Second wave of Covid-19 it impact on India

Second wave of covid-19

 First wave of covid 19 has made helpless in 2020 with lockdown everywhere.Covid-19 start with the change of sign  of Saturn from Sagittarius to Capricorn 24-1-2020.If we  see in the  past, hundred year back the spread of Spanish flu  in February 1918 which lasted up to april 1920 with 17 to 100 million death [rough estimate].At that time Saturn was in transit in cancer sign .Since one thing is definite whenever Saturn transit in cancer –capricorn axis something big in nature will happened .It may be  pandemic or war like situation or mass death in question arise .

Now the  question arises  when will covid -19 will totally vanish from human society ?.Answer is this when Saturn  cross Capricorn sign on 29-4-2022 covid -19 will be under control due to  rising  effect  of different covid-19 vaccination on human around the world. In India covid-19 has regain its strength due  to mutation of covid-19 virus or so called new strain from foreign countries is providing havoc in the  start of month of  April in India. To analyze the strength of covid -19 we have see Aries ,Taurus  ,Gemini sankranti and when covid will slow down in India? Its strength will be analyzed through the study of these sankranti. 

Aries sankranti

Aries sankranti:  With the second wave of covid-19 striking heavily with the tolls of death is increasing day by day in   Aries sankranti.Aries sankranti started on 14-4-2021 2:33 am Delhi with Capricorn lagna with Saturn lagna lord  placed in it.Aspect of mars from sixth house from Gemini sign indicate the tale of sorrow of departed souls suffered the blow of covid-19 pandemic effect. The panic of covid -19 is clearly comes from aspect of mars from sixth house of disease on  nation which is ruled by lagna Capricorn and its lord Saturn .The aspect of Jupiter on sixth house shows some relief in coming time by vaccination of covid-19  .Aspect of own house Saturn on tenth house and tenth lord Venus aspect on tenth house shows that central and some sate government will be able to reduce the impact of covid-19 second wave negative effect through speeding  up vaccination.

Taurus sankranti

Taurus sankranti: Again in Taurus  sankranti same  as Capricorn lagna is repeating with own Saturn in lagna. Own house Saturn clearly shows positive aptitude of  PM Narendra Modi  government to increase vaccination all over India. Again  mars  aspect from sixth house on lagna and lagna lord Saturn shows hindrance in providing medical facilities to general public. Position of moon and mars in sixth house  shows overburden on  hospitals  due to  covid -19 patient. No relief is provided in this sankranti also. Aspect of Jupiter on this combination reduce the negative effect of mars ,moon conjunction in sixth house.  

Gemini sankranti

Gemini sankranti  :With Gemini sankranti starting on 15-6-2021 with Gemini lagna rising with sun and venus placed in lagna .Sun is third lord and venus is fifth and twelfth lord in exchange with lagna lord mercury. Venus and  mercury has changed house in which Venus is twelfth lord in lagna and mercury is lagna lord in twelfth house is not good .This shows the picture of rising of epidemic covid-19 in this sankranti .This sankranti in which lagna is aspect by Jupiter from ninth house shows start of controlling of epidemic covid -19 through some divine grace . Aspect of debilitated mars from second house  on eighth  house and eighth  lord Saturn  shows rise in number of deaths due to covid-19.

Cancer sankranti

Cancer sankranti:With rise of cancer sankranti on 16-7-2021 at 16:54 with lagna  rising is Scorpio with ketu  represent keet or  virus is placed in lagna and lagna lord mars is in debilitation in ninth house with twelfth and tenth lord indicate no relief from covid .Affliction to  lagna by ketu and lagna lord in debilitation in ninth house in opposition from retro Saturn is complicating the situation. Only hope in retro Jupiter in forth house is saving the country from divine grace .In this time some religious issue may aggravate provide communal tension in India.

Leo sankranti

Leo sankranti:Leo sankranti is starting on 17-8-2021 1:19hrs Delhi with Taurus  lagna repetition of nav samvatsar 2078 lagna also birth lagna of  foundation horoscope of India. Taurus  lagna has rahu karka of disease afflicting lagna and lagna lord Venus is in debilitation in fifth house of younger generation. Venus is also sixth lord of disease in fifth house of younger generation. Lot care should be taken by central and state government to save younger from this pandemic covid -19. Maximum planet are in kendra and Trikona with tenth house occupied by retro Jupiter aspect on sixth house of disease .Tenth is house of PMO or office of prime minister.This indicate that PM Narendra Modi  will totally vigilant and active with his  eye on this pandemic.  

There is big question when covid-19 virus will become totally weak and ineffective to cause to treat to mankind all over the  world the question to this answer is related with present transit of Saturn  into Capricorn .If wee last eight hundred year record we  will find this kind of situation have occurred earlier also .

1 If we  see in the  past hundred year back the spread of Spanish flu  in February 1918 which lasted up to April 1920 with 17 to 100 million death [rough estimate].At that time Saturn was in cancer. Jupiter and  ketu conjunct in Taurus  on 10-6-1918

2] HIV so called as AIDS started on 1920. HIV crossed from chimps to humans in the 1920s in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was probably as a result of chimps carrying the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV), a virus closely related to HIVbeing hunted and eaten by people living in the area. Saturn has leave cancer  and is on the junction of cancer Leo  sign on 4-6-1919.Same cancer -Capricorn axis and .cancer Leo junction point .

3] Cocolizti epedemic   1576 to 1580 Mexico: This epidemic spread in Mexico from 1576 to 1580 .Claiming 5to 15 million death toll .At this time Saturn in transit in Sagittarius –Capricorn conjunction point. Sagittarius is  fiery sign and  Capricorn is earth sign.

4] Mexico small pox epidemic from 1519 to 1520.Death toll was 5to 8 million. Again Saturn was in Sagittarius Capricorn conjunction point and also Capricorn-cancer axis was involved .

5] Persian plague: The plague was spread   in Persia in year 1772 to 1773 in which 2 million people  were  died due to  this epidemic .Saturn was again in conjunction point of cancer- Leo retro .Leaving cancer-Capricorn axis. One more important thing in this epidemic is Saturn retro was opposing Jupiter in Aquarius .

6] Naples plague:This plague was spread  in southern Italy in year  1656 to 1658 in which nearly 1.25 million people lost their lives.  In that year’s Saturn retro on leo -virgo  junction .Saturn was also conjunct with ketu on 15-7-1654 which shows its impact  form of naples  plague after a year in southern Italy. This conjunction takes place on cancer –leo junction point.
7]Third cholera pandemic ::This pandemic take place in world wide in year 1846 to 1860.Satrun was in Aquarius leaving Capricorn sign or leaving cancer Capricorn axis..Point to be  noted here is , that Jupiter and ketu  conjunct in year 1846 in which cholera started.

8] Italian plague: In this plague as many as 1 million lost their life in Italy. Saturn in libra aspect to cancer afflicting it.

9] Flu pandemic :This pandemic started on 1889 to 1890 in which more than 1 million lost their lives Saturn is  in cancer sign in cancer –Capricorn  axis and Jupiter and ketu  conjunct in Sagittarius.

parameter for pandemic

1]Jupiter and ketu conjuct

2]satrun and ketu conjuct

3]Saturn in transit crosses Sagittarius -Capricorn conjunction point

4]Saturn in transit crosses cancer -leo conjuction point