Influence of Transit Saturn in Capricorn on India


Saturn is karam karka according to Bhrigu astrology is transiting Capricorn the traditional sign of India allotted by Varamihir the giant of classical jyotish of India..Cancer-Capricorn sign axis is very sensitive for Indian sub-continent..Saturn will transit his own sign Capricorn from 24-1-2020 to 30-4-2022.Previous    transit of Saturn in Capricorn was  in 12-12-1990 watched the worst face of Mandal [caste ism] and Kamandal [religion] politics.During Capricorn transit India has also foreseen the clash with china in 1962. Capricorn is ninth house of horoscope of independent India represent supreme court ,judges, law courts international ,ministry of foreign affairs ,religions-mosques,temples,churches, religious scared book,Vedas,quran,bible etc, Saturn will be joined by transit Jupiter in Capricorn on  29-3-2020 for full period of one year thus so called double transit of Bhrigu principle of jeev Jupiter and karmesh Saturn. Whenever they joined in one rashi or sign or aspect in opposition to each other produces drastic changes all over the world. But here they will be  in one sign Capricorn in future in ninth house of independent horoscope of India ,For brief analysis we to study the horoscope of independent  India ,Bjp ruling party at center,main opposition party Congress-I for its impact on India

Transit Saturn in Capricorn its influence over India


India astrology is full proof providing every minutes details for explanation of any event happens in life of human being and nation through different tools mention in our classical hindu jyotish..Out of these tools transit influence of Saturn is one of them.Now in coming future Saturn  will transit in Capricorn on 24-1-2020 in ninth house in horoscope of independent India. On the other side Moon mahadasha and Saturn anterdasha  will come into action from 4-12-2019 to 4-7-2021  Both in transit and mahadasha of Moon and anterdasha of Saturn has predominance of Saturn as ninth lord.Mostly in all parameter are connected with Saturn .Does it indicate some kind of difference of opinion  between judiciary and central government over Ram temple issue when Jupiter will transit Capricorn its debilitated sign after march-2020 then in retrogression motion it will come back in Sagittarius then finally join Saturn in Capricorn in 19-11-2020.

From Bhrigu angle transit Saturn depositor in natal chart is natal Saturn lord of Capricorn sign ninth house of horoscope of independent India.Natal Saturn in third house with Venus ,Mercury ,Sun, Moon all forming a kind of planetary war indicate conflict with  neighbor country specially  Pakistan on kashmir issue.The Kashmir condition will become more worse the issue of conflict with Pakistan .Saturn as ninth lord in transit in its own house shows more powerful foreign policy against Pakistan and china .Saturn stay in Capricorn will be helpful in resolving Ram Mandir issue full and final for ever.


Bjp after the transit Saturn in Capricorn.  


Capricorn is eight house with Gemini lagna horoscope of Bjp .Transit Saturn will stay two –half year  in eight house of Bjp .Capricorn is Saturn own house from here it aspect tenth house ,third lord sun in eight house ,second house from its seventh aspect fifth house from its tenth aspect. The overall performance in eighth  house of Bjp will be very good .All majority community will be polarized  in favor of Bjp. Bjp is running Moon-Mars dasha in its horoscope.With help of this mahadasha and antar Bjp has formed government at center nearly clearing the opposition at center. Now Moon -Rahu dasha will be starting on 4-9-2019 will also over very beneficial for Bjp. Some discord may  occur due to communal disturbances in country that will  create rift between Bjp and its alliance specially Jdu .But overall influence of Saturn in transit will be beneficial for Bjp.

From Bhrigu angle Saturn transit in Capricorn in eight house its natal depositor Saturn in house of valor and strength with three malefic Mars,Rahu and afflicted Jupiter all of them retro giving happy news to Bjp .It will form government in states in which it is out of powers specially Bengal.Coming election in Haryana ,Maharashtra,and other state will prove beneficial to Bjp..Saturn sadsati is over for Bjp . Saturn in Capricorn the period of rejoices for Bjp.

Congress-I after the transit Saturn in Capricorn.


Congress –I is running in mahadasha of Jupiter with antardasha of Venus in four ten axis of power .Venus antar dasha lord  as eighth lord of death and also of change clearly shows the miserable  condition of party.Coming antar of Sun also unhelpful to give boost to party morale. Saturn in transit in Capricorn in eleventh house from lagna and in fifth house from Moon lagna.In eleventh house some gain in air is possible but not on solid ground is visible due to Rahu transit on natal Jupiter [jeev] in horoscope of congress-I.According to Bhrigu angle in transit Saturn as karmesh will transit in Capricorn will be aspect by debilitated Mars shows aggression and violence against Bjp due to the position of Mars as ninth lord  the house of temple .Something big is indicated according both from the horoscope of Bjp and congress-I when Saturn will transit in Capricorn .Congress-I will gain sympathy from minority community but useless due to majority community will remain away with Bjp