Change of sign of Rahu –ketu in Taurus -Scorpio axis and its impact on world

Change of sign of Rahu –ketu in Taurus -Scorpio axis and its impact on world

 Slow moving planet Rahu –ketu is has changed sign on 19-9-2020 on 20-34 hrs has a great impact on the whole  world .Since another slow moving planet Saturn  and Jupiter will conjunct for a period of one year in Capricorn on 16-11-2020 will change the world scenario combined with rahu and ketu in Taurus Scorpio axis for period of roughly one and a  half year .America ,Russia ,India ,Israel  Australia  Japan all these countries are suffering from pandemic  covid -19 which badly affect  their economy .This covid-19 virus will  be a turning point in changing the whole world political scenario  specially when rahu-ketu will change sign when they will enter Taurus  -Scorpio axis .For study for impact of Rahu –ketu transit in sign Taurus -scorpio axis lets study the horoscope of major power of the world which influence world politics.


USA:USA has leo or singh lagna worst affected  by covid-19 .Rahu-ketu in has  chart  in  transit  in Gemini –Sagittarius axis of five –eleven axis .Gemini contain four planet sun,mars ,venus,Jupiter in turn aspect by Saturn sixth and seventh lord .Sixth represent disease and dispute ,seventh house represent war also house of death.USA is  badly affected by covid-19 .Due to this  U.S.A is  in war like position with china who is responsible for spreading  of covid -19 in USA.Rahu-ketu  chanfed his  sign from  19-9-2020 entering in four –ten axis of horoscope ..Rahu entering in tenth house in taurus  will have great impact on USA. First rahu is  kaal will leave natal Jupiter [jeev]  according to bhrigu astrology In  Gemini sign  will release USA from the impact of covid-19 catastrophe and also settled  racial dispute  in USA .Jupiter is life force in natal horoscope and when ever  rahu  in transit over natal Jupiter it is time of problem like ,disease ,fights and war in the horoscope of nation and individual. Rahu –ketu changing of sign will give relief to USA from covid-19 and regain of strength of which was scattered  due to covid-19 .Transit of Jupiter in Capricorn conjoining Saturn  in sixth house are indication of involvement of USA in war like conflict with some major  country  could be Iran. Rahu coming in transit in tenth house shows difficulties will come in front of coming president after  election of new president in USA. According to bhrigu transit rahu in Taurus  ,its natal depositor venus in eleventh house of gain. Aspect by saturn technical planet conjunct with mars and sun all technical planets large gain which will boost its economy through the sale of arms and amunition.USA will progress with rahu in Taurus .


India: Transit Rahu-ketu will changes sign in transit will come in one –seventh house of india .It is afflicting the lagna and theRohini  nakshtra by crossing mrigsira  nakshtra .Great astrologer friend of Mr.K.N.RAO.late shri Hardev Sharma have indicated in his panchang vishvavijay that whenever rahu in Taurus  comes in the lagna of india it is the time of trouble for india.Rahu transit in Taurus  give rise to growth  unscrulous and  rogue elements which will create the environment of tension in india.The significance of rahu will come into importance .Rahu represent cinema  or screen .People related with this profession  or cinema or arts and television will in grave trouble.   Rahu also represent intoxicants ,with rahu transit in sign tarsus which represents area of mouth or face or lips in natural kalchakra of human body .Taurus  is also sign of cinemas and television so transit of rahu  in this sign indicate intoxicants taken by mouth represent by Taurus   will under scanner of NCB.After the death of film actor sushant sinngh rajput.india is running in   Vimshotari dasha of moon –Saturn –venus  from 28-6-2020 to2-10-2020 has  provide negative impact on film industry.NCB will fully remove the poison of drugs and intoxicants from film industry. Rahu transit in Taurus   for one and a  half year  will fully regularized the film  industry .More honest tradition of making flims on pro vale of sanathan dharma will be made. Communal frenzy and caste politics will be on peak in the transit  of rahu in one –seven axis of horoscope of india.But at last PM Narender modi will emerge successful at last as PM of india defeating  all his enemy inside and outside india



Russia federation :Russia born after breaking away of soviet union as independent  country on 12-6-90,13-45hrs Moscow with virgo lagna an honest friend of india. In horoscope of russia  lagna lord in ninth house with twelfth lord sun.Mars aspect lagna shows aggressive tendency of Russia.Rahu-ketu is on Taurus -scorpio axis on his lagna lord mercury in ninth house with twelfth lord sun . Affliction  to lagna lord  mercury by transit rahu is indication war mongering mood of Russia in tussle with NATO  block of lead by  America. In   nagorno-karabakh conflict between Azerbaijan, Armenia conflict Russia is backing Armenia and azerbaijan is backed by turkey ,question arises here  is  whether Russia will enter in this fight? And  arswer is- No Russia will back Armenia and with its arms  and ammunition to Armenia but will not enter into this conflict. if Russia will enter into this conflict it will be  kind of start of world war – 3,   means  destruction of world and nature will not let this happen .There  is no indication of third world war.Only partial war will take place in different parts  of world.Rahu transit in ninth house shows Russia indication  against  terrorism   in azerbaijan and Armenia conflict.Rahu in Taurus  its natal depositor venus in eight house shows tough time for Russia.


Pakistan :Pakistan is ruled by Aries lagna and mostly operated by china think tank. At present Pakistan  is actively participating in backing  azerbaijan in battle against Armenia, But his aim will not be fulfilled here as this battle will stop after some time. But what will happen when   rahu -ketu transit in Taurus  –scorpio axis in two ,eight axis of death and finance. Eighth house  represent death and second represent finance .Pakistan will suffer heavily economically due to  transit of rahu in second house of finance .Rahu depositor venus is in forth in papkatri ,with sun ahead degree wise and Saturn  behind worst malefic .Pakistan in future will become total slave of china and their will total restlessness  in public. .In  near future Pakistan  will be indulging in small border clash with India between venus –saturn-saturn  period from 21-10-2020 to23-4-2021


Turkey:Turkey is emerging leader in Islamic world.Its  involvement  in  Azerbaijan, Armenia conflict well known. Turkey involvement in future wars   is  indicated in its horoscope with the influence of mars on tenth house as sixth lord.Rahu –ketu in transit in six-twelfth axis is not good .Coming eclipse of 14-12-2020  and start of of sun –mars from 27-12-2020 will result into indulging in live war which will cost him devastating .


Israel: Israel  is enjoying peace and  getting recognized by Arab world due to American  pro Israel diplomacy. Rahu ketu  axis is  running over three –nine axis over lagna lord mercury. Israel may suffer from internal problem as some groups  are protesting against PM benjamin Netanyahu.  Tenth lord mercury in ninth house under affliction from transit rahu-ketu axis indicate trouble this side .Otherwise Israel will progress in coming time due to its export of arms and ammunition to different countries in world. Israeli drones are providing havoc in Armenia by Azerbaijan battlle.Since Israel is running the mahadasha of mars in twelfth house  which indicate prosperity of Israel by exporting arms and ammunition.