These are sample Bhrigu reading which is continuation of main reading .These reading are given after first reading within three to four months period with prashna khand reading .

Reading number two:

Bhrigu Muni is conversing with his son Shukracharya ji

The native born in this planetary position is having good fortune if he worship Fifth house Lord [The house of[ children,education , Intelligency].By worshipping and chanting mantras related to fifth house the native will be benefitted by children ,education and happiness from female partner .The native will be specially attached to someone special. Good chance of monetary gains as well as lot of expenditure. All wishes will be fulfilled and enjoy all prosperity of life. The native will gain name and fame. He is very bold and hardworking. Sometimes your mind will get destructed due to sexual desires. By worshipping malefic  planets the native will be benefitted in each field. There is some possibility of harm from water, fire and high place so be alert .

During thirty five to forty years of age there is possibility of foreign travels and these travels are beneficial for the native. It is time of monetary gains as well as expenditure. You will earn name and fame in your society. The native will enjoy happiness and peace due to result of his good Karmaas done in the past by the native, He must be devoted towards God for the well being of his family. He should do worship of Goddess Durga for the well being of his family.By worshipping all his problems will be vanished

During forty one to fifty years of age the native will enjoy all prosperity and happiness of his life. Good combination of promotion or rise in future can be seen during these years. He will enjoy lot of wealth and happiness due to result of his [Good Karmaas].If any problems or hurdles will come they will automatically vanished due to his good deeds.

During fifty one to sixty years of life all of your wishes will be fulfilled The native will enjoy Luxurious life by having all facilities and amenities  like servant, vehicles etc. Some auspicious occasion will also take place.

After sixty years your wishes will be fulfilled.Some physical problems can take place during this period so be conscious about your health You will lead a happy life. The native will enjoy full life span  .

Sample bhrigu reading number three:

Bhrigu Muni is doing conversation eith his son Shukrachaarya ji

This native has a unique combination of planets.He will enjoy good  and medium  dashaas in his life. All your wishes will be fulfilled. You will get some wealth/ money suddenly from anywhere. Due to planetary combinations in the horoscope some times the native can have mood swings some times very happy and sometimes very sad. Delays in gains can be seen in the native’s horoscope.but will earn lot of money.Sometimes the native take some decisions in a hurry but after sometimes he realizes that he take some wrong decisions. He has company of both friends and enemy. His emotions will be struck of to one person specially. By doing some remedies and devotion towards God he will get benefit definitely. He should chant ‘[Santaan Gopaal Mantra] the mantra related to prosperity of family. The native is very nice person ,he likes truth and never like lies .He is very hard working and helping person. Even he faces big problems easily and sort out them. Some times his mind got confused but his mind is very innovative.

During thirty nine to fifty years of age there is good possibility of new gains .This is good time for profession, service or social life. Gains from land or property can be possible during this period. You will earn name and fame during this period.

During fifty one to sixty years of age you will feel  little bit confused .You will think more while doing any action or work as well as you will enjoy this period a lot. .There is good combination of monetary gains from your workfield. Good possibilities of construction and renovation of house.

After sixty  years you can face some physical problems and these problems will not only cured by medicines you have to do some wprship of god and by offering some donation or charity to needy persons. You can donate some blankets, bed sheets etc. to some needy persons by doing this you will get relief definitely. By performing all these you  will be fit and fine and get satisfied and feel happy.

After seventy years of age you will lead a satisfactory life and get results of your Karmaas done by you .You will enjoy full life span.

Sample bhrigu reading number four:

Bhrigu muni is doing conversation with his son shukracharya ji that the planetary combination of this horoscopes are very good .The native must be hadsome ,tall and attractive eyes and having respect for elder persons and attiqated person. He is very nice and helping person. He feel hectic some time due to workload but attai a good position in his field of work. He keeps faith in religion also. He keep himself away from persons who speaks lies and like the truly persons. He is very patient ,hard working and having satisfaction .He can afford lot of expenses on his own. Sometimes he got excited by thinking about his profession or job .Worshipping of fifth house [The house of children] will be beneficial for you.The native can face major problems two times in his life after that problems he will feel that he got a    new birth. He will live long.

During thirty five to forty years of age he will earn a lot and his expenditure will also be very high .During this period there is good possibility of gains from land or property or even he can construct or renovate his house.

During forty to fifty years of age he will enjoy all facilities and luxuries of life. He will also attain a good position. All your problems will be vanished and feel satisfied from your life. You will defeat your enemies due to your good Karmaas.

During fifty to sixty years all your wishes will be fulfilled. This time is good for rise in fortune. You will attain good reputation in your family and relatives. This time will be more beneficial and fruitful if you feed Brahmins or feed the needy persons and donate clothes to needy persons.

During sixty  one to seventy years you will gain a lot and have happiness and prosperity in your life. You will attain a good position or status from your workfield. You will be devoted towards God too.

After seventy years you will be blessed by God and lead a happy life with all happiness of life  The native have a good life span.

Sample bhrigu reading from prashna khand:

Bhrigu Muni is answering the nature that your good time is coming near in future so wait for the good time. Do not take any decision in a hurry and think before any act. At present some malefic planets in transit and some bad Dasha so doing remedy and praying to God will be beneficial for you. You will earn a lot during good Dasha period. You will also get good company and support from your friends. You will  recover something that you have lost in the past