Lunar eclipse of 26 may 2021 and its impact on India in 2021

Lunar eclipse of 26 may and its impact on India in 2021

First lunar eclipse of 2021   will be visible on 26 May 2021 , followed by the second eclipse  on 19 November 2021. The first Lunar Eclipse of the year 2021 will take place on 26 May 2021, Wednesday. According to Hindu Panchaang, the time of this eclipse would begin  from 14:17 afternoon to 19:19 in the evening .This eclipse is occurring in Anuradha Nakshatra and Scorpio sign . This will be a Full Lunar Eclipse in 2021 visible in East Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean and the US, but in India, this phenomenon will be visible as a Penumbral Lunar india it will appearing .since solar eclipses on 10 june is not visible in India. But at time of pandemic covid-19 in  India this lunar eclipses has great importance ,This lunar will be studied in context with foundation horoscope of India,,PM Narendra  Modi ,BJP,opposition parties specially congress-I and its present head Sonia Gandhi.

Foundation horoscope of India

Foundation horoscope of India: India has Taurus lagna with present rahu –ketu axis is in transit in one –seven axis of India. Since this lunar eclipse is occurring in Scorpio sign in seventh house of india on natal rahu-ketu axis or on natal ketu in seventh house. Seventh house is concerned with wars ,battles, open warfare ,foreign secret agents, international affairs, international disputes ,relation with  other countries ,marriages and alliance etc.As we are running in covid -19 pandemic situation in India but after this  lunar eclipse of  26 may 2021 will change the focus after some weeks towards border of India .Or clearly indication is towards indo –china border .Since this eclipse is visible in whole  India .But it is occurring in seventh house of foundation horoscope of India . It will impact India’s relation with China in coming months after lunar eclipse .since seventh house represent international relation so tension will mount up in India –China boundaries due to  some unpleasant action taken by china with on going pandemic covid-19 in India.

Bhrigu angle :Since this lunar eclipses is occurring in seventh house of foundation horoscope of India in Scorpio sign. Scorpio sign lord is natal mars placed in second house in the  horoscope of India .From here it control second house ,fifth house by forth aspect,eighth house by seventh aspect,ninth house  by eighth  aspect.   By placement in second  house it gives improved financial  condition and diverting towards developing  and procuring of defense equipment  which will be used against china in coming time .This is  sure the heat up of relation between china and India in coming time after lunar eclipse of 26-may-2021.From fifth aspect it aspect to fifth house of public sentiments which will be  on boils due to  ongoing covid-19 pandemic in India and by  seventh aspect on  eighth house [ houseof mass tragedies] which will take place due to ongoing pandemic .By eighth  it aspect ninth house of religion and judiciary. This comes in focus after this lunar eclipse. Communal disturbance will start which will result mass scale communal polarization in India .


Impact of lunar eclipse  on PM Narendra Modi: PM Narendra Modi has Scorpio lagna with Anuradha Nakshatra as moon and lagna Nakshatra .This lunar eclipse is occurring on lagna and moon nakshtra will provide tension and stress to PM Narendra Modi in coming time.He has  to fight battle on two front first running pandemic of covid in india ,second a front will open by china on LOC in time to come  after lunar eclipse of 26-5-2021.But again he will emerge out more victorious due to  lagna lord mars and moon position is  well placed in Lagna. Moreover he has divine grace of Lord Shiva   and celestial cabinet.More he stressed by his enemy  more victorious he will come out wining over these problems. Since this lunar eclipse is also occurring on his lagna lord mars whose Mahadasha he is running at present from 4-12-2020 to 5-12-2027.In which he will running the anter of rahu from 3-5-2021 to 21-5-2022mars Mahadasha lord is sixth lord of enemy also .His enemy will  try   every act to let him down. In this scenario one more front will be open in front of PM Narendra Modi  polarization in his favour after this eclipse..In this polarization whole majority community will be in his favour.


Impact of lunar eclipse on BJP:BJP is enjoying land sliding victory in Assam and suffering defeat in west Bengal .But this lunar eclipse is providing gain to BJP even in this time OF  pandemic covid-19.What  ever PM Narendra Modi is doing his best to save life of  Indians which  will give gain to BJP in near future. Since eclipse is occurring on natal moon which is debilitated in  sixth house as second lord and aspect of sixth  and eleventh lord mars on this eclipse is good for BJP.[this aspect of mars on Scorpio from third house on lunar eclipse of 26-5-2021 is according to Bhrigu angle].Some death of big leader may not be ruled out.


Lunar eclipse effect  on congress-i:This lunar eclipse is occurring In ninth house on natal mercury seventh lord on the house of markesh .Markesh indicate death ,inflicting  pain. Since congress-I has suffered defeat in this legislative assembly election in Bengal, Assam, Pondicherry, Tamilnadu,kerala. Congress-I is running in bad dasha of Jupiter-moon from 3-7-2020 to 2-7-2021.Then it will enter into anter of mars from 2-11-2021 to 9-10-2022.From this time it gear up or pump up every efforts for its revival but gone waste due to  bad dasha of retro mars..Mars is  ninth lord of luck retro in eleventh from moon lagna and third and eighth  lord from moon lagna .Efforts will be their but only to survive not to win. Present eclipse of 26-may-2021 will on its ninth house in Scorpio sign on natal mercury. Since mercury in seventh lord of pain inflicting house. So it will provide problem and trouble for younger leadership of congress-I due to reason of sign  depositor of lunar eclipse is mars retro debilitated  in fifth house of younger leadership .So it will provide hurdles in progress.


Sonia Gandhi:I have  written earlier also that congress-I is surviving  due its present leadership of its present head Sonia Gandhi. Present eclipse of 26-5-2021is occurring in fifth house of children in Scorpio sign in horoscope of Sonia gandhi. It will hamper or provide obstacles in the growth of this house.