CM Captain Amrinder Singh future in Punjab in 2021-2022

CM Captain Amrinder Singh future in Punjab in 2021-2022

Senior leader of congress-I in Punjab and present CM in Punjab government Captain Amrinder Singh is in full muscle tussle with Navjot Singh Sidhu former BJP  leader from Punjab entered congress-I in 2017.These days CM Captain Amrinder  singh battle with Navjot Singh Sidhu is in final stage .Navjot singh sidhu attack Captain Amerinder on different issue . But lately, Sidhu has been trying to push the envelope further, stirring the pot in Punjab Congress, going against his own state government led by chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh and demanding promises to be fulfilled for the “benefit of the people.” Navjot Sidhu may do anything against CM Captain Amrinder singh . But horoscope of Captain Amrinder has lot to say about future of congress-I in punjab. Whether Captain Amrinder singh will again be CM of Punjab or there may be partition in Punjab congress-I as Navjot Singh Sidhu as HEAD of congress-I in Punjab. We have to go thoroughly  in  the horoscope of Captain Amrinder Singh to see his political future in punjab politics.

Captain Amrinder Singh horoscope

Captain Amrinder singh was born on 11-3-1942,3:25hrs,patiala ,Punjab. With Sagittarius sign  rising as lagna with moon posited in it. Lagna lord Jupiter is conjunct with Saturn and mars in sixth house. Lagna lord has moon in moola nakshatra cannot call it as typical arisht[negative influence]  for lagna or gandmool nakshatra dosh.

Positive aspects  in the  horoscope of Captain Amrinder singh.

1]Moon and birth lagna are same.

2] Malefic in 3,6,11 houses are good according to parashar  maharishi.

3] Lagna lord in sixth house is bad[arishta] for lagna but malefic in 3,6.11 houses will remove this arishta  dosh.

4]Tenth lord conjunct with eleventh lord of gain in second  house of wealth. This is good yoga for wealth.

5] In navamsha d-9 chart Saturn [Kendra lord] aspect Jupiter[trikona lord] exalted is Sookshma  Rajyoga in navamsha d-9 chart

Some arishta yoga in birth chart

1]Only moon in Kendra and no other planet in Kendra and trikona.

2]Moon eighth lord in lagna is arishta  for lagna.

3] Shakat yoga present in birth chart.Jupiter moon in six eight to each other in placement.

4] Lagna lord Jupiter in sixth with hard core malefic Saturn and mars.

Vimshotari dasha order of Captain Amrinder singh got good  order of vimshotari dasha in peak time of his political career.

1]Rahu mahadasha  in ninth house of luck from aspect by ninth lord sun from 23-1-87

2]Jupiter the mahadasha of lagna lord from 23-1-2005

3] Now Saturn have started from 23-1-2021


Varshphal for 80th year

Captain Amrinder singh is running in  eightieth year starting from 11-3-2021 with Aries  sign  rising as lagna . Aries sign is fifth house of birth chart.In eightieth  year varshphal Aries lagna lord mars is in second house conjunct with Rahu. Here tenth lord Saturn is conjunct with Jupiter debilitated as ninth lord and mercury third and sixth lord in tenth house form a kind of Rajyoga for captain Amrinder Singh is present in  running varshphal. Muntha is posited in fourth house cancer sign a benefic sign.Muntha is aspect by three planet from tenth house.Muntha pati moon is posited in eleventh house of gain conjunct with sun ,venus  indicate prosperity after winning over enemy easily without  fights. Since three planet Saturn,Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in which Saturn is tenth lord of profession and eleventh lord of gains   .Jupiter is ninth lord of luck a Rajyoga with Saturn  Mercury is third lord of  efforts and sixth lord of  fights and wins after dispute against congress-I leader Navjot Sidhu in politics in Punjab.

Applying Vimshotari dasha of birth chart on varshphal of eightieth year      

  SATURN –SATURN FROM23-1-2021 to 26-1-2024

Saturn Mahadasha lord posited in eightieth  year varshphal in tenth own sign Capricorn conjunct  with Jupiter ninth and twelfth lord, mercury third and sixth lord. Jupiter debilitation is cancelled due to  presence of own house Saturn. Their parashari Rajyoga involved here ninth lord Jupiter a[trikona lord]conjunct with Saturn Kendra lord with lord of self efforts[third house]winning over enemy or fight with Navjot Sidhu his opponent in congress-I .He  will emerge success against this battle in sidelining Navjot Singh  Sidhu his opponent in congress-I in Punjab.

Saturn anter lord same as mahadasha lord.


Vimshotari dasha of  birth chart

Saturn -Saturn from 23-1-2021 to 26-1-2024

Saturn mahadasha lord: Saturn mahadasha lord is posited in sixth house  of enemy ,fight, as second and third lord. Saturn is conjunct with mars fifth and twelfth lord ,Jupiter lagna and forth lord. Since Saturn is maarkesh for Sagittarius lagna and moon  lagna but coming to sixth house it will increase enemy  of captain Amrinder Singh and then finish them up one by one. Saturn in sixth house will first increase enemy and finish them up due to  malefic nature .Mars is also posited in  sixth house conjunct with Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn Mahadasha  has just started on 23-1-2021this is  dasha chhidra completion of one mahadasha and start of another mahadasha .These are sensitive point may prove good or may prove crucial. Saturn in navamsha D-9  chart in third house in own house forming Rajyoga with exalted Jupiter fifth lord [trikona lord ]who  aspect Saturn fourth  lord [Kendra lord]  from ninth house. Captain Amrinder Singh will work very hard  in this Mahadasha to establish supremacy over other leader in Punjab and he will 70%to 80%sucessfull in his efforts. In d-10 dashmansha chart Saturn   is again  posited in sixth house of enemy ,hard work ,winning over enemy.

SATURN ANTER same as mahadasha above

Pratyaanter at the time of election.

Captain Amrinder Singh will run in   ketu pratyaanter dasha from 18-12-2021 to20-2-2022

Pratyaanter  of ketu in Mahadasha  and Anter of Satrun  may prove beneficial due to  position in third house. Ketu is in the sign of Saturn in sixth house and conjunct with sun ninth lord of luck. So luck will shine on captain Amrinder Singh in this Pratyaanter of ketu. Since ketu  and sun two malefic planets  in third house are good .They will provide desired result to Captain Amrinder with sheer hard work in this Pratyaanter  at the time of election which will be  due in month of march and april 2022. Two malefic planets  in third will inspire native to work hard to achieve desired result.

Prtyaanter  of venus from 20-2-2022 to23-8-2022:Venus will provide result of hard work done in prtyaanter of ketu in birth chart of captain amrinder singh. Venus  is eleventh lord of gain conjunct with  tenth lord mercury in second house. In navamsha d-9 chart venus is in eight house conjunct with moon ninth lord of luck. Venus is seventh lord and twelfth lord .As twelfth lord in eighth  house it will form Vipreet Rajyoga .A person win in opposite circumstances due to  Vipreet Rajyoga.Since Venus is  in six eight relation Anter and Mahadasha lord Saturn .This will result in obstacles and trouble to reach to desired goal .In d-10 Dasmansha chart pratyaanter dasha lord venus is posited in seventh house of [padd  prapti]gain of position  as tenth lord of profession. From this pratyaanter it is clear captain Amrinder will lead in state assembly election coming clear as next CM of Punjab by defeating this enemy inside and outside congress-I .

Transit at the  time of election: Saturn at the  time  of state assembly election in march, april 2022 will be in Capricorn on tenth lord .But here only twenty three ashtakvarga point is available which below twenty eight point. This indicate tough fight at the time of election. Transit Saturn  is over eleventh lord Venus and which represent gain in coming time in state assembly election.

Jupiter in transit at the  time of state assembly election will be Aquarius in third house over natal ketu and Sun activating luck after hard work at the time of election. From third house transit Jupiter aspect eleventh house of gain.

Bhrigu transit: Saturn as a profession indicator according to Bhrigu astrology indicate its transit in second house. Over tenth lord  Mercury and Venus eleventh lord of gain in election .Saturn is in transit in Capricorn its natal depositor Saturn is posited in sixth house will destroy his enemy conjunct with mars and Jupiter.

Jupiter is called as soul in Bhrigu astrology or life force. This Jupiter at time election will be in  transit  in third house  in Capricorn over natal Sun ninth lord of luck and Ketu .Activating luck of Captain Amrinder Singh. Natal Saturn sign depositor of transit Jupiter is sixth house conjunct with mars and lagna  lord Jupiter will remove obstacles created by his enemy inside and outside congress-I