Conflict between Iran and America

Conflict between Iran and America

After the killing of General Mohammad  Sulyaman of Iran  by America on  3-1-2020 by one of its drone  has created the wave of terror spread around the world  by  war between America and Iran    .At present best possible way is sought out by world leader is to diffuse tension between America and Iran. But every  thing is  in control of the celestial cabinet of nine planets .Astrologer can only read with his knowledge and institution the message of this celestial cabinet  what they have decided  the future of these countries. Lets study what store in future of America and Iran on this issue whether conflict  will take place in near future or not

horoscope of America

Independent  horoscope of USA:USA  got  independence on 4-7-1776,10-21,Philadelphia.This timing of birth of USA was rectified by yogi karva ji of Bombay and given to my jyotish guru K.N Rao . with singh or Leo lagna. America has attain the position of super power and will remain a super power in coming years .The vimshotari dasha is running at present is Rahu –Rahu from 14-10-2018 to 26-6-2021.Rahu is present in twelfth house with eleventh and second lord mercury .Natal depositor of rahu is moon in seventh house  the house of wars and foreign  affairs, rahu position improves drastically in d-9-and d-10 charts .Rahu-rahu-venus running from  8-7-2020 to 19-12-2020 is sensitive for America .To establish its supremacy in middle east its interest may be challenged by Iran in  the above mention period .This period  may the center of conflict between America and Iran. Vimshotari mahadasha  and antar lord rahu –rahu is in twelfth house of foreign area with mercury eleventh lord and second lord  of financial houses are involved so America may be indulge to secure its  financial interest in middle east which give rise  to conflict with Iran in this period .Pratyaanter lord venus may running from 8-7-2020 to 19-12-2020 is sensitive for America .Venus is tenth lord and third lord involved in saturn -mars mutual aspect to each other in  two-eleventh axis of finance  .Pratyaantar period  lord  venus is sixth lord of wars and fight and wars and enemy in second house of finance in d-9 navamsha chart .Venus in sixth house as sixth lord aspect by second lord mercury from twelfth house of foreign country in d-10chart. Rahu-rahu-venus pratyantar is deeply  conflicting  period in USA horoscope .

Nav samvatsar 2020 of America

Nav samvatsar  rising in America on 24-3-2020.:Nav samvatsar 2020 of USA has rising Aquarius lagna with lagna lord in twelfth house with tenth lord mars .Saturn ,mars conjunction is not good for America .This combination depicts conflicts with other nation of  super power USA.Saturn aspect both luminaries sun,moon in second house of finance .Aquarius is seventh house of independence horoscope of America which represent wars and conflict with other nation.


horoscope of Iran

Iran:      Iran  foundation horoscope has cancer  lagna. Lagnalord moon in eleventh house of gains shows abundance wealth. Iran has gained from selling petro products. Iran  general mohammad  sulyaman was killed in drone attack by America   3-102020 has led to dispute between America and Iran.

Vimshotari dasha –jupiter-venus 27-9-2019 to28-5-2022

Iran is running the vimshotari dasha of Jupiter –venus from 27-9-2019 to 28-5-2002.In this Iran is struggling  hard to survive due to sanction from America .Venus eleventh lord of gains in eight house is afflicted  in rahu-ketu axis and by aspect of Saturn retro from second house leads to creation of problem in coming time to Iran from America .Jupiter –Venus period are trouble some period as called by maharishi prashar in bhps.  Jupiter-venus –venus from 27-9-2019 to 7-3-2020 has led to killing of Iranian general by America .

Pratyaantar of mars-rahu-jupiter in antar of venus and mahadasha of Jupiter is running from 15-7-2020 to 13-6-2021 is sensitive for Iran . in this pratyaanyar Iran. America conflict can trigger effecting to the peace of  middle east

Nav smvatsar of Iran 2020

Iran nav samvatsar 24-3-2020: Iranian nav samvat sar starting on 24-3-2020 is starting with cancer lagna .See mars and Saturn conjunction  in seventh house of war. Saturn is providing affliction to lagna lord moon and both lumanaries are afflicted in ninth house. These indication in nav samvatsar 2020 shows conflict and war like condition with USA