Decline trend for thirty first year of Russia

Decline trend for thirty first year of Russia

With the decline trend due to influence of covid-19 all over world economy    especially Russia is watchful. Russia’s   economy is going downward day by day. The Russian economy contracted in quarter 2 by 8 percent and quarter 3  by 3.4 percent. This negative momentum is expected to continue in quarter 4 amidst the resurgence of the pandemic. Russia’s 2020 GDP growth is projected to contract by 6 percent, at eleven-year low. As this is happening with major world economy but at present we are concentrating on Russia alone

When Russia will get out  of this economic depression we will consider its  horoscope with present varshphal and with sudershan chakra with Bhrigu transit and special with  reference to horoscope of Russia president Vladimir Putin

Horoscope of Russia

Russia got into existence on 12-6-1990 ,13-45,hrs,Moscow .with Virgo sign  rising as lagna with lagna lord mercury in ninth house of luck with twelfth lord sun.Due to conjunction of twelfth lord sun with lagna lord creates hurdles in full growth of nation .Since this combination is forming ninth house of religion .Good for blossoming of religious growth from external source. Since twelfth lord  sun is with lagna mercury over expenditure and foreign restriction  and ban from foreign western countries will always be present. Seventh lord Jupiter in tenth house aspect by eighth lord mars indicate presence of  dictatorship of past communism era in hidden way in present Russia   .Eighth  house represent hidden traits of past which is represented by mars .Due to this combination Russia is fast  tilting  towards communist china in present . Typical shakat yoga[Bull cart] of moon in eight Jupiter is also forming which indicate slow progress with lot of hard work.

There are some good combinations in horoscope of Russia:

1]Two technical planet  Saturn retro with Rahu in fifth house with moon shows technical advancement in  sector of defense .Russian defense system S-400 and its advancement in space is unparalleled.

2] Moon as eleventh lord conjunct with Saturn and Rahu shows gain from export of oil in Mahadasha of Rahu which is running in present..Dominance of technical planet over fifth house shows excellent system of technical education and also technical bent of mind of Russian people.  

3] With lot of hurdles in the horoscope of Russia, but it has also an  excellent sequence of vimshotari dasha which start from moon ,mars ,rahu ,Jupiter, Saturn .In the Mahadasha of Jupiter and Saturn Russia will again emerge or regain its status of super power.

Present Vimshotari dasha of Rahu-Sun from 28-8-2020 to 23-7-2021

Rahu Mahadasha : Rahu Mahadasha started on 9-2-2006 which give rise to  Russian crude oil and condensate production  from June2006 reached the post-Soviet maximum of 9.7 million barrels (1,540,000 m3) per day.Since Rahu Mahdasha lord is in fifth house with signify factor  of oil and gas which represented by Saturn and moon. Russia gain in this period due to eleventh lord of gain which give earning from crude oil .Russia export this oil to his friendly countries. Saturn in sixth lord also of defense conjunct with eleventh lord of moon which represent  gain. Russia also gain in this Mahadasha by exporting defense equipment to countries like India and china and also all world. Rahu is again placed in fifth house in navamsha d-9 aspect by eleventh lord mars which represent gain from export of defense equipment. In d-10 rahu is in ninth house with Jupiter eleventh lord of gain .

Anter dasha of sun: Sun anter lord is twelfth lord placed in ninth house with lagna lord and tenth lord  mercury. Ninth house represent foreign policy .We have experienced the shift of Russian foreign policy in favor of china in export of defense equipment rather than India. Sun anter lord in navamsha d-9 in ninth house as eighth  lord aspect by debilitated sixth lord shows dilemma and confusion in top authority and will be  ditch by  China .Since two  bad houses signification of eighth  lord and sixth house is coming in navamsha d-9 in anter of sun. Sixth  house represent disease and eighth  house  mass death due to  covid-19.In dashmansha d-10 sun  is in sixth as fourth lord and happiness and peace to general public is absent in anter of sun. ,Lock-down has gripped  whole of Russia in 2020 due to covid -19 .So no better result has been produced in Russia in anter of Sun in mahadasha of Rahu.

Anter dasha of moon: Russia will soon recover from this economic and financial depression in anter of moon from 23-7-2021. Its export of crude oil to different countries will increase and gain immensely from it, due to  its lordship of eleventh house of gain. Moon is well  placed in navamsha d-9 with Jupiter in fourth house and venus also aspect this combination from tenth house. 



Varshphal for thirty first year: Gemini   sign is rising in lagna of thirty first year of Russia .Gemini sign is tenth house of Russia. Gemini sign lord mercury is posited in lagna with rahu . Rahu-ketu is eclipse lagna and lagna lord mercury of thirty first year .It shows illusion and neglect ion  in taking right decision. Rahu is represent by Pakistan and china we know at the ending of year 2020 Russia nearness to china and even some new in air was their its relation with Pakistan .Instead of giving importance to india Russia is giving more importance to china .All this happen when rahu in lagna is  in running varshphal. In running varshphal tenth lord Jupiter is  in eight house with eighth  lord Saturn shows problem to top leadership.


Muntha is in tenth house and muntha pati Jupiter in eighth  house afflicted due to  conjunction with retro Saturn shows  unfavorable year for  the ruler .Year lord is mercury conjunct with malefic Rahu  in lagna shows trouble to public due to  covid-19 and imposed restriction in 2020 has cause unrest and problem to public.

Superimposing present running vimshotari dasha  on birth chart on present  varshphal: Rahu mahadasha  lord is posited in lagna conjunct with lagna lord mercury afflicting both lagna and lagna lord mercury .Anter dasha lord is sun running from   28-8-2020 to 23-7-2021 is placed in twelfth house with fifth lord venus shows expenditure on new innovation which will be exported in foreign countries .Russia vaccine Sputnik-5   is in queue to be exported all over world  .But still anter lord sun as third lord is not well placed in twelfth house a bad house.

Sudershan chakra:

Sudershan chakra work in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

From lagna :In sudershan chakra  thirty first year  comes to seventh house where eighth  lord mars is posited aspect seventh lord Jupiter  shows trouble to opposition .Recently opposition leader Alexei  Navalny was banned and arrested  when he entered in Moscow .This is due to mars aspect on seventh lord. So there is no opposition in Russia,. Since mars is in  eight lord in seventh house aspect tenth house and seventh lord posited there shows opposition leader Alexei  Navalny will going pose tension to president Vladimir Putin in future.

From moon lagna :From moon lagna thirty first year comes to seventh house which contain ketu .Whenever Rahu and Ketu comes into progression from lagna,moon lagna and sun lagan  time of start of trouble .Progression lord thirty first year lord is moon itself conjunct with Saturn and rahu double affliction this year covid -19 and declining  economy  has provide downfall to Russia. Even the medicine of covid-19 suptnik-5  is not highlighting in news  and also Russia is not earning at presently from it. Like india  covishield and covaxin are in demand from all over the  world.

From sun lagna :From sun lagna thirty first year comes to seventh house which contain Scorpio sign and its lord mars is posited in eleventh house but afflicted due to  aspect of retro Saturn .Opposition of Russia President Vladamir Putin will rise in  Russia but  be keep in cheek due aspect of Saturn on mars.

Bhrigu transit: Transit Saturn is in Capricorn on natal Saturn ,Rahu,and natal Moon .whenever karam karka saturn transit over natal Rahu it shows ordinary start  will rise in future. Russia is at present in very difficult stage but will rise economically when Saturn will cross natal Rahu in transit .Natal depositor of transit Saturn is natal Saturn new innovation will take place in field of defense sector as Saturn is sixth lord in fifth house . Sixth house represent defense and fifth house represent creativity in education system.

Transit Jupiter: Soul according to Bhrigu astrology ,jeevJupiter is crossing natal rahu in the  horoscope of Russia indicate trouble to public and top leadership .Covid -19 has totally shattered the economy of Russia .When Jupiter will cross Capricorn and reach Aquarius Russia economy will rise sharply.


President Vladmir Putin: President Vladmir Putin was born on 7-10-1952,14-21hrs,sanit Petersburg.with Scorpio lagna rising .Lagna lord mars in second house shows aggressive tendency  and attaining position with her hard efforts .Malefic in 3,6,11 house are good .in the  horoscope of Vladimir Putin  Rahu in third and sun and Saturn are example of malefic in 3,6,11, house. Jupiter and  Venus are forming  parashari Rajyoga in six –twelfth axis is good. Mercury as eleventh lord of gain is participating in this Rajyoga. Sun as tenth lord in eleventh house of  gain with Saturn shows gain in political career.

At present president Vladimir  Putin is running vimshotari dasha of mercury-mercury from 3-1-2021 to2-6-2023

President Vladmir Putin horoscope has potential to lift Russia from bad phase  in which it is running.

Mahadasha and anter of mercury: Mercury Mahadasha and anter lord is dasha chhidra with Saturn mahadasha has been completed in the  horoscope of president vladmir putin. But the progress of mercury mahadasha   president vladmir putin will lift Russia from this bad Phase. Mercury is participating in Rajyoga ,conjunct with venus as seventh lord and aspect by Jupiter fifth lord. In navamsha d-9 mercury is in eighth  house as fourth and seventh lord .Saturn eleventh and twelfth lord  is  in sixth house and also moon aspect this combination. This shows Russia will gain with visionary vision .But some misunderstanding may arise from fellow nation india .He as a  president of Russia  will increase   defense export of Russia to the  world in changing scenario . Russia again will shift towards India in coming time with his visionary vision president vladmir putin.  Anterdasha  of mercury will gave the same result as mahadasha. Saturn is aspect from sixth house of dispute on mercury may cause problem from opposition may it western countries or opposition parties of Russia.. His tenure will be long till he like to rule Russia..

Yogini dasha

Saturn from 15-7-2017to 15-7-2023. Saturn mahadasha lord is well placed with sun tenth lord in eleventh house of gain .as a third and fourth lord Saturn is good .Efforts and  position .Russia will again gain a momentum from this bad phase with the start of Saturn-Sun period from 15-3-2021 of yogni mahadasha and anter dasha