When feud between BJP and TMC will stop

When feud between BJP and TMC will stop

   West Bengal CM ,Mamta Banerji take oath on 5-5-2021 after the victory in west Bengal in legislative elections .After this victory rift between BJP and TMC increased many folds.

For looking forward what star foretell about CM Mamta Benerji attitude towards  BJP will revealed  by the horoscope of oath ceremony of CM Mamta Benerji government in Calcutta.

Oath taking ceremony chart of CM MAMTA BENERJI

CM Mamta Benerji took oath on 5-5-2021 at 10:46am Calcutta. With cancer sign rising as lagna  at 12 degree 12min with pushya nakshatra rising as lagna nakshtra. Pushya nakshtra lord Saturn posited in seventh and eight lord in  seventh house in Capricorn a negative house of Saturn. Since Saturn is afflicted due to aspect by mars from twelfth house .Moreover lagna lord moon in eighth  house with ninth lord of luck Jupiter is not good. It shows always   this way or that way CM Mamta Benerji government will at war or in  attacking mode towards BJP.

In oath taking ceremony chart we can use vimshotari by degree of moon in which pratyaanter dasha can be used as mahadasha and sukshma dasha as anter dasha and praan dasha as prtatyanter dasha for the period of five years  from the  day oath taking ceremony  TMC government

At present mahadasha of mercury [pratyaanter of mercury] is running from 23-5-2021 to 10-10-2021: Mahadasha of mercury is running at oath taking chart of CM Mamta Benerji .Mercury mahadasha lord is well placed in birth chart in eleventh  house of gain as twelfth lord represent  expenditure, problem , loss and   trouble .Mercury is conjunct with eleventh lord of gain Venus own house in Taurus  sign  and with  rahu. In navamsha chart d-9  mercury  is debilitated in sixth house in Pisces sign  house of dispute and fight and legal problem from court .In this period CM Mamta Benerji government will be involved  in  conflicts  with BJP in this period ,due to debilitated mercury is good in sixth house so it will defeat BJP in this tussle. But Saturn aspect on  mercury in sixth house from ninth house honorable judiciary will always put some restriction on action of  CM Mamta Benerji government .This scenario will continue in mahadasha of mercury in above mention timing.

Mahadasha  of ketu from 10-10-2021 to 7-12-2021:Ketu mahadasha starts on 10-10-2021 to 7-12-2021.Ketu mahadasha is posited in fifth  house in Scorpio sign in house of mars in birth chart .Sign depositor of ketu is mars in twelfth house a bad house aspect to seventh house and seventh lord Saturn. Seventh house  represent opposition  BJP and Saturn in own house  is powerful .But mars  aspect on Saturn  as tenth lord represent the karma or action  of CM Mamta  Benerji government is spending its energy is tussling with BJP by mars eighth   aspect on seventh house represent by BJP. In navamsha d-9 ketu is eclipsing moon in third house in Sagittarius sign .Saturn is also aspect moon tenth lord  in third house. Ninth house represent honorable court may pass some decision against   CM Mamta Benerji government karmas or action .Here ketu is in twelfth from mars seventh lord represent  BJP navamsha chart d-9. 

Mahadasha of [pratyaanter] Venus from 7-12-2021to20-5-2022: In mahadasha of Venus CM  Mamta Benerji troubles or tussle with will BJP will slow down and CM Mamta Benerji will concentrate on issue and focus on west Bengal. Due to  position of Venus is favorable as eleventh lord of  oath taking chart  but conjunct with twelfth lord .In navamsha d-9 chart Venus  is well placed as lagna lord for  Libra  navamsha  and is conjunct with exalted mars In d-10 dashmasha Venus is  positively posited in seventh house as eleventh lord of gain it seems in this mahadasha of Venus[prtyaanter] his whole concentration will  focus on west Bengal rather than in tussling with BJP.