Declining trend of congress-i-2

Declining trend of congress-i-2

Congress –I  is entering into forty forth year on 2-1-2021.with Sonia Gandhi its president trying every possible move to persue   his son Rahul Gandhi to become its president going waste. Rahul Gandhi is reluctant  for becoming president of congress-I dueto  his past performances .In my pervious article I have pointed out that Jupiter-moon period in the  horoscope of congress-I started  from 20-6-2020 to20-10-2021 will prove bad for congress-I .We have seen  many young leaders of congress-I either   seen in picture of rebelling  against party high command or either leaving the membership of congress-I .From now onwards after   some months  starting from  2 jan-2021 congress-1 will enter forty forth year leaving forty third year .this year is very crucial for congress-i.  For analyzing forty forth year we will study the varshphal  and sudershan chakra for forty fourth year of congress-I combined with muddha dasha of varshphal ,vimshotari dasha  combined with  bhrigu transit.

horoscope of congress-i

Varshphal of forty forth year:Congress-I will enter forty fourth year with pisces sign rising as  lagna.


Important feature of forty forth varsh phal lagna:

1]Dwi janam  lagna  as same lagna is repeating in varshphal of janam or birth lagna .Which  is ominous sign .

2]Lagna lord of varshphal is debilitated Jupiter in eleventh house with twelfth and eleventh lord Saturn in eleventh house.

3] Progression navamsha is pisces  which again repeating in navamsha d-9 of varshphal.

4] See the position of fifth house and fifth lord moon .Aspect of mars and malefic Saturn from  eleventh house. Debilitated Jupiter also not helping aspect wise on varshpahal moon fifth lord.  All these combination shows younger generation of party will suffer heavily .Either leave the party or more younger people will become dissident  or revolt against   party    high command.

Tripataki chakra:

In tripatakhi cahkra see affliction to moon which is fifth lord for varshphal lagna and also karka for mind and public sensitivity  .Moon  is aspect by mars, rahu and satrun in tripataki chakra. There will great unrest in leader of party against party ruler against dynasty politics .Young brigade either leave party or speak in public against party dynasty rule . Not a good  year for  young leader of congress-i.

sudershan chakra

Sudershan chakra:In  sudershan chakra we are taking lagna only for progression .As per progression congress-I will enter into forty forth year .This comes to eighth  house the house of death or death like suffering. In sudershan chakra forty forth year comes to libra sign heavily afflicted . Debilitated  retro mars ,Saturn  aspect libra  sign eight house in progression,after that malefic sun with eighth  lord Venus in tenth house not a good indication for coming leader who will become president of this party after present part president .In this year lot of trouble and problem will come on  its way. May be possible some coalition  government may fall due  to lack of coordination between ruling partners to whom congress-I is giving support in maharashtra. Some death of big leader may be in news because eight house is house of death and mourning.

Mudda dasha of varshphal

Mudda   dasha   of moon starting from 23-3-2021 to 21-4-2021 will be trouble creating dasha for roughly one month .In varshphal moon is fifth lord badly aspect by malefic mars and Saturn    two hard core malefic. Aspect  of debility .ated Jupiter will elevate or provide protection to party youngster politicians .Moon is alsofifth  lord of  thinking ,mind, value. All this  indication indicates  the start of depression in the party. Same will happens in the months of mudda dasha of mars starting from 21-4-2021 to 13-5-2021 and Saturn  starting from 21-8-2021 to 21-10-2021 .Caste and communal politics played by party will be criticized  by public which will earns a bad name to the party. See the affliction to moon in varshphal chart in tri Pataki chakra, and in varshphal navamsha.

Vimshotari dahsa of Jupiter –moon from  which is running from 20-6-2020 to 20-10-2021.The malefic effects of Jupiter –moon dasha will be realized after 2-1-2021.Jupiter –moon dasha has given congress-i mixed results more negative results .First  revolt  by sachin pilot,then rebels in congress-I raise trouble for congress-I head.Then trouble of palghar in Maharashtra govt in which it shares power ratio in formation of in state government .Then china policy or any other policy to counter PM Narendetr modi government fails due to majority pm narender modi government at center. Recent election in bihar and in every By election congress-I losses badly in every state.

Only survival for congress-I head Sonia Gandhi: 

horoscope of sonia gandhi

Horoscope of Sonia is only saving grace for congress-I in near future.Sonia Gandhi has got cancer lagna with lagna lord Moon in Twelfth house with aspect of Mars from sixth house as tenth lord yogkarka for cancer lagna forming rajyoga in six twelfth axis .Vimshotari dasha is running  of Venus fourth and eleventh lord of gain with Jupiter  ninth lord of luck. and excellent raj yoga is also forming in fourth house of throne of king so she got elected as president of congress-I in mahadasha of Venus. Till she is running this mahadasha of venus congress-I will survive

Bhrigu transit: Saturn in transit in eleventh house aspect by  natal retro mars  from fifth house and its natal  depositor  natal saturn in sixth house of disease ,dispute ,court case ,fights in which it loses., Aspect of mars on transit Saturn make congress-I aggressive and fast is taking every decision without thinking. In which afterwards   goes wrong to counter PM Narendra  modi.

Latter transit of Jupiter in Capricorn in eleventh house will prove ominous and provide bad luck to congress-i