Israel -Iran conflict in 2021

Israel -Iran conflict in 2021

Iran Israel conflict is entering a new heights of war and ongoing conflict which will never stop at least in the  year 2021.There  was an cyber attack in Iran on its Natanz Atomic facility on 11-4-2021 , Sunday by Israel backed by America .This has been reported by Iran on Sunday on 11-4-2021 .Iran  described this blackout in Iran underground Natanz Atomic facility, an act of nuclear terrorism raising regional tension. What star foretell about this Israel  and Iran tension will increase or decrease in time to come or it will convert into large conflict? These will be  analyzed by studying the horoscope of Israel and Iran

Israel :Israel  has foundation horoscope with birth data 14-5-1948 with 15:50hrs Telaviv with Virgo or kanya lagna. Lagna lord in ninth house in exchange with Venus as ninth in tenth house with mercury which is tenth lord also. Mercury is with sun twelfth lord of war so it always ready in war like condition with Arab  world.

Horoscope of Israel

At present Israel is running the vimshotari dasha of mars- Venus from 2-3-2021 to 2-5-2022

Mahadasha of mars from 7-4-2016 to8-4-2023

In the mahdasha of mars, Israel export of arms and ammunition to different countries of the world has been has been recognized as world’s   top most weapon industry of the world. Since mars is in twelfth house and  technical planet of arms and ammunition .Since mars is also planet of violence therefore Israel  in the Mahadasha of Mars has been involved in small and large fire fights with different countries in Arab world .Its present tension  with Iran will be aggravated in this Mahadasha. Mars  In navamsha d-9 mahadasha lord is third and eighth  lord in ninth house with forth and seventh lord Jupiter .Mars is third lord of neighbor countries and eighth  lord of secrecy so it will secretly engaged in wars with Iran in this mahadasha .

Anter of Venus :At present Israel is running in anter of Venus is very crucial for Israel due to  opposition from Jupiter .Venus is in hasta nakshtra of rahu in eighth  in sign of mars. So directly or indirectly Venus is connected with two malefic rahu who is in sign of mars war mongering planet in twelfth house .Venus is also in twelfth house from moon sign aspect by sixth lord Jupiter the planet of dispute and trouble with Arab world specially Iran .See position of Venus in navamsha d-9 badly hemmed between sun and Saturn degree wise Saturn ahead and sun behind .Sun is twelfth lord and Saturn in sixth lord of fight and dispute .If this ignition take place in anter of Venus Israel will not stop here.As this combination of Venus ,Sun Saturn in taking place fifth house of emotion and public sentiments  of Israel  in navamsha d-9. .This combination signifies Israel is fully loaded  in war mood with Iran .Venus is in twenty three ashtakvarga point .This is very below average .Note Venus is in Mrityu Bhaag 00:39 mint second away from sensitive point.


Saturn in transit in fifth house and in retrograding on 23-5-2021 from here it will aspect sixth house of war and fight. Saturn will in seventh from moon sign the house of open war     

Jupiter in transit is in eighth house  from moon lagna and sixth house from lagna .This transit of Jupiter is not good both eighth  and sixth house Trikh bahava or bad house.

Horoscope of Iran

Iran :Iran come into existence on 1-4-1979 ,at 15 hrs Tehran with cancer lagna with ninth lord in lagna exalted Jupiter .Lagna lord  moon is  in eleventh house of gain aspect by Saturn indicate gain from oil and natural gas. Navamsha is Aquarius which is  eight house of birth chart indicate permanent obstacles in growth.

Running Vimshotari  Mahadasha-  anter of Jupiter-venus16-9-2019 to 17-5-2022   

Mahadasha of Jupiter: Jupiter Mahdasha lord is sixth lord of dispute and fights .Jupiter is posited in Pushya Nakshtra of Saturn. Saturn is retro in second house conjunct with malefic rahu and aspect by Venus from trikh  bhava. Saturn is also seventh lord of open war and also Markesh  for cancer lagna .Jupiter is eight lord from moon lagna .In navamshaD-9 is in seventh house a marak bhava from Aquarius navamsha conjunct with retro mercury and  retro Saturn .So over all position of Jupiter is containing mixed result  but  negative is more

Anter of venus :.From 16-9-2019 to 17-5-2022: Venus anter lord in eight house of secrecy conjunct with ketu aspect by retro Saturn from second Venus is nakshtra of rahu  satabhi all are malefic. Iran atomic planet by attacked by cyber army of Israel backed by America on underground nuclear planet which is represent by Venus in eighth  house .Ketu is virus and rahu is malware with whose help atomic power plant of Iran was attacked .Venus is posited in twenty one ashtakvarga point which is  very below from average. In navamsha d-9 chart Venus  is in twelfth house aspect by debilitated mars from sixth house of enemy and war.The problem of Iran with Israel will aggravate in the anter dasha

Transit:Saturn  transit in seventh house in thirty two ashtakvarga point. Which Maarak potency or in other words it is negative .It  is very strong of  causing harm to Iran in this transit of Saturn from seventh house.

Jupiter is in eight house being benefice in eight house shows this transit of Jupiter is unfavorable for Iran

Overall all result

1] Israel will keep on attacking Iran nuclear capacity or its underground  atomic planet. But will not enter into full fledged war with Iran. But small fire fights will take place regularly in this anter dasha of venus .Till it will enter in the Mahadasha of Rahu after mahadasha of mars .

2]Iran will keep on retaliating back  against Israel attack .But no full fledged conflict will take place between Iran and Israel.