Nav samvatsar 2020 Hindu new year future for India


Nav samvatsar 2020 Hindu new year future for India

India  is entered in   hindu new year  which  started  on 24-3-2020 at 14-59 hrs new delhi. This hindu new year is special in various sense. Ongoing covid-19 pandemic will   lose its foot hold in the start of hindu new year. Specially with the entry  of sun in aries sign on 13-4–2020 and with the start of first week of may with rising of temperature with more then 36 degree .Corona virus will become weak and ineffective to cause epidemic havoc  in india


With cancer lagna rising ninth house of horoscope of beloved PM Narender Modi .Ninth house represent present punyas. With the  result accumulated  present punyas of this life of   PM Narender Modi India will be saved from havoc of epidemic named covid -19.Cancer lagna lord moon in ninth house of dharma which will raise the spiritual values in people of india and  will save them from covid-19  epidemic .Since their  is no relation between sixth lord Jupiter with PAC [position aspect conjunction] with lagna lord moon so covid-19 will break down in between when sun will enter aries sign .Sixth lord represent disease and moon represent  body of india  in nav samavatsar 2020.See the position of d-9 navamsha with Aquarius lagna rising with Saturn own house in lagna shows the strong will of king PM Narender  Modi to get india out of this problem.In Nav Samvatsar 2020 shows affliction to lagna lord moon through sun and aspect of Saturn from  seventh house .Aspect of Saturn and Mars on lagna indicate panic to public whole year .

Second house :Indicate financial condition of india .Sixth and ninth lord Jupiter aspect second house with second lord sun in ninth house of luck with shubhkatri i around sun with venus  in second house to sun and mercury in  twelfth house to sun. with fall in share market and drastic fall in financial status .Hindu new year indicate some relief  in financial status of india  with strong center with PM Narender Modi will be able to control the falling status of Indian economy .

Third house and fourth house:Risng sign in third house in Virgo its lord posited in eight house .Third house indicate relation with neighbour countries will be fragile specially with Pakistan and china .specially vast changes is  going to occur  with these countries with specially  Pakistan .See seventh house of war contain two malefic Saturn and mars .Fourth house contain libra sign aspect by its lord venus. Fourth house is aspect by one malefic Saturn from seventh house.and mars another malefic aspect  venus fourth lord. So lot of  unrest in home environment . It also indicate home ministry .Home minister Amit shah should take care of his security.

Fifth and sixth house :Fifth house  has scorpio sign its lord mars conjunct with Saturn in seventh house .Strong sentiments and emotion will be shown by people to deal with anti national forces .Their will be  unrest and panic all over the year in regards different issue which will come up time by time in coming months .Specially fifth and seventh month starting from 24—3-2020 will be very crucial .Sixth house contain Jupiter own house in last degree in Sagittarius  sign and ketu retro moving towards scorpio .Jupiter is jeev according to bhrigu astrology and ketu the trouble maker is aheading towards scorpio.ketu is unable to swallow jeev Jupiter so corona virus will loose its impact on Indian soil with the start of 11 april -2020 and vanish in first week of may.Large investment will be made on military sector this year.

Seventh house and eight house: Seventh has own  Saturn with his worst enemy mars exalted   seventh house. Seventh house also a marak  bhav contain two malefic planets which  is not good .Seventh house represent wars with border countries .In seventh month starting from 24-3-2020 some sharp verbal enmity may take place with Pakistan .Sharp changes may take place in foreign policy of india .Lagna is government seventh is opposition one may see the role of opposition in regards in relation with center government. Eighth  house contain  mercury eighth  lord in own saturn indicate large researches will undertake upon innovation in karkas related with mercury .Mercury is  third lord   which also  indicate relation with  countries which are in east direction   to india  will under go sharp changes.

Ninth house and tenth house .Ninth house indicate dharma .Lagna lord moon in ninth house with second lord moon indicate people will more religious observe religious  rituals. Saturn in seventh house indicate opposition aspect moon and ninth house.So opposition  which  will turn no stone to instigate  minority community against majority community .Tenth house indicate karmas or working of  government at center. .Government will take strict and hard decision to observe rules and regulation in india. Its every decision  will be for welfare of  people of india will be criticized   baselessly by opposition. More and more hard decision will be taken to implement  caa, npr,and nrc .Since mars is aspect its own sign aries and  mars is also exalted  so no power can derail PM Narender Modi government from its motive to implement these decisions  .Eleventh lord venus the house of gains in tenth house indicate the good decision taken by government will boost the economy in time of recession  created by  epidemic covid -19

Eleventh house and twelfth house: Eleventh house is vacant eleventh lord in tenth house aries aspect by exalted mars indicate tough efforts taken by government to boost economy which will not be liked by opposition .Mars is influenced by Saturn in seventh house of opposition. Eleventh also represent amendment in continuation which will  introduced by government will be unnecessarily criticized by opposition. These amendments will receive good response by judiciary due to  aspect of ninth lord Jupiter from sixth house. Twelfth house has rahu which represent minority community

its depositor   mercury of eight house shows sharp difference of opinion with government decision. Since mercury two –twelfth position to mars in seventh house. Jupiter in rahu ketu axis in sixth as ninth house of dharma what does this indicate sharp difference in opinion between majority with minority.

Mercury king of year and moon prime minister of year is good indication for year .One negativity   in this combination is mercury as king in eight house a trikh house .and moon in ninth house afflicted by aspect from satrun. High pitch of public sensitivity.

On 22-11-2020 Jupiter will renter Capricorn conjunct with Saturn .India and world should prepare for big change .