Delta plus variant of covid-19  is  spreading in different parts of India slowly and slowly .This variant has spread in Europe and America with great speed. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that Europe is “on thin ice” as the Delta variant of Covid spreads on the continent .But it can spread with  great speed  in India as third wave as compared to America and Europe. In my previous article” second wave of covid -19 and its impact on india”published on 27-4-2021 in my same blog I have given  the reason of second wave of covid -19 through  the study of sankranti specially Aries ,taurus ,Gemini, cancer , leo .In which Aries and Taurus sankranti was specially afflicted due  to affliction of lagna and lagna lord  Saturn  by mars from sixth house which causes  heavy toll of deaths in India .But somehow due to lock-down second wave of covid has been brought under control.

Now a new variant of covid -19 has entered in  India that is called as Delta plus which already has start impacting Europe and America and many other countries of world. Now question arise when third wave of covid will start in  India through this delta plus variant ? For this we have to study the sankranti and foundation horoscope of India in which Vimshotari Anter dasha  is going to change from moon -Saturn to moon- mercury from 5-7-2021.

Foundation horoscope of India

Foundation horoscope of India

In the  foundation horoscope of India the  great change is going to take place due to change of anter of dasha from Saturn to mercury in mahadasha of moon from 5-7-2021

Mahadasha of moon from 4-9-2015 to 4-9-2025:Moon mahadasha  lord is lord of third house in the  foundation horoscope of India .Moon is conjunct with four  planets Sun,Saturn,Mercury ,Venus .In this combination of planets  Venus is sixth lord of disease and pandemic badly sandwiched  between sun and Saturn. Moon is in pushya nakshatra of Saturn  which is eighth lord from moon lagna .Eighth  house is one of trikh house[bad house]represent mass death due to some epidemic or some other reason. Moon in d-9 navamsha  chart is in sixth house   in leo sign conjunct with keet [virus or insect] ketu .Ketu represent virus in classical text.


Anter of mercury from 5-7-2021 to 4-12-2022:Mercury anter lord  is posited in third house in nakshatra pushya of Saturn which is also conjunct  with mercury in  third house. Mercury is also conjunct with venus  lagna and sixth lord  of disease  and pandemic .As moon mahadasha is already running in third lord which represent communicable  disease like covid-19. Anter lord mercury which has natural lordship in kalchakra of third in sixth house .Third house represent communicable  disease .sixth house represent disease in general. So mercury  dasha is natural [karka] role in spreading  covid-19.

Study of pratyaanter in anter of mercury which will cause spreading of  covid -19 in coming time.

Moon-mercury-ketu  from 16-9-2021 to 16-10-2021:Ketu pratyaanter will be responsible for third wave of covid -19 .Ketu is keet or virus in Sanskrit . Ketu is in Scorpio a watery sign of mars responsible for spreading  of covid-19.Ketu in navamsha d-9 chart is in sixth house  of disease conjunct with moon.Ketu depositor is sun in lagna of d-9 navamsha  afflicting in turn aspect by mars and Saturn. .

Pratyaanter of venus in anter of mercury from 16-10-2021to 11-1-2022 :Venus pratyaanter will be starting from 16-10-2021 to 11-2-2022.Venus pratyaanter will be fatal in regard with covid-19 third wave .Partial lock down will start  in pratyaanter of ketu. Notice   fatality  of venus  pratyaanter as this Venus is sixth and lagna lord in the  foundation chart of India. Venus is  badly sandwiched  between sun and Saturn. Sun is ahead of Venus and Saturn is behind  degree wise in birth chart. Venus in navamsha d-9 chart  is eighth  lord of mass death badly sandwiched  between malefic with mars in twelfth house from Venus and rahu in second from Venus and Saturn is conjunct with venus .

Transit : Saturn is  in transit in Capricorn retro till 11-10-2021 will aspect to natal venus in third house .Natal venus is lagna and sixth lord of disease in third  house of communicable    disease like covid-19.

Jupiter is in tenth house retro in Aquarius will aspect sixth house of disease and will enter in retro motion in ninth house on 20-9-2021in Capricorn from here  it will natal Venus sixth lord in third house of communicable disease like covid-19



Leo sankranti or Ingress ion chart :Sun will enter  leo on 17-8-2021 on 1:19hrs Delhi with Taurus  as lagna .Taurus is like repetition of lagna in varshphal  of birth chart is bad for that particular year. But here this reputation of  Taurus  lagna  is of Nav Samvatsar 2078 and also birth chart of foundation horoscope of India which is taurus .In this leo sankranti  taurus   lagna lord is Venus debilitated in fifth house .Taurus  sankranti is afflicted due to  placement of rahu –ketu axis in one seven axis .With debilitated moon also aspect lagna. Weak lagna indicates  the spread or start  of third wave of covid.


Virgo sankranti : Virgo sankranti is rising on 17-9-2021at 1:14hrs Delhi .With Gemini lagna is rising with lagna lord mercury in fourth house conjunct with sixth lord of disease that is mars and sun third lord of communicable  diseases . Virgo  sankranti  is  also indicating disease  of covid to the people of India. 


Libra sankranti: Libra sankranti is starting on 17-10-2021,13:15hrs ,Delhi with Capricorn sign rising as lagna. Saturn and retro debilitated Jupiter as twelfth lord which represents  hospital in  lagna conjunct with lagna lord Saturn indicates  trouble of . Covid -19  in India .In d-9 navamsha  chart of libra sankranti again Saturn in forth house in opposition from sun eighth  lord and mars also aspect Saturn indicate trouble in India due to covid -19

In the above three sankranti starting from Leo ,Virgo and Libra  all are indicating  third wave of covid  in India.