Rahu in Rohini nakshtra,Mars Satrun opposition communal polarization in India ahead

Rahu in Rohini nakshtra,Mars Saturn opposition communal polarization in India.

Rahu these days is  in transit in Rohini Nakshtra in   third charan .When any malefic planet like Rahu,Ketu , ,Saturn  transit Rohini nakshtra in Taurus  sign.It  is the time of trouble ,problem for India .Today on 6-4-2021 Rahu is in Rohini nakshtra third charan in 18 degree 20 minutes  we are facing  farmer protest in India which is  destabilizing   the Indian economy .Rahu will leave Rohini nakshtra on 19-9-2021 leaving India destiny to progress  ahead .Till we have to face   problems  in this transit of Rahu in Rohini nakshtra.Vishwavijay panchang owner late Shri  Hardeo Sharma a  friend of Astrologer Guru K.N Rao use to quote whenever  Rohni nakshtra is  in transit by slow moving malefic planets  like Saturn ,      Rahu,ketu.It is  time of trouble for India. One of reason is this Rohini   is owned by moon or its lord is moon .Also favourite nakshtra of planet moon which  is karka for mind and general sensitivity of general  public. So when ever Rohini nakshtra is afflicted lead to discontentment in general public of India. Mars is conjunct with Rahu  in Taurus  and will come on same degree on 27-3-2021 .Its effect will release  on india that when mars will enter cancer sign its debilitated sign on 3-6-2021 will have opposition from  Saturn retro from Capricorn .To study the effect of communal polarization in  India due  to these transit of slow moving planets we have study the foundation horoscope of india

Koorma Chakra

Rahu  transit in Rohini nakshtra assessment of its impact through koorma chakra


This is special chakra devised and indicated by  Narpati jaycharya which is part of Bhrigu Granth,Vishnu Puran and Brihat Samhita.This chakra has special technique in which twenty nakshtra  is divided into  nine parts .Rohini nakshtra is allotted in centre parts of koorma chakra .

Area indicated by Rohini Nakshtra in koorma  chakra

These area are roughly parts of Rajasthan, Haryana, western  UP ,including  Mathura,Madhya pradesh, Chhattisgarh ,eastern part of Maharashtra ,these also include parts of Punjab [Gurdaspur] ,Pathaankot, Karnal in Haryana ,Hastinapur, kuru,Ayodhya are located in it.

According to Brihat Samhita the places  and tribes include Bhadra,arimeda,mandaviya,salvas,nipa,ujjihana,saunkhyata,marwar[desert land]etc  .Varahamaihir refer to these as vatsa,ghosa, those of the Yamuna  and saraswati,matsaya.madhyamika,Mathura,surasena,pandu,guda,asvatta,panchala,saketa[ayodhya]kanka,kalakoti,kukara,parlyatrya mountain ,udumbrara ,kapisthala ,hastinapur.

Many of places mentioned in the list cannot be identified with certainty.

Salva is connected with matsaya and its territory from Alwar to North Bikaner with Salvapur probably modern Alwar.

Ujjihana is same as uddiyana[urain] in monghyr district. According to other version this ujjhana is  in Kanpur district still some other places in Badayu       district.

 Kapisthala: Modern kaithal in karnal  district .Alberuni calls it kavital.

Madhamikas is near chit tor in modern Rajasthan.

Vatsas are in ancient people whose king was udayana with  his capital kausambi ,modern kosam on Yamuna.

Uddehika is near bazana 80 miles from kanauj said to have capital of Gujarat.

Udumbara: Comprising pathankot,eastern   part of kangra valley, hoshiarpur district.

Dhramarnya is same as kanvasrama [kansawa near kota]

Sarasvatas are people [living near banks of river saraswati].This must be a small stream called sarasuti, rising in the hills of simur in the Shiwalik  and emerging in plains of Al-Badari Ambala.

Panchala .Varahamihira places it in madhyadesha.

However originally it lay to the north and west of Delhi from the foots of Himalayas to river Chambal. Ganga divided it into Uttar and  Dakshin panchala. According to parashara the madhyadesha includes Aryavarata.

Above are the  mentioned  by Varahamiihira when Rohini nakshtra transit by Saturn ,Rahu,ketu  bring disturbances in these area mention above.

Mars -Saturn opposition in foundation horoscope of India


Mars is entering cancer sign third house of India on 2-6-2021 on 6:53 am  will  remain in this sign upto 20-7-2021. In third house on five planet is  in foundation horoscope of india.In this sign it will have opposition from transit retro Saturn in ninth house in Capricorn .Ninth house represent religious activities and matter   pertaining to religion .Mars –Saturn opposition in this axis of three-nine in foundation horoscope of India is not good .Mars and Saturn are two hard core malefic when oppose each other aggravate the negative  tendency on axis in which they oppose. These opposition will lead to communal polarization in India in coming time. I have indicated  above in koorma chakra in which area this disturbance will occur. 

Changing  Anter Dasha of  Vimshotari  Dasha from Saturn to mercury in the mahadasha of moon.

Saturn  anter will ends on 4-7-2021 and anter of mercury will start  and it will ends on 4-12-2022.Mercury  anter in mahadasha of moon in foundation horoscope of India  is closely linked with running transit of mars and Saturn  opposition in three –nine axis is in the  horosocpe of india  .Mercury anter is very powerfull in regards with wealth creation for India.but mercury anter has some weakness in regards with problem related with communal harmony.mercury  is fith lord of mind and public sensitivity conjuct with ninth lord Saturn  in third house.ninth represent religious activities.Saturn  conjuct with mercury afflicting general thinking and sensitivity of public disturbing communal harmony.Mercury  will be afflicted when debilitated arms  will transit on its  natal degree 13degree40minutes.when mars in transit  will crosses natal mercury  in foundation  horoscope of India  there  will be difference of roughly 6 degree between transit mars and natal mercury.our great teacher MR. Z. Ansari in Bharitya Vidya Bhawan use to teach us that mars will give result between five degree approaching and five degree leaving the natal degree of planet in any horoscope .Here note one point that mars on 19degree 43min there  will start  Anter of Mercury 4-7-2021 onwards will lead  to communal disturbance in india.also note mars is approaching in transit over natal Saturn  ninth lord and opposition from transit Saturn  in ninth house retro at 18degree -03min this opposition will leads  to communal disturbance in area indicated in korma  chakra above