Bhrigu Muni is doing conversation with his son Shukracharya ji ;

According to planetary combinations of this horoscope the native must be beautiful having charming personality . She must be a sophisticated lady and expert in managing household work. She will enjoy all luxuries of life like vehicles,servants and ornaments .There is Possibility of gains from land. Her behavior and attitude towards life is good but still suffers with some problems These problems are not occurring due to deeds[Karmaas] done by you in this birth but done by you in your last birth .By doing salvation of your last birth deeds you can vanish many problems and hurdles of this life and ca lead a happy and successful life.


The native was born in a well to do family.She was very beautiful and enjoying all facilities and amenities of life She was managing his family and home very well  but his husband died after some years of her marriage. She was very God fearing lady and spent lot of time in religious work and charities and help the needy persons .At that time she was very young and beautiful and one day she was attracted towards a man and had physical relation with him and she conceived but when she came to know about that she is pregnant she aborted the child and this sin was added to her destiny


For this Bhrigu muni has suggested some remedies.By doing these remedies the native can get relief from problems and can live a happy life.

Prescribed Remedies;

Chant the following Mantra[108×3=324] times a day


And feed the needy persons or Brahmins and pay some donation also.

By performing all these you will also get your next birth in well placed family.

Year wise detail

In first and second year the native suffered some common pediatric problems like stomach upsetting ,tooth pain etc. by these problems her mother got tensed sometimes .

During third to fifth years of age it was beneficial period for the father but some problems to mother but the time passed smoothly .The native also suffers some skin problems like acne during this period

During six to nine years of age the native enjoyed her childhood and spent her time with her friends in playing ,studies etc. This was very beneficial period for her father.

During seven to twelve years of age she became very attractive and charming and enjoyed all luxuries and amminities .The native’s father is a God fearing person Good gains can also seen during this period  by her father.

During thirteen to sixteen years of age all her wishes be fulfilled.

During seventeen to twenty one years of age she got the result of efforts done by her.She did lot of hard work and also enjoyed this period. Some auspicious occasion also take place on which her family expend lot of money. Durin g this period  she also earned some name and fame.

During twenty two to thirty years of age it was good period for rise in fortune.Planetary positions were also good .She enjoyed her family life during this period. Some auspicious occasions also take place .During this period she also visited some religious place or any pilgrimage place. At this time she was benefited by luxurious item and spent a good time. This was a period of lot of gains and expenditure as well. This was a satisfactorily period.for you.

During thirty one to forty years of age the native will keep busy herself in good deeds and efforts.She will try to keep happy herself and other people attached to her .This time is  favorable for name and fame. Possibility of gains from property or any financial gains can be seen during this period. Your devotion towards God or spirituality will also increase during this time. Some problem can also take place but it will be vanished due to effect of your good deeds or spirituality.

During forty one to fifty years the time will pass smoothly with few problems related to family member but all problems will be vanished. All your wishes will be fulfilled. You will keep yourself busy in spiritual work and devotion towards God. The native will also help the needy persons and feel a sense of satisfaction.

After sixty nine years your wishes will be fulfilled. You will enjoy a happy family life. Some physical problems like gastric upsetting can take place. You will enjoy this period by keeping yourself busy by praying God and meditations etc.

Life span is good and leave your body in good time and position.