Bhrigu Muni is conversing with his son Shukracharya Ji

The planetary combination of this horoscope is very good. He is very.Lucky person .First stage of his life should be average.but later he will enjoy all facilities and amenities of life.He will enjoy happy life due to his last birt Karmaas[deeds]. He was a very helping and caring person in his last birth that’s why he will enjoy facilities in his life and will also face some problems due to some wrong deeds that was done by him in his last birth. He must be intelligent and must have a good friends circle. He is an honest and truth speaking person. He will earn a good name and fame in his family. He is a very soft spoken person .Sometimes he became very upset and feels tensed..He can earn from overseas. Sometimes he used to speak some rude words in his family..He can face a big trouble in his life time after that he will think he got a new birth.He is hard working person but do not get desired results ;He do not get desired results due to his last birth curse


He was born in a Kshatriya family in his last birth.He was a very kind and helping person and did a lot of donations and charities and always helped the needy person .All people were satisfied with his behavior  but one day he went to the forest for Preying . He saw an animal behind the tree and think it as a deer and shooted on him and the animal died on the spot when he reached on that spot it was not a deer but a cow’s calf and this calf belonged to a Rishi[saint] who lived there for meditation.When the Rishi his calf is died he came in aggression and gave him a curse .That’s why he is suffering some problems in his birth .If the native wants to vanish his problems he must perform some remedies to vanish the sins of his last birth.


He must chant Gayatri Mantra and must perform Hawan and feed the Brahmins and pay offerings according to your capability.Also made carving on Gold sheet ,do proper worship of that and then donate it to a Brahmin. Also donate some bedding materials like bedsheets ,pillow, mattresses etc. After performing all these remedies your wishes will be fulfilled.


During one to seven years the native faced some general paediatric problems like diarrhea, fever, acne etc. The native also started his education .

During eight to twelve years the native faced some physical problems of cough,gastric troubles etc. but all these problems were vanished by some herbs and medicines. During this period his father earned good wealth but his father also remained tense during this time but not discussed his problems to anyone.

During eight to thirteen years the possibility of going overseas can be seen in the horoscope of the native. Some problems related to eyes can also occur during this period.

During fourteen to twenty years some auspicious occasion takes place in the native’s house. Some physical troubles related to hearing, speech etc, can occur but all these problems vanish after treatment and the time passes smoothlyThese problems vanish due to good Karmaas and donations done by the native and his family..

During twenty eight years to fourty years good planetary combinations were present in the horoscope. Some auspicious occasions also take place like marriage.  During this period giving donation to a very well knowledgeable Brahmin will be beneficial. Then all your wishes will be fulfilled. Sometimes the native get stressed and to get rid from these tensions he must feed monkeys .During this period he will also earn some name and fame in his circle.Good possibility of construction and renovation of house. Some physical trouble can also take place during this period after that the native will feel that he got a new birth.

During forty one to fifty years the native’s work will expand.Some auspicious occasion will also take place.He Will also visit some pilgrimage and will also enjoy other facilities of life.

After sixty one years he will enjoy his family life with his grandsons or daughters .He will also get results of his efforts during this time. He will also get results of Karmaas done by him in this birth.

He will enjoy good life span.

Second bhrigu reading

Bhrigu Muni is conversing with his son Shukracharya Ji

Shree Ganeshaaye Namah

The native born in these planetary combinations is very lucky. .He will enjoy all facilities and luxuries on this earth but also will face some problems due to his last birth Karmaas[deeds] He can face tensions What he thinks do not come in actions and do not get satisfactorily results of his efforts. When any work is going to be completed suddenly some hurdles appear in his life.He must perform pooja of fifth house[House of progeny] sometimes he faces problems and get worried due to his last birth Karmaas[deeds] This native was lucky for his parents In his childhood.

During twenty seven to forty years he can get all facilities in the right order .He will earn good and will enjoy luxuries like vehicles etc. during this time His mind does not remain stable and gets excited like waves in the ocean. Lack of mind of peace can also be seen during this time. The results of his efforts will not be so satisfactory as his expectations. He will get 50% result of his efforts If he will do salvation of his last birth Karmaas[deeds] he can get better results. Then his evils will vanish and his wishes can be fulfilled. He can get benefits only by his own efforts and hard work and can earn name and fame.

From forty one to fifty fifty years your wishes will be fulfilled. He will be blessed with a friend also during this period by whom he can share his all views. His mind will be a little bit confused. Some physical problems can also take place which will be cured after treatment. He can feel stressed by some sudden disturbance in life. Chanting of GAYATRI MANTRA will be beneficial for the native. Feed the Brahmins ,by performing this the native will get happiness in life and will enjoy his full life span. All his worries will vanish. He will think he got a new birth. Expansion in work,monetary gains and a good position can be achieved. Gains from land or property is also possible . He can get a new vehicle also.

Fifty one to sixty six years he will earn a lot but earning and expenditure will run parallel.He will spend money on some auspicious occasion. He will also achieve good reputation and designation. He will spend money  on religious work. Some differences of opinion can also happen in the family[specially with brother or sister]The native will enjoy all the happiness of life.

After sixty seven years good chances of pilgrimage can be seen in the native’s horoscope. He will achieve good position and respect in the society. Construction or renovation of houses is also possible . He will prefer to live a peaceful and easy going life. He will also be devoted towards God and will spend his time praying God.and also will do some charities.By doing this he will feel self satisfaction. He can suffer from cold and cough problems during this period. Chanting of MAHAMRITYUNJAYA MANTRA will be beneficial for him

He will enjoy full life span