Nav samvat2078 future for India in 2021

Nav samvat2078 future for India in 2021

Nav samvatsar is technique devised by ancient  Indian sage form the start of of yugas to calculate future of any country or state for period of one year. Sun and moon coincide with equal degree ,minutes ,seconds in Pisces sign to start of  new nav samvatsar. For year 2021nav samvatsar[2078]has started  on 12-4-2021 at 8-00-42 hrs delhi.

Key feature of Nav samvatsar [2078]of 2021  


Mars is the Minister and King of Nav Samvatsar [2078]

I am taking two most important factors  of cabinet of Nav samvatsar 2078 that is king is mars and minister is also mars .It clearly gives  indication of good time to strength Indian military forces .This year is of  new  age and art of modern high-tech weapons  which will  be developed by DRDO  and its allied research partner  and  will be given to Indian forces. Since king is mars and minister is also mars so there will be change in attitude of our king PM Narendra Modi.He is   treating his enemy very politely .Now king is mars in Nav samvatsar2078 and in lagna of Nav samvatsar is also occupied by mars in Taurus  lagna with lagna lord venus   in Aries sign shows that PM Narendra Modi will be in hard mood .He will deal his enemy with iron hand.  

First house :Nav samvatsar [2078 ]  rising in 2021 has Taurus  lagna with lagna lord  venus in twelfth house .There is exchange between twelfth lord  and  lagna lord and placement of Rahu in lagna with twelfth lord mars shows foreign influence in development of India. This year will be   remember able  year due to  closeness of Indian  American relationship. I have already written an article on this issue on 12-2-2021 with American President Joe Biden foreign policy towards India.  America will strengthen India on front of making of defense sector to counter china. Mars is karka for defense sector and is posited in lagna as twelfth lord in  Nav samvatsar 2078 .Indian government under PM Narendra  Modi will  give boost  to every efforts to make india self reliant in defense sector. Nav samvatsar 2078 has mars in lagna and PM Narendra Modi is running in  the mahadasha of mars in his horoscope .Mars in lagna and its aspect on forth house shows how hard will PM Narendra Modi will deal on  different  protest which bent on derailing Indian economy.

Second hosue:Second house has Gemini sign and second house deals with finance ministry and financial matter of the country. In nav  samvatsar [2078]2021 maximum expenditure  or allocation will be on farmer and defense .Second house is vacant and second lord in debilitation in eleventh house conjunct with moon ,sun,and aspect of Saturn  ninth and tenth lord on second lord indicate central government will allocate maximum finance on kisaan and jawaan.In navamsha d-9 see indication of sixth lord moon in second house of finance with sun and aspect of mars as tenth lord and Saturn  lagna lord and twelfth lord indicate maximum focus of Indian government will be on defense .New innovation and high tech  research and development will be finance by Indian government in defense industry to protect India from two unpredictable  neighbor countries. There will be massive inflow of wealth from foreign countries in form of FDI due to  exchange between lagna venus and twelfth lord mars.

Third house Third house represent border countries ,tele communication ,railways ,express highway ,space etc.Third house is vacant and third lord moon in eleventh house of gain with debilitated second and forth lord sun. These conjunction with third lord moon in eleventh house of gain indicate gain from these sector .Specially 5G network in mobile sector will take place in  India is  new era of tele communication in mobile network. New sector in  space will develop due earning by ISRO to launch new satellites of different countries in space. ISRO is going to launch seven satellite vehicles this year which will give the strength to  India in space. This year due to positioning of third lord moon in eleventh house of gain.Since third lord represent media and films and communication .The OTT   platform will be regulated by strict laws passed by top court due to the aspect of Saturn from ninth house .Ninth house represent judiciary. Eleventh house  also represent amendment in constitution  .So hard regulation will be made by central government and honorable judiciary  to curb Anti Hindu media .

Fourth house: Fourth house represent home ministry, domestic environment, irrigation, farmer, land reforms, hotel industry , forest, forest fires, volcanic  eruptions ,earthquakes ,real estate’s  etc. Fourth house is occupied by leo sign and sign lord sun is in eleventh house of gain with moon ,mercury .Mars, Jupiter  aspect this house from lagna and tenth house .Ninth lord Saturn aspect sun in eleventh house. With  as many as five planet are either conjunct and aspect to forth and forth lord sun.Too much is happening in home environment in home ministry this year. A very difficult time for our Home Minister Amit Shah .Fourth house  also represent forest fire. In the  summer season  2021  there  will be  lot of forest fire we will see in India. Apart from forest fire lot fire accidents will take in India whole of year in 2021 due to the aspect of mars on fourth house. Farmer protest will loosen its importance due to ` anti PM Narendra modi’s  stance going on this present protest.

Fifth house: Fifth house indicate human resource development ministry ,children, birth rate, educational facilities ,speculation ,stock market ,cinema halls, actors and actresses  etc. Fifth house has aspect of mercury its lord  ,sun ,moon  and fifth lord mercury in debilitation aspect by ninth lord Saturn .What does it  means OTT platform will be under scanner by judiciary. As we find vulgar and anti Hindu content made by cinema will be treated hard by government and judiciary .Laws will be made to bring Indian cinema by honorable  supreme court   to control vulgarity in this area .Our  youngster will perform very well due position of fifth lord mercury in eleventh lord of gain conjunct with sun and moon .   

Sixth house :Sixth house represent armed forces ,territorial  attacks-war ,labor  classes ,labor unions, strikes and clash with labourer’ s, state  laws. Medical ,and other para medical services ,doctors  and nurses ,disease in general,etc. Sixth lord is venus in twelfth house forming Vipreet Raj-Yog means good for this house. Sixth represent armed forces and sixth lord in twelfth house of expenditure indicated armed forces modernization will be on first priority of nation. New technology development will take place through DRDO   and allied private sectors .Maximum funding will  provided to these agencies so in order to modernization armed forces in Aatma   Nirbhar Bharat Abhhiyaan started by PM Narendra Modi government. Second initiative   will be  modernization of medical services .Vaccination program of covid-19 expenses will shared by PM Narendra modi’s  government  effectively due to placement of sixth lord in twelfth house of expenditure. Labor class will be also in picture due to new initiative taken by PM Narendra Modi government in this Nav Samvatsar [2078] in 2021.Apart from allopathic, ayurveda  science will given  boost in this Samvatsar by government due to  the aspect of Jupiter eighth  lord on sixth house. Remember mars is in lagna in Taurus  and it indicate armed forces and mars is also king Royal Cabinet which indicate maximum importance will be given to armed forces this year.   

Seventh and Eight house:Seventh house is concerned with wars ,battles, open warfare ,foreign secret agents, international affairs, international disputes ,relation with  other countries ,marriages and alliance etc. Foreign relation with America will be  at peak due to  aspect of mars on own house .Lot of arms deals will be executed between India and America and also other allied areas in which America faces challenges from China. Since mars is commander in chief so deals with America will mostly be defense deals. Our relations with Arabian countries or middle east will face trouble due to  conjunction of Rahu with Mars .Seventh represent marriage alliance so divorce rates and crime against woman will be main area of focus .Divorce rates will  rise due to  conjunction of seventh lord mars with  Rahu in lagna. Eighth house represent death of national rulers ,president ,prime minister, kings, end of government ,set back in cabinet ,epidemic .Since eighth  house is hidden house so it represent underground wealth.

This year will remember due to some discoveries of hidden wealth .Due to  aspect of eighth lord  Jupiter on fourth house of land .Big vanadium and uranium  deposit is recovered in Arunachal Pradesh . Central  Government has ordered central survivor to survey   this area to discover the underground wealth .Eighth  lord Jupiter in tenth house also shows change in  central cabinet in PM Narendra  Modi government. Since eighth house represent epidemics and covid-19 is around the clock again re -entering in India due to  new strain .This is strain is from Britain ,Brazil ,and SouthAfrica. But with the change of transit of Jupiter from Capricorn its debilitation sign to Aquarius sign and it will retro on 20-6-2021  help in controlling of covid-19 in india through vaccination  .Eighth  lord in Jupiter in tenth house indicate vaccination  of covid will speed up with the start of nav samvatsar[2078]2021. Since Jupiter is aspect to sixth house which is  positive sign in relief from covid-19 in nav samvatsar -2078 when Jupiter will retro.Eighth  house has aspect of twelfth lord mars from lagna indicate foreign spy will active in  india during this period.

Ninth house represent the house of dharma and religious activity ,laws court ,supreme court ,judicial litigation. United nations. Ministry of foreign affairs  etc. Honorable supreme court will be very active in giving positive decision in favor of central government leading by PM Narendra modi. Many religious issue will come up this year in nav-samvatsar 2078. When mars will enter cancer sign and have opposition from Saturn   in foundation horoscope of India  will leads to sharp religious controversy which will lead to communal polarization in  india. See d-60 or shashtimamsha with Aquarius lagna In d-60 chart ninth house has ketu ninth lord   venus in debilitation in eighth  house aspect by malefic mars from lagna and Saturn lagna lord is aggravating the communal harmony on different issue in coming nav –samvatsar-2078     

Tenth house: Tenth house represents  office of prime minister,king royality,rulers, head of state ,president ,governor  ,nation prestige ,etc. Tenth lord is well placed in ninth house own house Saturn in Capricorn. Tenth house and eleventh and eighth lord Jupiter .Jupiter has great significance here .By  good means central government will expose the secret of corruption and cases of its enemies .Eighth  house represent secret and underground wealth .Jupiter as eleventh lord also so with positive efforts of central government many secret  project will be undertaken by central government  to uplift the security of nation .In which  it will successful due to  eleventh lord  of gain Jupiter in tenth house. Central government will undertake various religious projects  like construction of Ram Mandir and every positive initiative  will taken to protect majority community rights. Prime minister Narendra Modi will work according to right path of dharma .Due to position of tenth lord  Saturn in ninth house of Dharma[religion] .There may be reshuffle in central cabinet is excepted this year due to position eighth  lord Jupiter in tenth house.

Eleventh house :Eleventh is going to produce a  lot of potential for in Nav Samvat[2078] due to  presence of third and forth lord ,second ,fifth lord all conjunct in eleventh house .Since eleventh house is house of growth so probably India will experience growth with tremendous potential this year. Eleventh lord is well placed in tenth house well help PM Narendra modi government with smooth sailing .Aspect of Saturn on this house  indicate  visiting of foreign  representative  which  will boost trade and income of India. Eleventh is house of foreign national ambassador. Since so many planets is concerned with eleventh house indicate growth of India in  all sectors  of economy. Fifth house represent stock market and its lord in eleventh house rising stocks  on new level of height. There will be good impression on foreign investor to invest in India.

Twelfth house:In Nav Samvatsar2021 twelfth house has  venus lagna and sixth lord and exchange with twelfth lord  mars  . The good and bad qualities are enhanced by coming of lagna lord in twelfth house and bad qualities if twelfth lord mars is been brought in lagna. But overall this exchange Is  not bad. Venus as lagna lord will bring positive of twelfth house more and more FDI will come to India which will stable the Indian economy. As sixth lord venus in twelfth house represent  expenditure due to armed forces and covid -19 or health expenditure. More and more arms will be  imported and modernization of  Indian army .