Cabinet minister Sarbananda Sonowal Promising Future 

[We are introducing new section Bhrigu Jeev Nadi in which Bhrigu Maharishi is doing conversation with his son Shukracharyaji in which he is predicting future  about horoscope mention in Bhrigu Samhitas .This reading is about Cabinet minister sarbnanda sonowal]

Bhrigu muni in conversation with son Sukracharyaji

The native is very renowned in his family. He brought glory to his family. He was born in an average. From 16 year onwards native progressed in every field. he developed the area where he ruled as a king[CM of assam].As a cabinet minister he will develop his field Coming sixty three, sixty four year of will be  best year in his life. After seventy year native will face health trouble. From seventy five year onwards native will live long healthy life

Sarbananda Sonowal has become  Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways and Minister of AYUSH in the Government of India .I have written an article on my blog about Sarbananda Sonowal about winning election and becoming CM of Assam but  prediction was partially succeeded  in state assembly election 2021.He has to step down as Chief Minister in favor of  Hemant Biswa Sarma.But planets decided something big to give to Sarbnanda Sonowal for his future. We will take help of Sudershan Chakra ,varshphal of sixtieth  year and different divisional charts for accessing his more brighter future.

Sudershan Chakra:

Sudershan chakra for Cabinet Minister Sarbnanda Sonowal

[Sudershan chakra work in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing]

From lagna :From lagna progression in  Sarbnanda Sonowal ‘s  horoscope reaches to sixtieth  year to twelfth house. Twelfth house contain Capricorn sign with Saturn and Jupiter posited in it. Twelfth house is the  house of  retirement and  twelfth lord Saturn also posited in it with jupiter .But twelfth house also represent change in life and  profession .Twelfth house also contain Jupiter eleventh lord of gain due to which he got  minister ship  in central cabinet .Twelfth house also aspect by mars which is tenth lord of profession indicates  rise in profession from chief minister  of state to central minister in PM Narendra Modi’s  government.

From moon lagna :From moon lagna twelfth house has Gemini sign .Gemini lord is mercury in retro conjunct with fourth lord venus . Fourth lord conjunct with twelfth lord mercury in third house indicate movement or change of house or change of city. Former CM Sarbnanda sonowal has change his place shifting from assam to new delhi to join central minister ship.

From sun lagna:From sun lagna sixtieth  year progression reaches to twelfth house contain virgo  sign. Virgo sign lord is  retro mercury conjunct with venus from sun lagna lord. Venus sun lagna lord in twelfth house with twelfth lord retro mercury shows change of place.As we know there has been both change in place and profession for former CM of Assam  now new minister of sports ,shipping ,Aayush in PM Narendra Modi cabinet.


Present varshphal of sixtieth  year: Sixtieth  year varshphal is rising with Aries  lagna moon fourth lord posited in it with aspect of Sun and retro Mercury from seventh house. Lagna lord mars in twelfth house indicate change of place in sixtieth  year. Mars lagna lord and eight lord is aspect by Venus and Saturn .Saturn as tenth lord will give new  opportunity   to Sarbnanda Sonowal  in his profession as cabinet minister   PM Narendra Modi government .Tenth lord Saturn is well placed in tenth house own sign Capricorn .Muntha is posited in tenth with tenth lord Saturn an indication of elevation in profession .Muntha pati is Saturn in own house  ,year lord is also Saturn .Janam lagna pati is also Saturn. Every indication is going towards Saturn which eleventh and tenth lord for year lagna not afflicted in any way.

Vimshotari dasha running  at the time of becoming cabinet minister in PM Narendra Modi government .Moon –satrun-rahu from 7-7-2021 to 2-10-2021 of birth chart.

Super imposing this vimshotari dasha of birth on varshphal of sixtieth  year.

Mahadasha of moon :Moon mahadasha lord is fourth lord in lagna aspect by  fifth lord sun and ninth lord of luck Jupiter from ninth house. Moon in Kendra lord aspect Sun trikona lord and aspect by Jupiter trikona lord makes Rajyoga for Sarbnanda Sonowal.

Saturn  anter :Saturn anter lord  is tenth and eleventh  lord posited  in tenth house and  also eleventh house of gain .It has to give result of both houses  simultaneously  .Eleventh gain and tenth profession.

Pratyaanter lord Mars: From 4-6-2021to 7-7-2021:Mars pratyaanter lord is lagna lord in twelfth house aspect by tenth lord of profession from tenth house. As eighth in twelfth house shows sudden change of place

Pratyaanter of Rahu: Rahu is posited in second house in sign of Venus at the time of cabinet reshuffle and attaining position of cabinet minister in PM Narendra  Modi’s government ,Rahu sign lord Venus is  in sixth house in debilitation .Planet in debilitation is good in3,6,8house according to Maharishi Parashar. This sign lord of Rahu is Venus aspect by mars lagna lord, eighth  lord of change of  place  .Rahu sign lord Venus is in sixth house which represent sports ,and also Aayush ministry he got in  PM Narendra Modi Cabinet.                                      

Timing event for promising future of Sarbnanda Sonowal through present running Vimshotari dasha from birth chart


Present running Vimshotari dasha of Sarbnanda Sonowal  from birth chart Moon –Saturn -Rahu

From 7-7-2021to 2-10-2021

Moon mahadasha is running in the   horoscope of Sarbnanda Sonowal is event full .He became CM of Assam in this Mahadasha of Moon.Moon mahadasha elevated  him from state to center as CM of Assam to Cabinet Minister .Moon is sixth lord of fight and winning over enemy by contesting election. He won his state assembly seat in 2021 election in Assam but sacrifice his CM post for Hemant Biswa Sarma.He has been rewarded as cabinet seat of ayush ,sports,shipping minister .  Moon represents water ,.sixth house represent sports .Aspect of Jupiter on this moon forming Gajkesari Yoga given him Aayush department ,Moon also represent water so he has been rewarded shipping and transport ministry. Moon is well posited in d-9 chart in lagna as ninth lord of luck. In d-10 chart moon is fifth lord conjunct with ninth lord debilitated mars.

Anter of Saturn: Saturn anter is watch full in the  horoscope of Sarbnanda Sonowal .Saturn is lagna lord and twelfth lord in twelfth house conjunct with eleventh and second lord debilitated Jupiter. Mars tenth lord also aspect this combination. Moon mahadasha  lord also aspect natal Saturn in twelfth house. Twelfth house and twelfth lord  represent change , conjunct with eleventh lord of gain Jupiter aspect by tenth lord of profession give rise to Shri Sarbnanda Sonowal  in PM Narendra modi’s cabinet.He will perform very well due to  this combination in this anter of Saturn.

Pratyaanter of mars: From 4-6-2021 to 7-7-2021  This pratyaanter has laid the stairs of rise for former CM now cabinet minister of sports ,shipping ,ayush in central cabinet in latest reshuffle .Since moon is tenth lord conjunct with sun seventh lord of paddprapati [achieving position]  in ninth  house of luck. Mars is posited in  d-9 Navamsha chart eighth  house of suddenness. Sixth lord forming vipreet[opposite] Rajyoga.In d-10  dashmansha chart Mars  as ninth lord of luck aspect by Jupiter from ninth house conjunct with fifth lord moon in the  house of  minister ship .Cabinet minister  comes from fifth house according to Maharishi Parashar.

Pratyaanter of Rahu from7-7-2021 to2-10-2021:Rahu pratyaanter dasha lord is posited in seventh house of [padd  prapti]gain of position .Rahu sign lord is Sun conjunct with tenth lord mars is ninth house of luck. Tenth house represent profession or karma.

Bhrigu transit: Saturn signifies profession or karma is transit in twelfth house of over natal  lagna and twelfth lord natal Saturn and Jupiter eleventh lord of gain .Mars tenth lord of profession aspect this transit Saturn in Capricorn  from ninth house.

Jupiter in transit in lagna represent life force or soul .Natal depositor of transit Jupiter is in twelfth house natal Saturn conjunct with eleventh lord natal Jupiter. Mars aspect sign depositor Saturn of transit Jupiter in twelfth house from ninth house of luck.

Parashari transit: Saturn in transit in twelfth house aspect natal mars in ninth house indicate rise in profession.

 Jupiter in transit in lagna in Aquarius aspect natal mars tenth lord   in ninth house indicating something to do with profession.