Making India  a 5 trillion dollar economy  dream of PM Narender Modi

Making india  a 5 trillion dollar economy  dream of PM Narender Modi

PM Narender Modi  set a goal or vision to make India a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024-25  .Since so much unrest and tension is going in the country in which CAA pro and CAA opposing people are standing against each other. But our beloved  PM Narender Modi is ahead in his mission to make India a super power for future.As this is   PM  Narender Modi mission so his stars has to be seen in this connection with  the horoscope of independent India .


Pm Narender Modi has Scorpio lagna with lagna lord  mars in lagna with debilitated moon ninth lord forming a raj yoga combination .Debilitation of moon is been cancelled due to  own house mars in scorpio .

At present PM Narender Modi is running vimshotari dasha  of moon from 12-12-2010 to 12-12-2020.This mahadasha of moon  will give  him the best result .He became  prime minister of India in this mahadasha  of moon . Moon is ninth lord of luck for scorpio lagna.Moon is with technical planet mars , which shows his thinking to make India a most advanced industrial nation in the world but  moon mahadasha will be over by 12-12-2020 and mars mahadasha will start by 13-12-2020 for seven years .Mars position in horoscope of PM Narender Modi is not so good .Mars is sixth lord and lagna lord for scorpio lagna .Mars is debilitated  in d-9 and in eighth  house in d-10 .So he will face lot of difficulty in making India a 5 trillion dollar economy.


Horoscope of independent India::According to horoscope of india  concentration of five planet in third house ,so great advantage for india to become super power in area of digital technology  in the  world.Space and aviation  is also another sector  in which India will excel.

Vimshotari Mahadasha  of moon from 4-9-2015 to 3-9-2025: India is running the vimshotari   mahadasha of moon .Moon in posited in third house with four planets with sixth and lagna lord venus .Third house represent ,railways ,communication ,space , internet . Digital technology achievements will  be  the one  of area  in which india will be emerge as super power .

Bhrigu transit of Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius

Saturn will  transit in Capricorn 24-1-2020 from 10-5-2022 .From here  transit Saturn  natal depositor  natal Saturn is in third house with four planet which will indicate emerges of india in the sector relating to third house  like railways ,communication ,space , internet .digitations or digital achievements

Satrun will  transit in Aquarius on 10-5-2022 onwards in tenth house it will strengthen in the central government its  natal depositor natal Saturn in third house will produce the same results with much more efficiency .