Predicting monsoon of 2021 through sun entry in Ardra Nakshatra.

Sun has entered Ardra nakshtra on Tuesday on 22 june 2021 at 5hrs 39min Delhi in Gemini sign or lagna is forming for India or Bharat varsh. Sun Ardra Nakshatra pravesh chart is used to predict  monsoon for India for coming four months from 22-6-2021 on wards.

Sun in Ardra Nakshtra Parvesh chart 2021

Ardra nakshtra pravesh chart is forming with Gemini lagna with lagna lord mercury retro in twelfth house conjunct with rahu .Gemini lagna has sun and Venus conjunct .Jupiter retro is aspect lagna from ninth house .All these combinations  indicate that lagna lord mercury retro and conjunct  with rahu indicate erratic and irregular rainfall in some parts of India.Venus in lagna with sun aspect by retro Jupiter indicate average rainfall in india which will meet the demand of farmer and will boost the economy of India. Due to  position of retro Jupiter in ninth house which represent south west side in Aquarius sign .Aquarius sign is  airy sign due to  this  reason there  will be  lot windy cyclones in south.

In East side of India there  will be good rainfall due to  airy sign Gemini and its lord in twelfth house conjunct with Rahu. This lead to  heavy rainfall   which will result in  loss of  man and wealth due to  floods.Since lagna has venus and sun and  aspect of Jupiter on lagna indicates  satisfactory  rainfall in Eastern area of India

East north: East north contain cancer and leo sign. Cancer is full of watery content and position of mars and aspect of Saturn from eighth  house indicate heavy rainfall  with strong winds which lead to lot of floods  upheavals with overflowing of river in this region.      Next sign to cancer is Leo which represent mountain area   of North India. Rainfall will be good in this region.

North region: North has virgo sign in fourth house. .Virgo is dry sign of mercury .Mercury lord of virgo sign is posited in twelfth house conjunct with Rahu in Taurus. Since there in no benefic aspect on fourth house so in some parts in the  states of Uttar pradesh ,Delhi,Haryana,Punjab will face rainfall below average.or scanty rainfall will  be there in these  states.May be after 20-7-2021 when mars crosses cancer sign  to Leo sign in transit some dry spell may be experienced there in these states.

North west: North west contain airy sign Libra and Scorpio .Libra is in aspect by two malefic planets  mars and Saturn .These two hard core malefic aspect on fifth house on Libra sign  indicate rainfall with strong wind breeze .Which will result in disruption of  life  two malefic aspect over Libra. Northwest side is also has Scorpio sign  which is sign of mars in cancer indicates  lot of  rainfall in the  region adjoining west which  will result in floods and disruption to normal life in  adjoining Rajasthan and Gujarat.

West: West is area of konkan which include Maharashtra and Goa .It contain  Sagittarius sign .Sagittarius is fiery sign that  indicate rainfall will be good with dry spell due to  aspect of sun and Venus one benefic and one malefic.

South west: South west has sign Capricorn and Aquarius .Since south west of India is surrounded by sea of Arabia. So their will expect to high sea tides and cyclones with heavy rainfall  in this area .Due aspect of  mars on  Saturn in Capricorn sign .Aquarius sign is occupied by Jupiter which will lead to heavy rainfall in this area of India.

South side: South the tenth house of horoscope contain Pisces  a watery sign and aspect of Saturn on it indicate heavy rainfall with strong winds . Saturn is airy planet.

South east: South east contain coast of Andhra pradesh ,Orissa, west Bengal etc. It contain Aries  sign which is aspect by moon a watery planet indicate heavy rainfall in this area. Taurus  sign a dry sign has rahu and retro mercury indicate some delay in rainfall. Strong winds and strong sea tides will create problem in some area of south -east                     

Since mars is ahead of sun this will provide good rainfall till 20-7-2021.On 22-6-2021at 14:22 Venus will enter cancer sign in Punar vasu Nakshtra fourth charan conjunct with debilitated mars. This combination will provide heavy rainfall in eastern region .

On 25-7-2021 mercury will enter in  cancer a watery sign at 11:42 hrs conjunct with sun with aspect of Saturn on mercury will provide heavy rainfall with strong wind in eastern region of India.