Mesh or aries Sanskranti  controlled influence of covid-19

Mesh or aries Sanskranti  controlled influence of covid-19

Mesh sanskranti is starting on13-4-2020 on 20-27 hrs delhi with libra lagna rising .  With the help of mesh sankranti we can access astrologically the power of  covid -19 epidemic  power to infect people for one month .With stay of sun in aries sign the power of covid 19 will be assessed which will decide its  stay in india .

mesh sankranti chart


With the libra lagna rising lagna lord venus in eight house shows difficult period ahead . Libra sign is sixth house rising in the horoscope of independent  india .sixth house represent disease ,hospital ,police,health workers . Jupiter sixth lord aspect  venus in mesh sankranti chart in eighth  house is a good sign .It shows low death rate as compared to recovering of people from covid -19 disease .Lagna has aspect of  exalted  sun from seventh house shows  resistance of  lagna or people recovered from the infection of covid -19.Rising navamsha d-9 is Aries sign  seventh house of d-1 .again has exalted sun which increase the resistance of general people against this pandemic COVID-10 .

Vimshotari dasha running in present is ven-ven-mars- to ven –ven-rahu   from 13-2-2020 to29-4-2020 then change of pratyaanter from 29-4-2020 to 29-10-2020.

In vimshotari dasha of ven-ven-rahu is running from 29-4-2020 onwards .Apply rahu pratyaanter upto 14-5-2020 which will give result of communal frenzy will scale new height. Due  to position of rahu in ninth house of  dharma.Rahu represent minority community and  IS two –twelfth to anter lord venus .Rahu depositor mercury is debilitated in sixth house one of bad house also aspect by saturn from fourth house. These communal problems will be handled toughly by ministry of home affairs ,fourth represent home ministry.

Only condition of sun is help full in this chart which also represent government. Which show hard efforts taken by government will be successful in controlling covid -19