign depositor is moon in 10th with Jupiter 8th and 11th lord. These combination will result trouble to Gautam Adani but this will not make end his business empire. With sheer hard work it will regain or able to maintain its consistency of running business with some loss.

2]Rahu in d-9 navamsha chart in 3rd house conjunct  with Venus and Mars is not so bad combination.Two malefic in  3rd house will make him work hard and sustain his business empire which has got dent due to  report of Hindenberg  of USA which  is pure secret war against  India forces who doesn’t want India’s  private sector to flourish as America INC .

Gautam Adani Varshphal For 61st   Year.

Gautam Adani 61th    year has got Virgo lagna 5th house of natal horoscope. Virgo lot is Mercury lagna lord well posited in 9th house conjunct with muntha and Venus which is 2nd and 9th lord .This is good combination which is forming in horoscope of Gautam Adani. Some important points of running varshphal of 61st  year.

1]  Year lord is Venus well posited in 9th house with 10th and lagan lord Mercury.

2]Muntha is in Taurus  and muntha lord is Venus  conjunct in 9th house of luck.

3]Janam lagna pati is Venus well posited in 9th house.

4]Varsh lagna pati is Mercury well placed in 9th house.

5]Tri Rashi Pati is moon

 afflicted in 8th conjunct with Rahu.

6]  Dinaratri pati Mercury  is  not afflicted .Above mention karka only Trirashi pati Moon is afflicted which is 11th lord will going to give tension and        loss of income to  Gautam   in running 61th year varshphal and nothing more.

Appliying Birth Chart Vimshotari Mahadasha And Anter On Running Varshphal.


Venus Mahadasha lord is well posited in 9th house of luck .Venus is exhalted in d-9 navamsha progression with 8th lord Mars shows rise of secret enemy.

Rahu anter lord is  posited in 8th house conjunct with Moon will give tension to Gautam Adani on the of front loss of income due to secret enemy in 8th.Moon is 11th lord of gain can give loss to Gautam Adani in anter of Rahu.Venus-Rahu are in 2-12 position in 61th year is not good but still other karka are good and well placed will overcome this present running trouble  which is created by Hindenburg report.


Saturn   transit will in 10th house in horoscope of Gautam Adani over natal Moon 3rd lord and Jupiter 8th and 11th lord. Saturn crossing Ketu  and natal Saturn retro in 9th house will stop and create trouble for Gautam adani. But when it will transit on above combination of Moon and Jupiter in 10th house it will create secret enemy as Jupiter has  8th lordship . It will give him  gain also due to  11th lord lordship of Jupiter. But with lot of hardwork due to moon as 3rd lord of efforts in 10th  house. Moon is also 6th lord from itself so due to  enemy he will face  lot of tension due to his large industrial empire on stake by attack from this enemy Moon. But he will overcome due to these problem because sign depositor of transit Saturn  is in natal Saturn  is in 9th house with ketu .Overall effect of Saturn in transit in 10th house in mixed for Gautam Adani.

Jupiter :Jupiter in transit in 11th house in Pisces  sign will help Gautam Adani to come out from this situation of loss of his shares  in share market. He will be  successful in preventing attack of enemy on his business empire. But when Jupiter will transit in Aries sign in 12th house it will give him tension.12th house has 28 points so this average of points will give some  health problems to native like high blood pressure and mental tension. Mars is markesh  for Taurus  lagna and is get activated  in this transit of Jupiter in 12th house in mid of April-2023