Home minister Amit shah Iron man after Sardar vallabh bhai patel

Home minister Amit shah Iron man after Sardar vallabh bhai patel

Amit shah has proved himself as Iron man after Sarder vallabh bhai patel as home minister in central government under  Pm Narender Modi. The guts and shrewdness with which he has  tackled  different political problems  after shifting into central politics from Gujarat politics is praise worthy .The different white collar politicians of Delhi called him with different objectionable  names but he proves himself  true patriotic   politicians of India .After he shifted from state politics to center he become head of Bjp. By the liking of PM Narender Modi he rose to the position of home minister in second term of bjp government at center .All these guts and iron status he get after Sarder vallabh bhai patel is due to his charismatic horoscope .

horoscope fo amit shah

Amit shah born on 22-10-1964 in Virgo lagna with lagna lord mercury posited in second house with twelfth lord sun aspect by eight  lord debilitated  mars shows obstacles in getting  rising from ordinary level to such great level where he is  number two  after Pm Narender Modi and home minister in central cabinet. Some positive points is  notable in horoscope malefic in three, six, eleventh house, debilitation of eight lord mars .Since affliction to lagna lord mercury with debilitate sun and aspect of debilitate mars on lagna lord mercury is balanced by aspect of Jupiter on lagna.

Amit shah has faced most criticism as Pm Narender Modi .Latest  criticism he faced  by introducing the bill on Caa in parliament and get it passed by both houses of parliament and then converted into  law .Opposition parties has tried their best to oppose this bill in parliament and  on roads also by instigating minorities against it.

What store in his future is ascertained by his Vimshotari dasha of Amit shah rahu –moon  1-5-2019to29-10-2020

Mahadasha  of Rahu :Rahu is posited in tenth house in Gemini sign ,sign lord mercury is lagna lord also  posited in second house with twelfth lord  debilitated sun and aspect of mars debilitated also aspect mercury tenth lord in second house. Overall result of this combination is obstacles  ,dispute ,problem. Also taking guts full decision which has helped Amit shah to come out  of difficult position .In this whole dasha of  rahu Amit  shah will take more hard decision to make india a super power under Pm Narender Modi.

Antar dasha of Moon-Moon antar is watch full for home minister Amit shah .In this antar he become home minister by resigning from the post  of head of bjp. The antar dasha of moon  has helped him to take much awaited tough decision as moon is in exchange with mars and aspect by Saturn from sixth house of enemy. Removing article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir ,introducing and passing Caa from parliament and ready to take  more difficult decision  in future like implementing Nrc and Npr .This is just a trailer of his shrewdness and efficiency to tackle anti national forces. Most interesting fact in antar of moon is that its aspect by Saturn in d-1,d-9,d-10 charts sow his strong abilities to take strong decision,

Antar dasha of Mars: Mars antar in mahadasha of Rahu will be watchful in horoscope of Amitshah .Mars is debilitated in d-1 as eight lord in eleventh house of gains aspect to tenth lord .sixth lord of dispute ,wars ,fights in tenth house ,in d-9 chart.In d-10 chart  mars is in mutual aspect to Saturn indicate a big fight against neighbor border specially Pakistan.See Nav samvatsar  chart  of 2020 seventh house has mars and Saturn  for cancer lagna shows clear indication of major strike  against Pakistan  which confirmed in horoscope of home minister Amit shah also.

nav samvatsar 2020














Major transit

Saturn  on 24-1-2020 in Capricorn in fifth house aspect to mars eight lord and also aspect seventh house of wars.

Jupiter will crosses Sagittarius enter Capricorn will aspect natal mars .

Reverse in bhrigu transit Saturn [karmesh]and Jupiter [jeev]  will join hands in fifth house in horoscope of Amit shah aspect by natal mars the lord of  aggression ,fights ,violence  indicate by these planets.

Edited Sudershan Chakra.

counting of sudershan chakra














[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]














From lagna :From lagna home minister Amit shah is running  fifty six year eight house of the horoscope. .Eight house represent hidden planning , secrecy ,hidden enemies ,health disturbance etc .Since Amit shah has got moon eleventh lord in Aries sign and eight lord debilitated in eleventh house is good ,since eight house has influence of so many planets like sun ,Saturn ,moon, mercury ,mars so this year will be eventful l for Amit shah as regards with home minister of government of india. His enemies will increase due to the aspect of sixth lord Saturn he should take care of his security very carefully. He will take decision as home minister of india that will raise  storm in country specially opposition