Rise Of Indian Economy Again In 2023

Rise Of Indian Economy Again In 2023

Indian Forex reserve has increased by $4-53 billion to $588.78 billion on a weekly basis as of April 28,2023 according to the data released RBI.But there  was sharp down fall in Indian forex reserve in last 4 months due to  increase in demand of Dollar and fall of Rupee in comparison with American Dollar.To compensate this falling rupee against dollar RBI increase the flow of dollar in Indian market to control the fall of rupee against Dollar .Due to this reason there  was sharp fall in Forex Reserve  Of India which now has start recovering fastly which is indicator of rising Indian ecomonmy .But what will the future of Indian economy will be assessed by foundation horoscope of India .


India has taken birth on 15  August 1947 at 00-01 hrs Delhi with Taurus  lagna  rising as an ascendant or lagna. Lagna lord Venus is in 3rd  house badly sandwiched  between sun and Saturn.But now basic question about rising Indian economy which is keep on rising with coming of PM Narendra modi in central politics of india .and it will keep on rising  with the continue of Moon Mahadasha the  in foundation horoscope of India.

Running mahadasha and anter in  foundation horoscope of India. Moon –Ketu from 4-12-2022 to  5-7-2023

Mahadasha Of Moon :Moon Mahadasha lord is 3rd lord in 3rd house conjunct with Venus lagna and 6th lord,satrun 9th and 10th lord,Sun 4th lord.Mercury 2nd and 5th lord. Overall Moon mahadasha will  be helpful in making India super power by self efforts by combining with horoscope of PM Narendra Modi and BJP.Moon in 11th lord of d-60 of shashtimansha In 6th house with 11th lord indicate  in coming time inflow   of FDI [foreign direct investment .Moon mahadasha will  make India a leading super power in coming 4-9-2025. With continuation of Mars mahadasha posited in 2nd house as 12th lord which indicate heavy industrialization of india in coming time.

Running anter of ketu:ketu anter has provided some down fall in financial status of India by rising inflation and rising value of American dollar against Indian rupee .But India Forex Reserve again  starting recovery as compared to previous months. of  Jan.Feb,March.in which Indian Forex Reserve has taken a great dip due  to falling of Indian rupee against dollar. To control it falling Indian rupee against dollar RBI has to increase flow of dollar in Indian market from Forex Reserve to control falling Indian rupee..But this was a short time  which complete by starting of April months in which Indian Forex Reserve has taken a rise  by improvement shown by Indian service sector by indication of impact of mahadasha of Moon  and transit of Jupiter in Aries  in 12th house on 22-4-2023.

Another Coming Anter Of Venus:From 5-7-2023 to 5-3-2025

This will be crucial time  for India with  respect  to this period of lagna and 6th lord in 3rd house of efforts .Venus is Paap katri due to mposition of Sun ahead and Saturn behind degree wise .Venus is lord of 6th house a arth trikona  or house  of finance with 2nd and 10th house. Venus is also conjunct  with 2nd lord Mercury the lord of finance. Venus  is in 11th house with 11th lord Saturn again in Paapkatri with Rahu ahead and Mars behind. Venus is aspect  by Jupiter in d-9 navamsha chart. These combination  of planets  will make India rise financially slowly but aggressively due to  full support of hosorosocpe of PM Narendra Modi and BJP to foundation horoscope of India.


Satrun  transit in Aquarius in 10th house  is good which will  give stable government in India.

Jupiter in 12th house its natal despositor Mars is in 2nd house of finance which indicate attractive FDI from all over the  world in India will give rise to financial status of India.