Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal future in next assembly 2021

Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal future in next assembly 2021

Assam present Chief minister Sarbananda  sonowal was born on 31-10-61,Dibrugrah,Assam. With lagna lord Saturn in twelfth house with own house in Capricorn conjunct  with Jupiter  and aspect by moon .Jupiter ,moon  in six –twelfth axis is forming excellent Gajkesari Yoga involving lagna lord Saturn of CM Sarbananda sonowal.In this combination Jupiter is eleventh lord of gain and moon is sixth lord shows gain in life with lot of hard work due to the involvement of lagna lord Saturn in this combination. 

  Horoscope of CM   Sarbananda sonowal

Verification of  horoscope of CM   Sarbananda sonowal

 On 19 May 2016, Sarbananda Sonowal won the Assembly Election from Majuli Constituency. Becoming the next Chief Minister of Assam from BJP

Vimshotari dasha at the  time of becoming CM of Assam

Vimshotari dasha at time of becoming  Chief minster Sarbananda sonowal was running moon-moon-rahu dasha  from 10-4-2016 to 26-5-2016

1]Mahadasha lord moon is sixth lord of defeating enemy or contesting election aspect by eleventh lord of gain Jupiter and lagna lord Saturn  from twelfth house.

2]Anter lord moon is sixth lord of defeating enemy or contesting election aspect by eleventh lord Jupiter and lagna lord Saturn from twelfth house

3]Pratyaanter  lord Rahu:Rahu pratyaanter lord is seventh house of position and pad  prapti[ attaining position] Its sign depositor is sun conjunct with tenth lord mars in ninth house of luck. Tenth house represent profession. Sun sign depositor of rahu is karka for government.

Transit on date of becoming chief minister: on 15-5-2016

Saturn in Scorpio  transit on 19-5-2016

Jupiter was in Leo aspect tenth lord from moon lagna

Mars on 19-5-2016 was in Scorpio tenth house of profession

Moon was in ninth house over tenth lord natal mars

One more technique of verifying birth horoscope

The vimshotrai dasha in which mahadasha –anter-pratyaanter  dasha at the  time of birth should have link with lagna and lagna lord

At the time of birth the native has saturn-rahu-saturn  vimshotari dasha from 31-10-61 to 12-1-62

Saturn mahadasha lord is lagna lord

Anter lord rahu is  one-seven axis in which rahu is coinciding with lagna

Pratyaanter lord is Saturn  which is lagna lord

Now horoscope is verified according to timing. In running  year 2021 the election of Assam is due in mid in second or third quarter of 2021

At present  Chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal is running vimshotari dasha of moon –Saturn  from 28-5-2020 to 28-12-2021

Moon mahadasha lord :Moon mahadasha lord is sixth lord in Aquarius lagna .Moon is in sixth  house in cancer sign own house .Moon is forming Gaj kesari yoga with eleventh and second Jupiter in twelfth house .Saturn lagna and twelfth lord is also participating in this Gaj kesari yoga. Since Jupiter is afflicted due to  conjunction with Saturn and aspect of mars from ninth house .Moon mahadasha lord is aspect to eleventh lord Jupiter shows gain. Moon in sixth house has thirty seven point in ashtakvarga which enhance the positive point of sixth house which indicate wins over enemy or opposition while contesting election. Moon mahadasha lord in navamsha d-9 in lagna as ninth lord of luck.In  dashmansha d-10 moon is fifth lord in fifth house with ninth lord mars .Aspect of tenth lord Jupiter from ninth house of luck indicate in the mahadasha moon Chief minister  Sarbananda Sonowal again have strong chances to become chief minister from BJP by winning assembly elections  of Assam in 2021.

Saturn anter lord in mahadasha of moon from 28-5-2020 to 28-12-2021

Saturn anter lord is the dasha of lagna and twelfth lord .Saturn is conjunct with Jupiter eleventh lord of gain and in turn aspect by sixth lord own house moon. Saturn and mars are in mutual aspect to each other create the second term of win in Assam assembly election in coming time. Mars as tenth lord aspect lagna lord Saturn will again give the responsibility to lead Assam as chief minister   , Sarbananda Sonowal. Generally the anter of lagna lord are good to produce the good result in regard with attaining position .Saturn anter lord in navamsha d-9 own house or vargattom in Capricorn in third house. Malefic produce good result in 3,6,11 according to prashar. Saturn in turn aspect by seventh lord of position Venus from ninth house of luck. In dashmasha d-10 Saturn in seventh house of padprapti or attaining position as eleventh lord of gain. Saturn is in uttraashada nakshtra of sun which is karka for government conjunct with tenth lord mars in ninth house of luck

For better comparison yogini mahadasha has been also combined with vimshotari dasha for better result analysis

At present native will running rahu mahadasha with rahu anter from 7-7-2020 to 17-4-2022:

Rahu mahadasha lord is in seventh house of position in the  sign of sun .Sign depositor of rahu is sun in ninth house in debilitation but conjunct with mars tenth lord .Both house are important seventh house is tenth  from tenth house and also house of padd  prapti or gaining position .Tenth house  is primary house and its lord mars is conjunct with sun sign dispositor of rahu. So in every way rahu mahadasha lord is going to give  easy win to chief minister , Sarbananda Sonowal in coming state assembly election in Assam. Rahu mahadasha  lord in navamsha in d-9 is in sixth house of contesting election .Rahu in sixth house is good in defeating enemy. Rahu depositor mars is in eighth  house forming vipreet raj yoga attaining position in difficult situation .Rahu is in Leo which have 32 points in sarvastak varga. This is  more than average which is 28 confirm good results to given by rahu mahadasha lord to CM , Sarbananda Sonowal

Rahu  anter same as mahadasha lord

Bhrigu Transit

At present according to Bhrigu transit Saturn is in twelfth house in Capricorn over natal Saturn and Jupiter .aspect of moon sixth lord from sixth house. Mars is  also tenth lord   aspect transit Saturn in Capricorn indicate the winning of CM   Sarbananda Sonowal in Assam and continue as chief minister of Assam

Jupiter karka for soul is also in Capricorn over natal Saturn and Jupiter .aspect of moon sixth lord from sixth house.

Prashari transit :

Transit saturn: Here Saturn is in twelfth house aspect tenth lord natal mars in ninth house

Jupiter in transit will change sign from Capricorn to Aquarius sign in lagna on 6-4-2021 .From here it will aspect natal tenth lord mars in ninth house of profession