Original Bhrigu Samhitas -14

Bhrigu Muni is doing conversation with his son Shukracharya ji

                Shree Ganeshaaye Namah

The native born with this combination is intelligent.and having polite nature and adjusting, The native must be helping, and may achieve good respect in her family relations or relatives. She must be born in a good reputed family. Her early period of life was average, having happiness and even faced some problems. She must be average in beauty or physical appearance, She is talented and can handle multiple work at a time. She keep herself busy in spiritual work and she likes to adopt good path. .She must enjoy happiness around her but can face troubles due to her Bad Karmaas[deeds] performed by her in her last birth. Sometimes she feels insecure and happiness is not stable in her life.If she will  do salvation of  bad deeds done  by her in her last birth she will get some relief,then she can enjoy all happiness in life.

Last Birth

She was born in a very reputed Brahmin family and had all amenities and luxuries of life,but she became a widow in her early age .She was literally devoted towards God and performed a lot of prayers and tried to indulge herself in spiritual activities. She was very fond of travelling and wandering like visiting pilgrimages ,spiritual places etc. and she spent a lot of money on these visits. Due to the addiction of wandering she lost all her money and became very poor. And indulged in wrong deeds like theft, robbery and many other wrong methods to get money but her desires were very high so she indulged in more wrong deeds that’s why she was cursed and suffered a lot when became old.


If the native wants to do salvation of her last birth she must chant the following mantra one lac one [1,00001] times


After completing this feed the Brahmins and donate some money according to your wish

Year Wise Reading

In the first and second year of life the native was physically fit, but some problem occurred with the native [like sudden awakening from sleep and started crying] due to this the native’s father became very tense but after some time the things passed smoothly by efforts done by parents, especially father and father feel happy.

During third,fourth and fifth year the native’s mother faced some problems [may be physical or emotional] but after some time all problems vanished. The native had some normal physical problems like acne , insect biting etc. It was a beneficial period for the father, especially for financial gains.The native’s father was a little bit tense but by hard work and efforts all problems vanished and the native and family enjoyed this time collectively. The native got new clothes, toys etc. during this time.

During six to nine years the native spent her time with her peer group and she can face some injury by falling from a place. Some troubles also occurred during this time . There may be some difference of opinion within family members ,so some conflicts can be seen during this time but after some struggling period peace was maintained in the family .These tensions were due to last birth Karmaas[deeds].

From ten to sixteen years the native can be attracted towards someone. Her personality became attractive during this time.Some physical problems like fever can take place during this time and the remaining period passed smoothly.

From seventeen to twenty years, some auspicious occasions take place at native’s residence. She became an expert in her work . She enjoyed all luxuries and facilities of life during this time.

From twenty five years to thirty two years ; this period indicates a rise in fortune, This period is also a mixed period of joy, tension and stress but by patiently all problems can be resolved. Some auspicious occasions like marriage can also take place during this time, The native will achieve some name and fame and respect in her family or within her social circle . She will perform her duties and responsibility very efficiently.

From thirty three to forty years the native can visit some pilgrimages places ,she can spend money on visiting these places. Some problems can also occur during this time after that the native will feel that she got a new birth but problems will be resolved. Some difference of opinion is also possible with your partner.

During forty one to sixty five years gains from land and property can be seen. Possibility  of construction of house or renovation of house is also there during this time. She will perform her duties very efficiently. Her wishes will also be fulfilled.

After sixty six years she will be more devoted towards God and will visit many pilgrimages places. Her wishes will be fulfilled but physically she will became weak and will feel exhausted,

After seventy two years she will indulge herself in spiritual activities.like charities, donations and prayers. Her wishes will be fulfilled and she will born in a very well to do family in her next birth