Bhrigu Muni in conversation with his dear son Sukracharya

In this horoscope there is    combination of very  good planets but native is not getting results due to one bad planet  But even now  native can live like a  king if native do remedies of malefic [bad]planet.Native should do remedies of Mars,Sun,Venus,Jupiter,ketu   which will get him relived from all tension and all his wishes will be fulfilled .He will get benefit  from work but result will come with delay. Then he will be successful in his mission. The native can manage heavy expenditure in his life.Their can be some disturbances created in native house. There will be one hidden enemy wanted to create trouble but all in vein due to gods grace. Native will be deeply attached with one friend.Native will  incur heavy expenditure on auspicious occasion .He will enjoy both happiness and tension, even he feel that   he got rebirth due to these  tension. Native has great focus on monetary befits  .He  will   enjoys his full age.

Last birth

He was priest of Lord Shiva temple.He used to take intoxicants like charas, cocaine etc and serves other also. On the  occasion of festival of lord Shiva a king donated gold pots in the temple but this priest sold it the money earned from sale of gold pots was spent on drugs .He keep on continuing worshiping lord Shiva.

Remedies:Donate gold to Bharamin  and satisfies priest.

Results year wise from 1th year to 5th year

During delivery mother got problem. Then time  passes smoothly,. Native suffers from dental problems, fever,  diarrhea etc. mother get upset due acne and skin disorder .You and your mother awakens at night and she try tried her best to make you sleep by giving Lullabies .Due to devotion towards god you was cured from all  problems and you grown up happily .Your father got gains in this period and you was lucky for your father. You enjoyed your childhood.  Lot of wealth and prosperity comes in your house.Your parents [father and mother]get happiness  and you get relief from all problems.Your mother faced lot of problems while giving birth to siblings ,after  this months and year was passed smoothly.

From 6th year to 10 th year

Starting of education and do lot of practice in education .some special gains with expenditure   incurred by your father.After this some trouble was created but all this settled due to good karmas .After this lot of gains and all tension vanish. You were more focused on play instead of studies your studies was medium.You were involved   more in your age group.

Year 11th to 15th year

There was auspicious occasion in your house in which all your relatives have get-together .Your father got popularity and respect in society. Due to excess of sexual thoughts there was problems of insomnia. After that time passed peacefully with accomplishment of desire .You do your work very efficiently.You have  medium level of education.

16th to 20th year

You have some special affection in your heart but for some body can’t express it due to some hesitation .Success in work and monetary gain. After this time will pass smoothly .You get attracted towards opposite sex. Your mental abilities raised .

21th to 30th year

Auspicious worked happened at home .Mother ,father  felt happiness. There are some delay in marriage and progeny .By chanting Mahamrityuanjaye   mantra you will  get ever thing .Monetary gain will remain continue.

31th to 40th year

There is full possibilities of rise of fortune .You will enjoy happiness .There will be ritual occasion related with your children. You will do work related will dairy products .You will incur both expenditure  and gain income.

41th to 48th year

You will free from all tension. You will get happiness from children . Their will some get-together occasion in which relatives will visit your house. Renovation of your house is indicated. Physical illness like dysentery problem. Do Chandi path to get cure from that problem in form of remedies. Then you will  enjoy full  life span.

50th to 70th

Your son fortune will on rise .Possibilities of grandchildren   .You will get respect  in your work field .You will every happiness like servants ,vehicle ,every  satisfaction will occur in your life.

After 70th year will live full life


Bhrigu muni in conversation with his dear son Sukracharya

Shri Ganeshynamah,

Year wise results

First to fifth year childhood passed smoothly by as usual padeatric problems like dental ,stomach upsetting /acne /gastric upsettings etc.

Sixth to nine years the native enjoyed his childhood having qualities of loving.caring .charming /adorable  and attractive personality. She felt some problems while running ,in his leg. Father had lot of gains during this period.father had some tension regarding well being of his child .Lot of happiness and prosperity came in her’s family.

Tenth to fourteen years time passed smoothly by the blessing of God, She was attracted towards opposite sex Father had lot of gains as well as expenditure ,BY God’s grace all tensions and worries were vanished .some tension and phobia also disturbed your mind.

Fifteen to twenty second year participated and enjoyed sports or games. You traveled to different places during this period like pilgrimages or other tourist places.Enjoyed luxurious life during this period means you got different types of luxurious items. Started household activities and ts time for good luck.You got some troubles during this period due to negative ‘KARMAAS’OF your past birth but all were vanished by your efforts and good deeds done by you in this life.

Twenty three to Twenty seven year there are chances of getting life partner and  also have chances of married and family life.You are capable to handle your life efficiently

Twenty eight to thirty three it was time for happiness and prosperity due to good planetary position.You got a respectable position in society .Some auspicious occasions were celebrated during this tie There were lot of gains as well as expenditure. There were some tensions  created in your mind during this period You got name and fame in your society.

Thirty four to thirty eight all tensions were vanished .Expansion in clan Due to restlessness in mind and anxiety ,you will do lot of expenditure.You will defend your enemies and done lot of expenditure in travelling.and marriages.

Thirty nine to forty two there are gains from land and property and you will enjoy this gain.There was lot of happiness and prosperity in your home during this period.

Forty four to forty eight you feel tense regarding new work or efforts done by you.During this period you will   travel and some problems and felt some fear in your mind YOU can get rid from this problem by chanting [MAHAMRITYUNJAYE MANTRA] and your wishes will be fulfilled and got popularity and prosperity,by God’s blessings

Fifty one onwards you will enjoy life and get satisfied .Due to good deeds done by you in this birth you will take rebirth in King’s family

Girl is average lucky good personality and healthy look. After her birth parents faced some tensions and many hurdles also came in his life ,Father got many troubles  Gains were very less as compare to expenditure.The native enjoyed childhood games side by side.By doing worshiping of God time can run smoothly.After some years there are good chances of rise in fortune .The native is face some tensions and problems due to deeds done in previous birth.

Last Birth; In her last birth she was attendant of a great king and did her duties well. She was very beautiful ,charming and have a good personality She was head of all the attendants All people respect her , she became very proud. One day n King’s palace A YAGYA was organized .A very knowledgeable priest came there to perform all rituals.This native laughed at priest very loudly and make fun of him.The priest became very aggressive by her behavior and gave Curse to her .Now you can nullifies your deeds by chanting this mantra