[We are introducing new section Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about CM Yogi Aditya Nath]

Bhrigu muni in conversation with son Sukracharyaji

The person born with these combination in horoscope  has divine soul and good natured .The place where native will rule will flourish .He can face some troubles from enemy in next four to six months. His enemy will create every kinds of hurdle in his mission but he will overcome from all these troubles . He will rule as king for next five year. He will develop the area where he rules like a heaven]  

An present Zila Panchayat election BJP won 67 out of 75 seats. Samajwadi Party won 5 seats, Lok Dal and Jansatta Dal won 1 seat each. One seat goes to Independent candidate. In this election victory of BJP and in last two to three year CM Yogi Aaditya Nath  name is coming  forward as winning face of BJP. Now BJP  can rely on CM YOGI ADITYA NATH in coming state assembly election in 2022 as Chief Minister candidate in Uttar Pradesh.CM Yodi Aaditya nath  demolition drive against land mafia raise  much praise from  general public of Uttar Pradesh which  were fed up from mafia .The construction of Ram Mandir has started under his leadership  which is worth praising. Uttar Pradesh is attracting FDI[Foreign Direct Investment]   from  foreign countries specially the one which are leaving china.

The  state assembly elections  which are  due in second quarter of 2022.In which political setting has been started between different political parties .But for BJP the path  of victory in these assembly election 2022 will depend totally on CM Yogi Aaditya Nath.


CM Yogi Aaditya Nath horoscope :CM Yogi  Nath was born on 5-6 1972,10:54,Pauri Garhwal.Yogi Aaditya Nath is born with Sanyaas Yoga  combination  which are indicated by his horoscope .

1]Aspect of Saturn over moon in seventh house indicate a sanyas yoga.

2] Saturn is combust as seventh lord of marriage which indicate no marriage.

3]Twelfth lord moon in seventh is also combination of sanyaas yoga mean no marriage.

3]In navamsha d-9 chart moon is papkatari.

4]In navamsha d-9 chart mars seventh lord in twelfth house indicate no marriage.

Political future of CM Yogi Adtiya nath.

CM Yogi Adtiya nath is running vimshotari  mahadasha of ketu 21-11-2017 to20-11-2024

At present Ketu -Rahu is mahadasha and anter is in running in present from 21-10-2020 to8-11-2021  

Mahadasha of ketu:Ketu mahadasha lord is  posited in twelfth house in cancer sign. Saturn aspect ketu from tenth house. Ketu sign lord moon is in seventh house of position or padd prapti.[achieving good position] Saturn also aspect this moon in seventh house sign lord of ketu. Ketu nakshatra lord is also saturn.CM  Yogi Aaditya Nath career  as CM of Uttar Pradesh has started in this mahadasha of ketu. Ketu in navamsha d-9 chart is  in  fourth house in leo sign which represent seat of king. Ketu sign lord in navamsha is sun  ,         conjunct with Jupiter which is eleventh lord of gain aspect by mars which provide Yogi Aadtiya Nath to take hard decision against land mafia in this mahadasha. Ketu is also aspect by Saturn ninth lord of luck .So overall position of ketu in d-9 navamsha is indicating Rajyoga .Saturn  yogkarka for  Taurus  lagna navamsha a lord of ninth and tenth aspect ketu in fourth house  .In dashmansha d-10in eighth house, that is  house of mars conjunct with Jupiter also aspect  by eleventh lord from second house. So over all ketu mahadasha  has produced the best result for Yogi Aaditya Nath turning his political career into winner in Uttar Pradesh.

Rahu anter from 21-10-2021to 8-11-2021:Rahu anter lord in the horoscope of Yogi Aaditya Nath is posited in sixth house of enemy, fight and disease .We know it well known fact that in this anter CM Yogi Aaditya Nath has suffered from covid-19 .Rahu in sixth house is described  by Maharishi  Parashar as malefic .Rahu as malefic in sixth house first create enemy in front of him then defeat him in direct confrontation .Yogi Aaditya Nath’s party BJP has latest win in Zila   Panchayat election.Rahu is in sign of  Saturn. Saturn natal sign lord of Rahu is in tenth house in opposition with sun lagna lord and also conjunct with mercury eleventh lord of gain .Saturn sixth lord is combust with nearness with sun. Combustion  of sixth lord will  finish his enemy or rivals..Rahu Ashtakvarga point is twenty seven that is good because it is  below average.His enemy will not grow in this anter of rahu.Rahu in d-9 navamsha chart is in tenth house in house  of Saturn placed in second aspect by mars from eleventh house of gain. Tenth house indicate professional rise.In d-10 dashmansha chart rahu is in second house in libra sign with eleventh lord of gain aspect by Jupiter. Sign lord of Rahu is Venus in lagna debilitated indicate some trouble and problem by enemy.

Next anter is of Jupiter retro from 8-11-2021 to 15-10-2022:In this anter of Jupiter in mahadasha of ketu election in Uttar Pradesh will take place next year in 2022.Jupiter anter lord is dasha of benefic posited in fifth house as fifth and eighth  lord for leo lagna . Yogkarka mars and tenth lord Venus conjunct in eleventh house of gain aspect this retro Jupiter in fifth house. This Raj Yoga in five eleven axis is very good for winning Yogi Aditya nath in next coming election of UP in 2022.Jupiter [trikona lord]mars is Kendra lord and Venus is also tenth a Kendra lord indicate Rajyoga without blemish .Jupiter is in fifth house indicate post of chief minister. Jupiter in navamsha d-9 chart in third house  of self efforts with sun fourth lord and mercury fifth lord for taurus navamsha .Again a Rajyoga gained with self efforts. In d-10 dashmanha d-10 Jupiter is posited in eighth house of suddenness conjunct with ketu aspect by exhalted mars from fifth  house. Moon eleventh lord of gain also aspect Jupiter in eighth house.   

Bhrigu transit: Saturn karmesh or planet of profession is in sixth house over natal Rahu .Natal sign lord of transit Saturn is natal Saturn in tenth house conjunct with Sun lagna lord and Mercury eleventh lord of gain.

Saturn in transit aspect natal third house of efforts. Saturn in transit twenty seven ashtakvarga point that is good .If ashtakvarga point in sixth house is above twenty eight  it will increase problem and trouble.

Bhrigu transit: Jupiter at present in retro in Aquarius in seventh house .Jupiter in transit natal despositor is natal Saturn in tenth house in Taurus  conjunct with lagna lord sun and eleventh lord mercury .This indicate gain in future in transit of Jupiter in Aquarius at the time of election in 2022.

Transit Jupiter in Aquarius [parashari  aspect] natal third house of efforts which will be done by CM Yogi Adtiya nath will sow the results of victory at the  time of election.


Varshphal fiftieth year :In fiftieth  year varshphal Aquarius lagna is rising  which is seventh house in natal birth chart .Aquarius lord Saturn is retro in twelfth house indicate lot of travel in regards with election campaign .Tenth lord debilitated mars is aspect to lagna and lord twelfth Saturn in twelfth house  from sixth house enemy , dispute and trouble. Coming time at the time of election will very hectic and time consuming for CM Yogi Adtiya Nath . His opponent will turn no stone to malign his image by doing wrong deeds.. Jupiter eleventh lord in lagna is good sign of victory and it will save CMYogi Aditya Nath from all troubles  and obstacles. Muntha is in eighth  house. Muntha lord  mercury in fourth house retro conjunct with sun seventh lord. Muntha in eighth  house show some  trouble but muntha pati mercury in fourth house is good to  compensate the bad result of muntha in eighth house.

Super imposing the vimshotari dasha of birth chart on present varshphal.Ketu –Jupiter

Ketu Mahadasha lord is posited in tenth house aspect by Sun and Mercury retro. Eighth  lord mercury indicate enemy behind or not visible. Ketu natal despositor is natal mars debilitated in sixth house. Debilitated planet that too malefic in sixth house will destroy enemy with 100% rate. Mars opposition from Saturn indicate schedule of CM Yogi Adtiya Nath will very busy around election.

Anter of Jupiter:Jupiter anter will be useful and result producing for CM Yogi Aditya Nath  in next coming election in2022. Jupiter is eleventh lord of gain .Same Jupiter is aspect by tenth lord mars from sixth house .Since mars is debilitated in sixth house it will produce some tension and obstacles in path of CM Yogi Aaditya  Nath in winning next election in Uttar Pradesh in 2022.

Sudershan chakra:


[Sudershan chakra work in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing

 From lagna :Fiftieth  year progression reaches to second house its lord is mercury is posited in tenth house of profession  conjunct with lagna lord sun and sixth and seventh lord of padd prapt[attaining position]i Saturn.  Mars yogkarka for leo lagna  also aspect second house in progression from eleventh house of gain. This year will be beneficial for yogi Aditya Nath .Since with second lord is conjunct with two hard core malefic sun ,Saturn and  mars another hard core malefic aspect second house .So this progressed year will produce favourable result but with lot obstacles and trouble tension.

From moon: From second house contain Pisces sign a benefic sign and second lord from moon lagna is Jupiter  placed in eleventh house of gain. Third and tenth lord from moon lagna is mars aspect this natal  Jupiter second  in eleventh house of gain. This is good combination coming from moon lagna for wining assembly election in UP for yogi Aditya Nath.

From sun lagna .:Second house is Gemini sign contain mars and venus .Venus is tenth lord from sun lagna. Second lord from sun lagna is mercury posited and conjunct with sun ,Saturn a good combination to attain high position like post of CM in coming election 2022 for CM yogi Aditya Nath. .