Declining trend for congress-i

Declining trend for congress-i

Single largest party of pre independence  era is surviving hard for its survival. Congress-i was invincible in the time of Jahawar lal.l.nehru and Indra gandhi era.But now in present era the congress –I is breathing its last stage .With the rise of PM Narender Modi  with BJP at center.With so many stars politicians  of congress-I are  involved in financial scandals or   leaving party due to defeat in national election of Loksabha of 2019  or state legislative assembly election .The last  election held  in Haryana and Maharashtra  in Haryana Bjp forms government with  Jjp and in Maharashtra congress is taking part in power with ncp and shiv sena . In Haryana it has improved its seat  ratio but it supported government with Shiv sena with two opposite center of opposition Maharashtra . It formed government but not  certain when they will fall down we will analyze this in  next article on this issue .This is just a start for debacle of congress-I from India as it is promised which  has to be delivered by its horoscope. But still there is one angle of good promise of rajyogas in the horoscope of  congress-I head  Sonia Gandhi which is still holding the final debacle of congress-i.

Horoscope of congress-i


horoscope of congress-i


Born on 2-1-78 congress-I has madhyam ayu yoga for survival from 24 year to 66 year with Jupiter lagna lord is badly afflicted by sixth and eight lord Sun and Venus the disease producing houses or house of obstacles  is providing hurdles in occupying power at center. At present congress-I horoscope is running vimhotari mahadasha of  Jupiter –Sun from  2-9-2019 to 20-6-2020 .Jupiter is lagna lord ,with sun antar lord is sixth lord of disease and enemy ,court cases Sun is twelfth lord from Moon lagna  signifies loss ,sorrow and depression in this period weekning lagna lord Jupiter   through aspect .Sun is conjunct with Venus eight lord in tenth house shows uneven pattern  in karmas because both Sun and Venus are lord of bad houses for Pisces lagna .But sun antar dasha lord improves in navamsha d-9 as tenth lord in eleventh house of gains in dashmasha d-10 in  second house as fifth lord so over all result of sun antar dasha lord is that congress-I Will gains in some state but not as main ruling authority but it take part as supportive party. But when Sun   antar is over by 20-6-2020 and the start of Moon antar in mahadasha of Jupiter its bad days will strike again Moon as fifth lord in Rahu ketu axis in d-1 and in afflicted in d-9 ,and d-10 charts shows fear  psychological in nature .many young politicians will quiet   party, and many coalitions partner in many states  in which it has form its government will fall down from power.

Only saving grace Sonia Gandhi

Horoscope of Sonia is only saving grace for congress-I in near future.Sonia Gandhi has got cancer lagna with lagna lord Moon in Twelfth house with aspect of Mars from sixth house as tenth lord yogkarka for cancer lagna forming rajyoga in six twelfth axis .Vimshotari dasa is running  of Venus fourth and eleventh lord of gain with Jupiter  ninth lord of luck. and excellent raj yoga is also forming in fourth house of throne of king so she got elected as president of congress-I in mahadasha of Venus. Till she is running this mahadasha of venus congress-I will survive