Aatma Nirbhar Bharat –PM Narendra Modi initative

PM Narendra Modi prime dream  to make India or Bharat Aatma Nirbhar.By making India Aatma  Nirbhar. PM Narendra  Modi wants to make India a super power of future.But   present farmer protest and enemies  of PM Narendra Modi  are in row to topple his government by posing the threat like this.In past  CAA.NRC protest also created in same manner like present farmer protest by anti  of PM Narendra Modi government.But the enemy of PM Narendra Modi  doesn’t understand their dream will never fulfill due to  strong horoscope of India and PM Narendra Modi. At present farmer protest  disintegrated after  27-1-2021 [As indicated in my last article Farmer Protest].But present conjunction  of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn and rahu- ketu transit in Scorpio –tarsus axis  in foundation horoscope of  India  are prime cause of these farmer movement around Delhi border.On 6-4-2021 Jupiter will leave Capricorn and  present remaining  farmer protest will disintegrate.Lets come to present topic  astrologically when India will become Aatma  Nirbhar PM Narendra  Modi’s  dream . Foundation horoscope of India and PM Narendra  Modi is necessary for this analysis.


Foundation horoscope of India :India got independence on 15-8-1947 ,00-01hrs ,Delhi with Taurus  rising as lagna with lagna lord  venus badly hammed between Saturn  and Sun and conjunct with Mercury and Moon. .Due to  this we suffered a lot in last seventy year.No proper progress has taken place .Now with the coming of PM Narendra Modi government at center  from 2014 onwards India is slowly and slowly going on top five economy of world.First time India has been in stage where it is truly self reliant in every sphere.It is  only due to  compatibility  between horoscope of India and PM Narendra Modi,We have Forex reserve of India is $590,185 with fourth in ranking with china at top.This has  happened first time after independence.now GDP of India  9.9% to be estimated in 2021 by foreign rating agency .But according to horoscope of India and PM Narendra  Modi it will cross double digit in 2021 .First time in the history of India after independence India  have become arms exporting country like USA , Russia and Israel..

Moon mahadasha of India :Moon mahadasha started on 4-9-2015 .With just year  before starting from this moon mahadasha on 4-9-2015 in ending mahadasha of sun a great change take place with entering of PM Narendra Modi at center. His  first step was in making of  India totally self reliant .With this  start of moon mahadasha India is crossing its barrier of advancement  in area like digital technology,railways ,construction of  highways. Since moon mahadasha lord is conjunct with venus sixth lord form lagna so self reliant in military technology take a new height.India is producing LCA Tejas  light weight air force aircraft .This aircraft is  sixty percent supported by indigenous spare parts manufactured by DRDO and allied private sector has been event  of Aatma  Nirbhar bharat in mahadasha of moon.First time we have  so much variety of missiles tested in 2020 to put pressure  on china at LAC  to come on talk on table for negotiation  to withdraw his military  from  border in Ladakh .All this happen when PM Narendra  Modi comes in center stage .

Anter of satrun in mahadasha of moon:From 4-12-2019- to 4-7-2021:Anter of saturn in Mahadasha of moon is very watchfull. We have major progress in this anter of Saturn  still with some set backs .We seen major reforms like passing of CAA ,Farmer Reform Bill take place in this period .Construction  of Ram Mandir started  in this period. Since Saturn  in ninth lord  of religion and activities related to religion and temple making is such an activities..All these are indication that we have  strong  government at center which take strong decision  to make India self reliant. Saturn is 9and 10lord in third house of self effort conjunct with four planets indicate with self efforts India will be self reliant in this anter.Saturn  is Yog Karak for Taurus  lagna in the  horoscope of India.saturn  is posited in third house which contain twenty seven sarvastakvarga point.This one is  below average .But in third house malefic planets  are good .So with progressing of Saturn  anter we will be self reliant in every sector.

Next coming anter of mercury in mahadasha of moon from :4-7-2021 to 4-12-2022:Mercury anter is also favorable since it conjunct with four planets in third house self efforts in the  horoscope of India.Mercury second lord finance in which twelfth lord mars is posited.Twelfth house is foreign land and its has connection with the house of wealth..This is also indication coming of FDI from foreign source.Mercury is also twelfth lord from moon lagna .In navamsha mercury is in ninth house of luck as 4th and 7th lord aspect by lagna and tenth lord Jupiter .In d-10 dashmasha mercury is in fifth house one of  Lakshmi  Trikona aspect 11th house of gain .So mercury anter in mahadasha of moon will be good  for Aatma Nirbhar Bharat as PM Narendra  Modi  initiative..

Transit Saturn :At present Saturn in  transit in ninth house  of luck in Capricorn own house.On 20-4-2022 Saturn  will transit in tenth house in Aquarius own house for two –half year Aquarius has got twenty nine point in ashtakvarga.the best period for becoming India totally Aatma Nirbhar

Bhrigu transit:Satrun in  transit  on 10-2-2021 is in Capricorn aspect by five planets  from third house of self efforts.The planets are natal Saturn,venus,sun,moon,mercury and  natal twelfth lord [which include foreign FDI]from second house .So total of six planet are influence on transit karam karka saturn .So nearly all houses lord are in aspect to transit Saturn  which indicate number of actions  are taken PM Narendra Modi government in different sector of Indian economy to make India self reliant.    

Jupiter in cappricorn :Jupiter in transit is in Capricorn with twenty points in ashtakvarga which signifies weak transit. But vimshotari dasha of Saturn  in mahadasha of moon is good .Jupiter  is aspect  by five planets  in third house  from ninth house in capricorn in foundation horoscope of india .Jupiter aspect on  these five planets  will give boost to the economy.All these planets  are posited in third house of efforts which will make india self relient.

Bhrigu transit:Reverse is in Bhrigu tansit .Jupiter is karka  of soul in the  horoscope of India. Jupiter is in ninth house is in aspect from six planets ,five from third house .One mars from second house.with so many planets  are influencing transit Jupiter in ninth house indicate number of good and bad events .Since all houses  are activated in this sequence which indicate both Jupiter soul and karmesh Saturn  is conjunct in ninth house of  luck to activate The Aatma  nirbhar Bharatof PM Narendra  Modi’s  dream.

With glance to PM Narendra  Modi horoscope is also important to assess  as Aatma  Nirbhar Bharat is PM Narendra  Modi initiative  and dream.


PM Narendra  Modi born on 17-9-1950,12-09hrs,Vadnagar  Gujarat  with Scorpio lagna rising .Lagna lord mars in own house with ninth lord debilitated moon.Moon debilitation cancelled  due to  presence of own house mars.Mars in lagna shows guts and muscular power to complete any mission  by native.Moon is forming Gajkesari Yoga with Jupiter in fourth house.

Mahadasha of mars from 12-12-2020to 13-12-2027 will make PM Narendra  Modi to complete his mission to make India super power and Aatma  Nirbhar in every field.In navamsha d-9 mars in ninth house debilitated aspect by Jupiter retro extra powerful in lagna controlling the negativation of lagna and sixth lord mars.As sixth debilitation is good .Debilitation of 3,6,8, house lord is good.As sixth lord it will neutralize  his enemy which became an obstacle in making India self reliant Narendra Modi will achieve his mission in this to make India Aatma  Nirbhar in this mahadasha of mars

Next coming Mahadasha of Rahu is also helpful in this regards.