American president Joe Biden Foreign policy towards India.

American  president Joe Biden Foreign policy towards India.

Former president of America Donald Trump  realize what does the friendship means  with India and our beloved PM Narendra  Modi . To pay in this regard former president Donald  trump fully follow pro India foreign policy by supporting India against china.Now present elected president Joe Biden has taken over office of white house..Every body in this world is looking towards him in regards with his foreign policy.Indian government  is  Keenly  watching his foreign policy towards India .Specially  whether he will be pro India and or pro china

But at present  Biden administration is unlikely to reverse many of the gains in India-US ties that were made under the Trump administration. Defense cooperation pacts like the Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA), Industrial Security Annex (ISA), voluminous arms sales agreements and joint military exercises signal the growing proximity of the two nations in the security realm. The COMCASA and ISA are designed to increase military interoperability, smooth sharing of advanced technology and collaboration in defense production between India and the US.. Means  at present every thing is  running smooth between India and America But how far will this relation will keep on continue .For this we have to consult the stars of president Joe Biden of America as far as his foreign policy towards India. For thus we have analyze his horoscope,With present vimshotari dasha ,present varshphal, Bhrigu treansit and sudershan chakra..


President  Joe Biden was born  on 20-11-1942,8-30 hrs ,scarnton,PA,America.With Scorpio lagna, lagna lord mars in twelfth house with eleventh lord mercury and aspect of moon on it shows combination of prosperity .Lagna has sun tenth lord shows life long combination of name and fame .Sun Is conjunct with Venus and aspect of Saturn on it from seventh house shows career related to politics .Saturn is karak of public and masses.Exchange of twelfth lord Venus from lagna lord mars  is arishta yoga.Jupiter aspect on sun is a classical rajyoga of Parashari  .Fifth lord Jupiter exalted in ninth house  lord of trikona aspect Kendra lord sun in lagna. The combination to attain high position.Same Jupiter exalted is vargattom in d-9 navamsha and attain position of own house in Pisces in d-10 dashamsha.

Present vimshotari dasha of President Joe Biden

Jupiter –rahu from 2-5-2020  to 25-9-2022

Jupiter mahadasha lord is exalted in birth  chart in ninth house of foreign policy shows positive and optimistic and balanced foreign policy towards India .When ever Jupiter or influence of Venus on ninth house shows positive influence on foreign policy in the  horoscope of big leader in power in question.Jupiter influence is radiating in the  horoscope of Joe Biden.His foreign policy will   never bent in favor of china till we have PM Narendra  Modi government in India.. Jupiter  influence on tenth lord  sun in lagna  will give Joe Biden name and fame in regards of decision taken by him in favor of India .Since china has motive of expansion so Joe Biden will always favor India in order to counter china policy of aggression and expansion  .Jupiter in navamsha d-9 is in tenth house of power exhalted .In d-10 dashmasha Jupiter in sixth house as sixth lord influence mercury ninth lord of foreign policy in tenth house of power.Some affliction to Jupiter is been notice by aspect of Saturn in birth chart and d-10 dashmasha.

Anter of Rahu.:Rahu  anter lord in birth chart in Leo sign is forming Rajyoga for president Joe Biden. Planetary position of  Rahu got him elected as president of America.. Rahu sign lord is sun in lagna in turn aspect by fifth lord Jupiter from ninth house of luck forming Rajyoga .Sun is also conjunct with Venus indicate balanced or mostly pro India foreign policy..Rahu sign lord sun has influence of Jupiter and Venus two benefic indicate pro Indian foreign policy.There  is  no influence of mars red planet that indicate communism has influence on tenth lord sun and tenth house .So no favor to china this time .Every decision  taken by the  president Joe Biden in regards with foreign policy will be hundred percent in favor of India .


Varshpahl of seventy ninth year.:Seventy ninth  year of Joe Biden is Dwi janam year. Mean repetition of birth lagna in the varshphal Iit shows health troubles and stress in work and also trouble in career.But in Joe Biden varshphal chart position of tenth lord sun is career related  problem is ruled out. Mars lagna lord is aspect by Saturn from third house  indicate some hard decision taken by Joe Biden will  be the reason of trouble or provide stress to president Joe Biden .His enmity with Russia is well known .In recent talks with Russian president Vladimir Putin of Russia president Joe Biden has heated discussion on range of topics including arm control ,reports of Russian bounties on US troops in Afghanistan and interface in the 2020election inUS.These controversies will surrounds president Joe Biden in this varshphal of seventy ninth year.But at present we concentrate on foreign policy of president Joe Biden towards India.For this we have take help of vimshotari dasha of birth chart running at present .By super imposing this vimshotarri dasha on present varshphal clear indication of mood of president Biden can be assessed.

At present vimshotari dasha of Jupiter-rahu is running from 2-5-2020  to 25-9-2022.:Jupiter mahdasha lord is afflicted badly in third house in conjunction with Saturn and moon .But its debilitation is been cancelled due to  own house Saturn in Capricorn.Both fifth lord Jupiter  and ninth moon is conjunct  in third house indicate influence of Jupiter on ninth house and ninth lord moon.good indication for  foreign policy in favor of  India .Anterdasha lord Rahu is posited in seventh house aspect by tenth lord sun to indicate favorable foreign policy  towards India .No indication of influence of Saturn and mars on anter lord Rahu in seventh house.Jupiter also aspect Rahu in present varshphal.



Sudershan chakra:

[Sudershan chakra work in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

From lagna :From lagna in sudershan chakra progression reached to seventh house in seventy ninth year which shows position and power position retro Saturn is only  negative factor.Retro Saturn in seventh house  will create some obstacles  in taking positive decision  with foreign policy towards India.But the  position of seventh lord Venus in lagna in Scorpio  sign with tenth lord sun with aspect of Jupiter from ninth house .Ninth  house represent foreign policy and Jupiter influence is radiating on seventh lord Venus in regards with decision  taken in favor  of India .Over all the presence of PM Narendra  Modi in India will turn president Joe Biden to take decision  in favor of India..

From moon lagna:From moon lagna seventy ninth year reaches seventh house with Libra sign in progression.Libra sign contain mars moon lagna  lord conjunct with mercury.There  will sharp verbal opposition from  communist countries like china and Russia in this running year.Because mars represent communist countries.But Libra lagna lord Venus is in Scorpio in eighth house aspect by ninth lord Jupiter from fourth house from moon lagna  .  Strong will and inclination of President Joe  Biden to take  hard decision in favor of India to counter communist Chinese  aggression.

From sun same as from lagna

Bhrigu transit:

Transit Saturn

Saturn  karam karak  is in present in transit in third house aspect by natal Jupiter fifth lord form ninth house of of foreign policy.Jupiter in natal chart in dev guru Brihaspati respresent India in Bhrigu astrology. Transit Saturn natal depositor is natal Saturn in seventh house of position which gave post of president to Joe Biden.Natal Saturn  is aspect from tenth lord sun and seventh lord Venus. So natal Jupiter and natal venus of birth chart are influencing transit Saturn.

Transit Jupiter: Transit Jupiter is karak  of soul  is present in transit in third house  in Capricorn aspect by natal Jupiter fifth lord form ninth house of of foreign policy.Jupiter in natal chart in Dev Guru Brihaspati  represent India in bhrigu astrology. Transit Jupiter natal depositor is natal Saturn in seventh house of position which gave post of president to Joe Biden.Natal Saturn  depositor of transit Jupiter is in aspect from tenth lord sun from lagna and also seventh lord venus. So natal Jupiter and natal Venus of birth  chart are influencing transit Jupiter .Which indicate present transit President Joe Biden foreign policy will be fully pro India and against  china