Solar eclipse on 26-12-2019 its impact on India

Solar eclipse on 26-12-2019 its impact on India

An annular solar eclipse  that happened  on 26-12-2019 in Sagittarius sign in Moola Nakshtra starting time 8-17am to 10-57 am .as the name explain that this annular solar eclipse or partial solar eclipse visible in India and Asian countries and Australia it has partial impact on the country where it is visible. India politics and society is already on  divide on pro and against Caa bill and Nrc issue and many more issue is shaken the Indian society like sexual crime against woman. Solar eclipse will be studied  with its reference  in  the  horoscope of independent  India ,Bjp  ruling party at centre and congress-I  largest opposition party of India.

horoscope of india

India got independence on  15-8-47 ,00-01hrs,delhi  with tarsus lagna. Annular solar eclipse has happened  in eight house in  Sagittarius sign in Moola Nakshtra of Ketu .Eclipse occurring in two eight ,one –seven, six-twelfth  and four –ten axis is not considered good. This  annular solar eclipse is occurring in two –eight axis in Sagittarius which also represent war sign and in Moola Nakshtra which is malefic in nature and in eight house all these  indication do not promote peace and prosperity in the country. Bhrigu astrology double transit formula is  happening  here with  Jupiter [jeev] and Saturn karmesh combined with Ketu and sun in transit in eight house aspect by natal Mars from second house .Mars is twelfth lord and seventh lord two bad houses for tarsus lagna .Mars represent violence ,terrorist activities ,blood shed , from foreign intervention as twelfth lord and war with and violence with border country as seventh lord. Notable point is this in this combination only natal Mars is participating in two –eight axis according  to bhrigu astrology.Mars represent war strife, violence .agitation. This annular solar eclipse is happening in  Sagittarius sign  in eight house and its natal depositor  in horoscope of India is Jupiter posited in libra sign in sixth house of agitation ,strife ,mob violence .Bad weather diversity will also notice in  different parts of india . heavy  snowfall  in expected in Himalayan region with lot of heavy rainfall with uneven pattern will be noticed .

horoscope of bjp

Bjp :Annular solar eclipse have  occurred  in one –seven axis in horoscope of Bjp in Sagittarius sign in seventh house second from moon sign   .As the trend is not favoring Bjp at the moment . The  Vimshotari dasha  of Bjp at the moment is Moon-Rahu-Jupiter  from 26-11-2019 to 7-2-2020 the pratyantar dasha lord Jupiter is tenth lord posited in third house  with, Saturn retro ,Mars retro ,Rahu due to this reason bjp has loosen Jharkhand .Maharashtra , and  bill on CAA   and Nrc has been introduced in this prtatyanter.This   declining   trend will discontinue after the transit of Saturn  from  Sagittarius to Capricorn third from natal Moon in Scorpio and from eight house lagna it will aspect natal sun third lord so from here efforts to revive will continue in state politics and at national level. Third house  represent valor and strength  so revival in politics through efforts and velour will happen in horoscope of Bjp. Annular solar eclipse is happened in one –seven axis in Sagittarius sign in seventh house .Natal depositor of solar eclipse occurred  in  Sagittarius is Jupiter in third house of valour so revival of bjp after solar eclipse will happen.  Stiff opposition from  opposition parties  is seen ,Bjp will counter balance the false propaganda of opposition parties.Some negative effect will come only after solar eclipse will occur by  opposition of minority community agansit Caa and Nrc,Npr will continue .But one roars of our king Pm Narender Modi will silent every opposition which will come in its way .These kinds of  more bills will be introduced in parliament in near future like personal law bill, population  control bill etc, By these efforts of Pm Narender Modi majority community will unite under him. Vimshotari dasha of Moon Rahu from 4-9-2019 to 5-3-2021 is watch full for Bjp because on one side will Bjp with majority community favoring him and on other side minority community totally united under Upa which will be result of this partial solar eclipse on 26-12-2019

horoscope of congress-i

Congress-i:congress-I is riding high due participation in formation of government  in Maharashtra and Jharkhand .But this happiness will not be long lasting as coming of antar dasha of Moon in mahadasha of Jupiter after Sun antar after   20-6-2020 will be ominous for producing favorable result .Annular solar eclipse occurred on 26-12-2019 in Sagittarius sign in tenth house in Mool;a Nakshtra  in tenth house in four –ten axis .This eclipse will not produce any negative results for congress-I as antar dasha of Sun is favoring this party. Double transit of bhrigu in near future of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn in eleventh house will be watch full for congress-i.