Vrish or Taurus  sankranti increased influence of covid-19

Vrish or Taurus  sankranti increased influence of covid-19

India has entered into vrish or taurus sankranti on  14-5-2020 at17-37 new delhi  .In  my previous article I showed that  , the exaltation of sun is  one positive factor  which provided  good resistance of covid-19 patient with their  high speed  recovery  and high  morale  of  treating doctors and nursing staff in aries sankanti i .Now in vrish sankrati libra lagna is rising sixth house  [which is the house of disease]  in the horoscope of independent india  ,with lagna lord  venus   retro in eighth  house with mercury ninth and twelfth lord and sun eleventh lord.This combination has an aspect of Jupiter sixth lord from fourth house

Vrish or Taurus  sankranti chart

All this combination above depict increased influence of covid -19 due to aspect of mars ,which is  markesh for libra lagna and malefic sun in eighth  house .Still the death  rate   will be low as compared with the recovery rate.Covid -19 will enter third stage which will  create  havoc in western state and central india specially capital. Vrish sanskranti will continue upto 14-6-2020 .See the position of navmansha  d-9 of vrish sankranti with Capricorn lagna  with eighth  lord sun in lagna and saturn retro in third house  aspect by mars from twelfth  house which shows    loss and hospitalization   as fourth and eleventh lord shows chaos and trouble in  all over india. With more and more patient will be admitted to hospital lead to collapsing of medical system. Affliction  to satrun in d-9’ shows trouble due to migrating labour which  will increase the covid -19 in villages .Central government  can face many problems for handling covid-19.

Another prospect in navamsha d-9 the aspect of retro Saturn  from third house to fourth and eleventh lord mars in twelfth house indicate fire fights and verbal fights between india and Pakistan over kashmir  issue..