Nav Samvat 2080 [2023-2024] Hindu New Year for India [Bharat Ka Nav Samvatsar

Nav Samvat 2080 [2023-2024] Hindu New Year for India [Bharat Ka Nav Samvatsar

Nav samvat hindu [ 2023-2024]  is starting on 22-3-2023  at  22:52 hrs Delhi  India.With Scorpio lagna rising with lagna lord mars in 8th house and aspect of Saturn in Aquarius  on lagna has great significance.

hindu nav smavat 2080[2023-2024]

1] Mars is  in 8th  house in sign of mercury has a great signification for  central leadership.

2] Aspect of Saturn on lagna denotes the same,

Great  pressure on PMO specially PM Narendra Modi to tackle multiple  problems in India. He represents mars lagna lord in 8th house. specially mars lagna lord in 8th house of secrecy denotes safe secret moves by central government to safeguard the national interest specially dealing with opposition of India .In 2024 we have Loksabha election. 

Scorpio sign 7th house of  horoscope  of Independent  India .Seventh house represent foreign policy of India and also opposition of India. This  is also maarkesh bhaav in the   horoscope of  independent  India.

Lunation of Sun and Moon is conjunct with mercury and Jupiter first rate benefic in 5th house which indicates  good for children ,cinema ,movies ,education policies, more spending or expenditure over children making benefic policies towards children.but 12th lord Venus in 6th  house  indicate expenditure on  defence  will increase.  

By this we will do side by side analysis of house wise in Nav Samvat [2080] horoscope for the  Year 2023 to 2024 of India.

First house :First house contain Scorpio sign and its lord mars in 8th house shows secret efforts  which PM Narendra Modi government will do  this year will be remarkable  .Saturn aspect to lagna indicate restlessness and mountain of troubles  and challenge  in front of  central government  is also due to position of lagna lord mars in 8th house. Due to  position of  mars in 8th house PM Narendra Modi government find it difficult to finish these challenges .First house also represent PMO office and house represent karmas of king or PMO office overall

Second house :Second house has got Sagittarius sign and sign lord  Jupiter is posited in 5th house conjunct with Sun 10th lord ,mercury 8th and 11th lord ,Moon 9th lord. Second house also represent finance ministry and finance related issue also banking sector and financial reforms taken by PM Narendra Modi government. Second house is also aspect by mars lagna lord and 6th lord.So many planets is concerned with finance ministry. So PM Narendra Modi government will do maximum investment in this sector related with 5th house. Connection of mars lagna lord  with second house also indicate financial upheavals in share market concerned with Gautam Adani.But maximum positive efforts taken  by finance ministry in welfare of education of children  and  education sector of India.

Third house :Third house represent communication ,transport ministry .internet ,telecommunication ministry ,etc.Third house contain Capricorn sign and its lord natal Saturn is posited in 4th house .Third house is aspect by Mars which lagna and 6th lord .Aspect of lagna lord Mars  from 8th house indicate harsh steps will taken by PM Narendra Modi government on pseudo secular media which do false propaganda  against PM Narendra Modi and Sanatan Dharam.3rd lord Saturn in 4th house that too own house Aquarius  sign  indicate investment and improvement of telecommunication sector and new start up and new initiative in these sector undertaken by PM Narendra Modi government .Aspect of Mars from 8th house indicate strong efforts taken secretly by Central  government to curb   false propaganda by one sect of media aganist Sanatan values of India. As we have seen BBC episode today it will happen in future also in Nav Samvat 2080[-2023-2024] by central  government to curb the fake freedom of anti  national media of india.They provide enough harm to image of our beloved PM Narendra Modi.

Fourth house:Fourth represent agriculture ,real estate also home ministry of India. India achievement at home front specially performance of home minister Amit Shah will be assessed by this house .Saturn 4th lord in 4th house shows Amit Shah tough stance with rough elements against anti national forces of India. See position of 4th lord Mars in navamsha  d-10 shows aggression of goonda elements on the name of religion will held by strong  hands by home minister  by Amit Shah.

Fifth house:5th house has four planets Venus,Sun,Moon,Jupiter all benefic for 5th house of creativity .HRD ministry combined with education ministry will propose laws that will help students to perform well in studies.9th lord Moon forming lunation with Sun in 5th house shows changing of name of ancient monuments which are named on the name of invader and name them on the name of ancient Sanatani ruler of India. Fifth house also has too many planets as much as 4 planets which indicate research and developments in sector specially defence sector because in navamsha d-9 chart Saturn 6th lord which represent defence and military forces in 5th house indicate providing best facilities to them by developing Research  and Development  on new weapons and equipments for  them .

6th house:6th house has Rahu and Venus .Venus is 7th and 12th lord which indicate imports of defence equipments for our defences forces of India. As 7th lord in 6th house ,foreign policy of PM Narendra Modi governments will a tool of opposition to provide lot of  troubles  to Central government .Jupiter debilitated conjunct with Ketu in 6th house in navamsha  chart d-9 indicate destroying of enemy who oppose to India.

Seventh house :7th house represent foreign policy, woman in general ,foreign ministry of India, open house of war.7th lord Venus in 6th house represent who so ever oppose Indian foreign policy of India and speak or pass unnecessary comments over Indian foreign policy will dealt with hard  hands by home ministry of India. Saturn 4th lord aspect Venus 7th lord  in 6th house represent crime against woman will be on rise specially clashes on woman issue in  minority and majority community will on rise on issue of woman.

Eight house:8th house represent underground wealth of country concerned .Lagna lord Mars in 8th house represent secret motives of PM Narendra Modi government. Eighth  house also represent underground wealth. Discovering of lithium ion in jammu and  Kashmir will lead a new revolution in energy source for coming future of India. Mars in 8th house  and its aspect on 3rd house will lead to curb the  unaccountable media which is going to run  anti India and anti Hindu narrative all the time.8th lord mercury in 5th house with 9th lord Moon and Venus, Jupiter will change the narrative of distortive history written in the  past.Lots of  controversial remarks will done by  political groups against  Sanatan Gods of India.       

Ninth hosue:Ninth house represent religion ,law,shipping,science,inventions.Ninth lord moon  5th house is good that too Pisces conjunct with Sun,own house Jupiter,Mercury.Moon as ninth lord in  5th house will ignite the spirit of writing of Indian Sanatan literature. At present this race has not taken fast mode .But the starting of Nav Samvat 2080[2023-2024] will definitely see progress in this field. New laws will be framed by central  government to safeguard the interest of majority community of India.May be possible UCC can introduced in Parliament to equalising the rights of majority community with minority community. Central government may have upper hand in making law above Supreme court of India.

Tenth house:10th house in most important house because it contain core of central government .It also represent PMO[prime minster office]10th lord Sun in 5th house with 9th lord Moon and 5th lord is great combination which will take place in form  large gathering like G-20 Summit which will bring lot of name fame to PM Narendra Modi which is represented  by 10th house.

11th house:11th  house is crowded by aspect of number of planets  like Mars from 8th   house  ,Jupiter,Moon,Sun,Mercury from 5th house of creativity.11th              lord is mercury in 5th house is conjunct with Jupiter,Sun ,Moon.indicate earnings will be spending on creative side like education and Research  and Development  on military and defence sector of India .

12th house :12th house has ketu sign lord Venus of 12th house is posited in 6th house indicate expenses on defence forces .In Navamsha  d-9 chart 10th lord Venus in 12th house  indicate lot  of creativity in foreign sector of India which indicate incoming to FDI from foreign countries in large scale which will result increase in Forex Reserve Of India.