Tension in middle east in coming time

Tension in middle east in coming time

US president Donald trump started with an intention   to resolve peace between Israel and Palestinian. With the intention Trump Administration  unveiled the plan in the  white house press conference alongside Israeli prime minister Bejamin Netanyahu    on January 28, 2020. Palestinian representatives were not invited. In this press conference PM Netanyahu announced that Israeli government  would immediately annex the jordhan valley and west banksettlements committing not to create new settlements in area left to the Palestinians for atleast four years. This totally clear that this pact was one sided   and Palestinians representative was not invited in this conference which lead to long un ended disturbances in middle east in coming year. According to horoscope of Israel from astrological  view point.Lets analyze the situation.

Israel got into existence on 14-5-1948 at 15-50 at Tel aviv with virgo lagna , Lagna lord mercury conjunct with sun twelfth lord in ninth house of religion .Due to this reason Israel existence was always challenged by Arab countries for its survival  right from its birth.


Vimshotari mahadasha Mars –Mercury from  5-10-2019 to 1-10-2020

Mahadasha of Mars :Mars mahadasha lord starts from  5-4-2016 to 5-4-2023.Mars mahadasha lord is not well placed in chart of Israel .Twelfth house represent loss ,foreign spy, infiltration from foreign countries. Mars is third lord and eight lord for Virgo lagna lord of two bad houses .Mars represent violence and aggression. So in the mahadasha of any bad antar lord will trigger the aggression and violence between Israel and Palestine.

Antar of mercury from 5-10-2019 to 1-10-2020 is sensitive period for Israel because mercury is with sun twelfth lord of foreign intervention which is in this case lead by America in form of initiative taken by trump admin to propose a peace plan. But Palestinian are not accepting  it which lead wide spread violence  against Israel by Arab countries . During  this period the disturbance will take place between Israel and Palestine  before 1-10-2020.



Anual varshphal for Israel;- :Annual varshphal rising in the horoscope of  Israel is seventy two year is in Scorpio lagna  is the third house of  natal horoscope  represent neighbor country. As Israel is surrounded by  enemy countries .In varshphal apply vimshotari mahadasha of natal horoscope .Mars –mercury running from 5-10-2019 to 1-10-2020. In this varshphal  mars in eighth house is   in rahu-ketu axis aspect by retro Saturn from second house. Mercury antar lord is in sixth house of wars and dispute with twelfth lord venus is also not good which will Leads to dispute and violence with Palestine.


Seventy three varshphal  for Israel  :In Seventy three  year varshphal .Pisces lagna is rising seventh house of natal horoscope .In pisces lagna horoscope apply natal vimshotari dasha with mars –mercury running from   5-10-2019 to 1-10-2020. Mars mahadasha lord in twelfth house again a bad house ,mercury antar lord in third house  with sixth lord sun ,eight lord Venus infiltration and war like situation with Arab world. Disturbance in middle east is clearly visible in seventy three varshphal  of Israel