Seventieth year of  PM   Narender Modi future ahead


Seventieth year of  PM   Narender Modi  future ahead

Pm Narender Modi has entered in his seventieth  year successfully crossing sixty ninth year emerging as most successful  prime minister of India after independence.He is also most successful leader in world .The more he crosses his age the more powerful he is becoming stronger day by day .It looks like whole nature is showering blessing upon him. His opponent has tried every efforts to create obstacles in his path .More powerfully  he cleared all obstacles in front of him created by his enemy .He  successfully completed his work given by god to rule India and stood as obedient son of mother India. .Under his leadership  India has gain respect all over world..But what is happening in his future in seventieth year .we will analyze from vrashphal .







Varshphal for seventieth year

This  year is Leo lagna with Mars in lagna  and lagna lord Sun in second with tenth lord debilitated Venus and exalted Mercury and aspect by retro Saturn from fifth house  .All these combination indicate strong varshphal for this year shows accomplish of work undertaken by PM Narender Modi in this running  year .But aspect by Saturn retro as sixth lord for Leo lagna will try to harm and put every obstacles in his way as Saturn retro is aspect Venus tenth lord and Sun lagna lord .,But with position of good Mars yoga karka for Leo lagna PM Narender Modi will able to cross every hurdle created  in his way .Concen- tration of planet in second house shows slow down of economy towards recession, Muntha in lagna with yogkarka mars and Muntha pati  lord in second house  ,affliction to Muntha pati Sun  by retro Saturn and  malefic Mars to Muntha indicates tough year ahead .PM Narender Modi will take more tough decision  to handle Kashmir situation and problem created by pakistan as position of Kashmir will deteriorate in coming time.The position of year lord Mars is  well place in lagna shows strength and courage in person to take quick decision in running varshphal.

Vimshotari dasha of PM Narender Modi  .

PM Narender Modi is presently running the vimshotari dasha of Moon –Venus from 12-10-2018 to 12-6-2020.How this dasha will work  for PM Narender Modi. Moon mahadasha lord in ninth lord of luck well placed in lagna with lagna lord Mars cancelling its debilitation..Venus anter dasha lord in tenth house seventh and twelfth lord markesh for Scorpio lagna but negative effect get cancelled due to aspect of Jupiter fifth lord for Scorpio lagna.

Results Of over all combination:

Kashmir problem will increase which will be tackled effectively by PM Narender Modi

More and more surgical strike against Pakistan will take place due its  interference in jammu and Kashmir and whole of India

Whole moon mahadasha of PM Narender Modi will results in removal of his enemy and recognition as world leader

Moon is ninth lord the house of temple or mandir ,Moon is debilitated with sixth lord Mars indicates difficulty in resolving Ram Mandir issue