Bhrigu Muni is conversing with his son Shukracharya ji

According to planetary combination in this horoscope the native should be beautiful, well mannered .After her birth the mother got some problems and father was also tensed due to some circumstances. Her complexion should be wheatish [Neither very fair nor dark] ,medium built .She should be charming and having jolly nature Wealth and happiness do not stable in her life due to some ’Karmaas’[Deeds] done by her in her last birth.Sometimes she got aggressive due to difficulties which are coming in her life

Last Birth

In her last birth she was born in a brahmin family and having all facilities and amenities of life.She was married to a very nice and cool minded person and fulfill all requirements of the family .He worked in an ’ASHRAM’ from where he earned an average income by which he can fulfill only necessities of his family but this native was very demanding and always demands for precious jewellery and clothes and when he was not able to fullfill her demands she fights with him and it became a routine ;The desires of this native were continuously rising and he was not able to fullfill her demands .Fights were also became a routine and by this her husband was  fedup and left the home and went to a forest where he spent his life in ’TAPASYA’ and gave curse to his wife.


IF the native want to correct her mistakes done by her in last birth she should do regular prayer to God and chant the following Mantra ;


Chant this Mantra 108 times and all your wishes will be fulfilled .


In first and second year the parents were happy and enjoy her childhood. Some physical problems [paedeatric] were occurred but all problems were vanished with the time.

From third to fifth year  the native enjoyed his time by playing in her peer group. Her personality was very attractive and was very charming .During this period some minor physical problems came but these were also vanished with the time.

From six to nine years the native became very naughty Expenses of parents were increased . The native’s father earned name and fame during this period. Gains can be seen during this period in the native’s family.

From ten to fifteen years of life it was good period .Some auspicious occasions were also take place during this time in which family friends and relatives also came on this occasion.

During sixteen  to twenty years native’s father earned name and fame.All efforts done by native’s father  gave fruitful results.This native enjoyed all luxuries of life like jewellery ,clothes etc. During this period. During this period you earned a good position and respect in the society. The  native did all work brilliantly and efficiently and spent this time smoothly .Some problems were also occurred during this period but problems were sort out with the time. The native was also attracted towards someone during this time .Some physical problems were also occurred during this time but were cured by the medicines.

During twenty to twenty six years some problems were appeared suddenly due to this problems  some tensions were created but these problems were solved by the grace of God and ’PUNYA KARMAAS’[GOOD  DEEDS] done by you in your last birth. This time native got the results of efforts done by her personally. This period was also a mixed period of success and some problems but generally time was average.

During twenty six to thirty years the native had all prosperity and luxuries. She also earned a good name in her society. Some problems or difference of opinion also take place with his partner during this time. The time was passed with mixed experience due to your good ’KARMAAS’[DEEDS] done by you

During thirty one to forty years all your wishes were fullfilled You earned a lot of name and fame in your society and in even in your relatives and friends. You also had a good planetary combination of getting property or land during this time. Some auspicious occasion also take place .

During forty one to fifty years the native will become little spiritual and will be devoted towards God. She will enjoy all facilities of life. She will also earn a good name and respect in the society and will enjoy time with her family. Gains can be seen during this period.

During fifty one to sixty five years some auspicious occasion will take place in the family. The native will also involved in religious work and will do lot of charities and donations,. She will also visit to some pilgrimages and devotion towards God will also increase. Some physical problem can also take place by which you will be afraid but it will be cured after treatment. And will enjoy a happy life.

After sixty five years you will be devoted towards God and will enjoy this time .You will born in a very respectable family in your next birth

You have good life span