Seventy four year of India, disturbing pattern at home


India is entering seventy forth year on 15-8-2020 at 00-01 hrs delhi .India is facing crises after crises  like corona ,delhi riots on NRC,CAA,stand off between india and china in galwan ladakah.Whole 2020 is very crucial year for india .But only one relaxation point is there that  we are protected by  hard working king PM Narender modi at centre . For analyzing seventy four year we have to see the varshphal and sudershan chakra in   coordination with  vimshottari dasha of india


India has Taurus  lagna with lagna lord in third house of preaching .This is sanyasas yoga .But at the same time this combination is forming in third house of  neighbor countries .So from its birth india has troubled by Pakistan and china. Now   new sensation Nepal has come into picture claiming our land his territory.


Varshphal for seventy four year:

Sagittarius  lagna is rising in scenario with lagna lord Jupiter in lagna with ketu is positive indication. Strong government at centre under Pm Narender modi .They will handle all rogue elements in country which will disturb peace environment of our country opposing NRC CAA, laws passed by government.These  bills passed by PM Narender modi government will applied fully in all parts of country will lead to its protest will handled effectively by   bjp government at center. Affliction to fourth house by mars and aspect of Saturn  and fourth lord Jupiter in rahu-ketu axis is clear indication for coming time about the home environment of our country. These are the indications  of disturbed pattern of home environment which will be created by opponent of Pm Narender modi. Rising lagna  of varshphal is in eight house of natal horoscope of independent  india .Eight house  represent uncertainties ,trouble and problem to nation. Ninth house and ninth lord are also clear indication of events will happen in time to come in india in seventy forth year.Ninth lord in eight house in opposition to Saturn with tenth lord mercury in eight house indicate communal frenzy mood of minorities community against  legislation of bill passed in past and also in future  like uniform civil code in parliament Malefic influence on forth house also shows heavy industrialization in technical sector in india.

[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]


sudershan chakra













Sudershan chakra seventy forth year: Modified sudershan chakra which progress only from lagna .Second comes into progression from lagna comes  with Gemini sign rises with position of violent mars is posited in it. Mars is  malefic for Taurus lagna .as a twelfth lord it shows expenditure on modernization of defense sector .This year and next year will be remembered for modernization  program   taken by PM Narender modi government for military. Because mars is senapati in natural karka  in list of  planets .As a twelfth lord also shows expenditure on war in second house of finance .War like position cannot be ruled with Pakistan .Long standoff will continue with china in ladakh but no war will take place .Mars signifies war,violence ,fire,arms  ,ammunition .whenever in sudershan chakra is progression it is not well placed and have bad lordship  according to lagna then it will contribute these signification mention above .And this same  progression in horoscope of india will give these negative signification for Taurus  lagna because of its seventh and twelfth lord.

Vimshotari dasha of moon –Saturn  from 4-12-2019 to4-7-2021:The so called sensation,  case of sushant singh  rajput in mahadasha of moon and anter of Saturn and pratyaantar  of venus  from 28-6-2020 to2-10-2020.this will provide havoc for uddhav thackery government in Maharashtra. Venus  is karka for films and   cinema .and badly sandwich in Saturn behind and sun ahead degree wise will last nail in uddhav government in Maharashtra.

Next pratyaantar  of Sun: Sun pratyaanter starting from 2-10-2020 to 31-10-2020 will be very alarming pratyanater .Big upheavals will take place in india in sun pratyaanter in anter of Saturn and mahadasha of moon. See the position of sun in navamsha in d-9 sixth lord in lagna badly aspect by mars and Saturn.

Transit of Jupiter in capricorn [maker]:Jupiter will enter Capricorn on 21-11-2020 joining  Saturn  will bring a great and drastic changes in india and all around world .Since  Capricorn house is ninth house of horoscope of india which represent religious matter ,judiciary ,foreign relation etc.