Great Discoveries of Madhya Parashari -1


Madhya Prashari  is the great astrological  work  but its founder in not in light.This work  highlights  some indication regarding the secrets of  vimshotari dasha period specially Rahu.-Saturn,Saturn -Rahu,Rahu -Venus ,Venus- Rahu,Saturn-Venus,Venus-Saturn. The above mention period are period of great rise or great fall in natives life. But there is another most positive aspect are concerned with these period in life of scientist ,technocrat, doctor  ,engineer .etc. Whatever great discoveries done by these people  in past has done in vimshoatri  dasha mention above.

For explaining the impact of these mention above period  we will take case studies great scientist and technocrat

Albert Einstein

14 March 1879


Ulm, Germany


Great German-Swiss-American scientist known for his developing theory  of relativity in 1905,and the general theory in 1906 whose work founded  as a base for physics for modern scientist. Albert has Gemini lagna with lagna lord Mercury in tenth house with Sun,Saturn,Venus forming Sanyas and Saraswati yoga in his horoscope .He developed the theory relativity in 1905 in vimshotari of Venus –Rahu from  3-6-1903 to 3-6-1906.In this combination Venus fifth lord of learning,Saturn eight lord of hidden treasure ,sun third of efforts, Mercury lagna lord is participating in this combination.

Madame Curie


12 noon


Madame curie polish French scientist ,chemist known for his discovery of  radium in 1898,and for developing the theory of radioactivity .From 21-9-1896 to 29-7-1899 she was running the vimshotari dashe of Saturn-Rahu again the period of sudden rise in his life. Madam Curie has Virgio lagna with all good combination are forming in the third house of efforts contaning fifth lord Saturn of learning ,eight lord mars hidden knowledge ,ninth lord Venus of luck and tenth and lagna lord Mercury