Seventy one year of PM Narender Modi future ahead

Seventy one year of PM Narender Modi future ahead

PM Narender modi is entering in  seventy one year starting on 17-9-2020 at 12-09pm . PM Narender modi has faced lot of struggles after becoming PM of india from 2014 onwards .His enemies  grew  day by day  but he defeated them..Who so ever tried to question his sincere devotion to serve his motherland bharat were defeated .Their face turn pale yellow and has to face the wrath of mother goddess or nature..   We will analyze future of Pm Naerendra Modi in his 71th year  through   varshphal, modified sudershan chakra ,bhrigu transit and vimshotari dasha

horoscope of PM Narender modi

Varshphal of 71th  year of PM Narender modi:PM Narender modi varshphal  lagna rising in his horoscope is tula or libra lagna which is his twelfth house from natal horoscope which is scorpio lagna and natal moon lagna which is also same.Twelfth house signifies foreign travels .In PM Narender modi horoscope signifies more foreign travelling and less stay in PMO .More intensifies efforts to counter terrorism  sponsored by Pakistan and to isolate china in world .in varshphal libra lagna is rising with lagna lord venus is posited in tenth house  aspect by malefic Saturn and mars .These are the indications  of his hard mood to deal with enemies  inside and outside of the  countries . This is  very hard time for our beloved PM Narender modi.He will destroy all his enemies  or silent  them on every front.

Vimshotari dasha running at present  moon-sun from 12-6-2020 to 12-12-2020  in natal horoscope : Superimposing  the  natal mahadasha on varsh phal of  71th  year .Moon mahadasha lord is tenth lord  lord of varshphal aspect by sixth lord Jupiter  .Two important issues  will make him busy upto 12-12-2020.That is covid-19  and tension with china in ladakah .Both are ruled by sixth lord Jupiter by its aspect on tenth lord moon in eleventh house..Anter lord sun will rule upto 12-12-2020 in the mahadasha of moon in twelfth house as eleventh lord of gain with twelfth and ninth lord of luck mercury. He will excels in international arena with so many number of friends  America ,Russia ,japan,australia .All of them supporting  PM Narender modi in fight against china .In varshphal navamsha third house and third sun is under affliction indicates his tough stand against china and Pakistan in  time to come. In varshphal ninth lord is  under multiple affliction first by rahu, then by sun, and aspect of retro saturn and mars indicate he will under   the wrath of minority  community due to implementation of CAA,NRC,etc.

Mars –mars from  12-12-2020  to10-5-2021 :Change of mahadasha will result in great changes in the horoscope of PM Narender modi .Super imposing this mahadasha on natal varshphal of seventy one year indicates great promise but  with struggle for PM Narender modi.Since  mars in markesh for tula or libra lagna rising in natal varshphal chart so struggle will be there .Since mars is retro and aspect  varshphal lagnesh  shows very tough and more aggressive  stand against china and Pakistan .in varshphal navamsha d-9 mars in twelfth house as eleventh lord shows gain with overseas relation with foreign  countries .Since its aspect to third house indicate very tough action against Pakistan in anter of mars in mahadasha of mars .

sudershan chakra

[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

Sudershan chakra  progression : in modified sudershan chakra in horoscope of PM Narender modi is running the progression of  seventy one year which is eleventh house of natal horoscope .Eleventh house represent   gain and friendship and recognition .Since tenth lord sun in posited with retro mercury eleventh lord and ketu . Malefic planets are good in 3,6,11house  according to parashari.So PM Narender modi with great struggle will win over his enemy inside and outside country .He will gain some big international awards in this running year.

Mahadasha of Moon- sun from 12-6-2020 to 12-12-2020. It is significant mahadasha and anter of sun due to chhidrah dasha ,ending of moon mahadasha and starting of mars mahadasha .Generally chhiddra is  between mahadasha  starting of one mahadasha and ending of one mahadasha are generally  the period of change may be painful or may be good.  In the maha dasha  and anter of moon –sun PM Narender modi  faced the influence of corona in india .Since sun is tenth lord in eleventh  house with ketu represent keet or virus ,so he has to tackle corona epidemic in anter of sun .

Now come mahadasha of mars and anter of mars I from12-12-2020 to 10-5-2021 .This  mahadasha is watchful for PM Narender modi due to presence of mars in lagna as lagna lord and sixth lord  with ninth lord moon. Sixth represent enemy and army and mars is commander in chiefand ninth represent luck. So he will made  india  a supreme super power in mahadasha of mars .Since mars is technical planet represent arms and ammunition  so modernization of military will take place dueto  presence of enemy china and Pakistan in neighbour .Indian military fully loaded modern arms and ammunition to tackle china.In moon- sun and mars –mars anter  long standoff will take place with china in whole of LAC specially ladakah .No war will take place dueto  the presence of nuclear weapon  a line of safety between india and china .

Bhrigu transit: Saturn in Capricorn in third house own indicate efforts  to stabilizing relation with neighbour countries. Since Saturn  is malefic so stabilizing relation with foreign will remain a dream .In Bhrigu transit natal depositor natal satrun is in tenth  house of karmas show  superiority of karmas because two benefic s first venus and another Jupiter is aspect natal Saturn in tenth house.PM Narender will receive world wide recognition in this period.

Jupiter will transit in Capricorn on 21-11-2020 its debilitated sign .Double bhrigu transit is happening in third house of PM Narender modi, and in ninth house of india

Joint transit of saturn ,Jupiter in third house  of  horoscope of PM Narender modi indicates  digital revolution ,building of roads near border area .and also modernization  of railways and mode of telecommunication.

A great indication of india of becoming a super power.