Difficult years for  India due to Mars and Saturn opposition

Difficult year for  India due to Mars and Saturn opposition

Mars ,Saturn opposition by aspect each other  triggering the start of difficult year in future for India ,Mars  in transit enter sign Virgo on 25-9-2019 start aspect Saturn in Sagittarius in turn aspect by transit Saturn. Mars stay in this from 25-9-2019 to11-11-2019 is enough to trigger events which will lead to future course of action  for India .In this transit Ram temple case will be decided and Jammu &Kashmir will be in focus. In this transit .the horoscope of independent India, horoscope of Jammu& Kashmir will become important for this discussion. Jammu& kashmir will be the future course of action of which will decide the politics between India and Pakistan

Horoscope of Jammu& Kashmir



Horoscope of jammu and kashmir



Jammu &Kashmir accession 27-10-47,13-21,Srinagar

Jammu and Kashmir which is going to main focus for many year in coming time for India as Pakistan is not going to leave this issue which will lead regular fights between India and Pakistan in which India will always emerging as successful over shining  Pakistan on this issue .Jammu and Kashmir position as a state has been scraped by Bjp government at center by abolishing article 370.The Home Minister Amit shah introduced a reorganization bill in the Indian Parliament, seeking to divide the state into two union territories  to be governed by a lieutenant governor and a unicameral legislature. From astrological view point jammu&kashmir has maker[CAPRICORN] lagna with lagna lord  Saturn in seventh house with debilitated Mars with mahadasha of Mars running from 30-5-2018 to 29-5-2025 leading to number of mishap penning with a war like condition with Pakistan in coming future .at present this transit in which Mars and Saturn oppose each other is afflicting twelfth and ninth house of horoscope of Jammu and Kashmir Saturn and Mars is present  in these house,.Next time these two hard core malefic are in conjunction in Capricorn sign in lagna on 1-4-2020 which set the future course of action for India as jammu  and Kashmir will bein  worse condition but this condition will be handled very tact fully by present PM Narender Modi government present in center.

Horoscope of independent India.


Horoscope of independent india

India with this present transit of Mars and Saturn opposition will involve fifth and eight house     Which is directly aspect by natal mars [bhrigu aspect]twelfth and seventh lord two bad houses for tarsus lagna.Mars is planet of violence  aggression, as we experience terrorist activities in different part of India supported by Pakistan .but real trigger to nefarious activities of terrorism will take an ugly turn in Jammu and kashmir and all over India on 1-4-2020 next year as both Mars and Saturn in transit will conjunct in Capricorn ninth house of India independent horoscope ,here both these two hard core malefic Saturn and mars in transit aspect[bhrigu aspect] by five planet natal Sun,Saturn,Venus,Moon Mercury from third house and Mars from second house is not good indication .The only supporting help is strong PM Narender Modi government at center.